No Notice Resignation Letter

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

No Notice Resignation Letter

Employees quit. Nothing lasts forever in this reality, not even company loyalty. There will come a point that the employee will eventually leave the company behind due to personal reasons (e.g. family, health, gettting married). Some leave because they do not like the work that is provided to them. Some could not handle it. When you start resigning from your position, it is normal to give your employer an advance notice of at least 2 weeks so that you can able to tie up any loose ends that you still have with the company and provide them with sufficient time to find your suitable replacement.

But there are certain circumstances wherein it is beyond your control that you would have no choice but to resign earlier than expected. And if that happens, how will you be able to do that? You may also see simple resignation letter examples.

Think carefully because once you submit your no-notice resignation letter, there is no turning back. Ask yourself if it is of paramount importance that you should consider resigning without notifying your employer beforehand. If so, then by all means, proceed with your decision. You may also see 2-week resignation letter for additional information.

No Notice Resignation Letter Example

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Here are at least 7 reasons why employees would consider resigning from their post:

1. An inflexible schedule can be very problematic for an employee.

We all know that a typical day is from 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. But if you are working in a business processing outsource (BPO) company, then you understand how impossible it is to have a morning shift. There are days when you are asked to sit in for the night shift or even worse, the graveyard shift. There are occasions when the manager would consistently ask you to overtime because of the lack of personnel in the office during that time of day. When the manager gives you an inflexible schedule to work, it might be considered problematic. You may also see how to write a job resignation letter.

2. Management may be causing problems rather than solving them.

Yes, it can actually happen. That the management is actually the one causing the problem rather than being a solution to them. Simply, it is just poor management. There are managers who are insufferable and irredeemable that they cannot be bothered to assist employees, or who sloughs off their responsibilities, or who blames others for departmental problems. And if ever this transpires in the workplace, it is a sign that you cannot continue to stay there any longer due to poor management and that you would have to find greener pastures. You may also like what is a resignation letter?

3. Opportunities to advance are not available to talented and gifted employees.

Onward and upward is what they say. The purpose of employment is to allow you to grow not only mentally and in terms of skill and talent, but for these to be recognized and acknowledged by the top office in the hopes that you might get promoted. But there are just days that they don’t really acknowledge all the hard work and dedication that you have put through over the duration of your stay and you do not really see yourself anywhere but there at that certain point. You cannot move upwards and you cannot move onward. You are surrounded by blind managers who fail to see the fruits of your labor and you have had enough. You can always bring up the issue with the top office if you still wish to stay with the company a bit longer. But if nothing can be done about it, then it would be better if you moved on. Non-existent training programs or work delegations often contribute to this problem. Performance evaluations that are specific to work development may assist in stemming an employee exodus.

4. Employers sometimes devalue their workers, creating a hostile work environment.

There will always be mean personalities in the workplace. Employees who feel that they are not respected will obviously would want to leave. Disrespect cannot be tolerated. After all, it is just part of the work ethic, discipline, and enjoyment of work is derived from being a known and valued employee. A lack of appreciative respect on the part of the employer reflects poorly to potential customers and in the market as well. Everyone has every right to treat each other with common courtesy and basic respect. Without those qualities, would they even still be human? You might be interested in how to resign from your job through email.

5. Management has failed to provide proper support to employees.

There is a saying that you cannot send a soldier out to war without his gun. If he goes to war without one, how will he fight? How will he be able to retaliate and save his comrades from getting shot and killed? The same principle applies in the workplace. If management expects you to perform a task that you are not well-prepared to do, how will you be able to perform just as well as regular employees if they ask you to do the impossible. Employees may begin to feel taken advantage of when support is lacking in the workplace. Perhaps, in order to cut costs, the employer has a single employee working in the role of two or even three people. Or an employee spends a great amount of his or her time on tasks outside his or her job description, such as copying, stuffing envelopes, or other unrelated clerical duties. This is not only a waste of time for the employee, but there is no possible way that he or she can actually learn anything in the office. You may also see resignation letter examples in pdf.

6. An out-of-date policy may cause an employee to walk.

Just as the times are changing, so must a policy as well. There are certain disciplinary policies that just do not really apply anymore in today’s times. Without an up-to-date policy, employees will begin to ponder and ask themselves why the company is making use of outdated rules when there are no instances of such incident happening. Failure to address employee concerns in accordingly often results to frustration and anger. Disputes and issues should be addressed properly handled and managed. Another frustrating aspect is that the employee may find themselves constantly addressing a problem that could easily be solved with an updated policy. Policies that address the conduct of teamwork, supervisor-employee relationships, access to social media in the workplace, or the length of time it may take to resolve an issue are all examples of this.

7. A shift in core values can cause an employee to quit.

 One of the reasons why employees decide to work with you is perhaps they believe and have faith in the work that you do and what you are trying so hard to achieve. Take the newspaper business for instance. One common things for journalists to do is to NEVER be bribed or to NEVER heed towards a client’s request to write a story in this angle or to NEVER receive any form of monetary offerings from corrupt businessmen. It is perhaps admirable that they are trained to reject any offers made. But what if that were to change? What if the company decided that they allowed journalists to accept bribes or offers from corrupt politicians? Would not that destroy your once good reputation of the company? When that time comes, you have to be ready to leave the company at all costs. You do not want these values to intoxicate your mind, don’t you? You may also check out how to write email resignation notice.

Another Resignation Letter Example

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Tips for Writing a Resignation Letter Without Notice

Here are some tips on how to write a letter resigning from your job without notice.

1. Speak with your employer first.

Inform your employer beforehand that you would wish to resign and that as long as you are still with the company, you will do everything you can to finish the tasks and obligations at hand before departure. You may also see immediate resignation letter examples.

2. State the date.

Be specific as to when you are going to leave to give your employers an idea as to when your services end.

3. Don’t go into details.

Avoid being too personal about your departure. If you do, you might actually cross some lines and they will begin to question your resignation and avoid letting you leave (worst-case scenario). You may also like temporary job resignation letter examples.

4. Express gratitude.

Thank the company for everything that they have provided you with. The help, the training, the friendship. Anything that you would want to give thanks to, now is the time.

5. Ask any questions.

If there are certain questions that need answering, bring it up in the letter. You may also check out examples of writing an acknowledgement of resignation letter.

6. Provide contact information and follow business letter format.

Try to remember that letters are first and foremost formal. So make sure to do so.

Resignation With No Notice Letter Outline Example

Your Name
Your Address
Your City, State, Zip Code
Your Phone Number
Your Email


City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

Please accept this letter as notification that I am resigning from my position with ABCD Company on September 21. I apologize for not being able to provide two weeks notice. I regret that, due to circumstances beyond my control, I need to resign immediately. You may also see examples of writing a board resignation letters.

Please let me know what the process will be for receiving my last paycheck and remaining benefits.

I am happy to collect the paycheck through Human Resources, or you could have them mail it to my home address.

Thank so much for the support that you have provided me during my tenure with the company. I greatly appreciate your years of guidance. You may also like two weeks notice letter examples & samples.


Handwritten Signature (hard copy letter)

Your Typed Name

Sample No Notice Resignation Letter Example

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Keep in mind that you can only write a no-notice resignation letter when there are certain circumstances that are truly beyond your control. You may also see how to write a resignation letter.

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