How to Write Email Resignation Notice

There are certain circumstances in a business operation that forces employees to resign, especially if the issues in your company have been frequenting and the management can only come up with naive resolutions. If you think that such an event has already become an unresolved impediment to your career growth, it might be the right time for you resign.

Sending a resignation notice via email to your manager and carbon copying it to the human resource is one of the common practice being followed in the corporate sector. Resignation letters or notices doesn’t really have to be always in print. Others may think that sending a resignation notice via email is very unprofessional and must never be done, but it is no less professional than having a printed resignation letter.

Having some troubles with how to write an email resignation? This article will help you just with that.

Tips for Writing an Email Resignation Notice

Writing an email resignation notice is not very different to a printed resignation notice. Just because you will be sending your resignation notice via email, it doesn’t mean you simply have to write I am quitting my job on it. That would be extremely rude and burn the bridges between you and your current employer. To help you out with this, check the tips we offer below:

1. Before you start composing your resignation notice, you need to fill out the subject line with Resignation – Your name. The recipient should not be your employer alone. You must remember to carbon copy the human resource department or the talent acquisition department for your employer not to be hassled with forwarding your notice to the said department.

2. The first paragraph of your resignation should state that you are resigning and the date you wish to leave the company. Ideally, rendering for two weeks or thirty days is encouraged since this gives the company the time to look for fitting applicants to fill your position. Once your replacement has been absorbed by the company, you may train the new hires or impart your learnings to them. Rendering for two to four weeks may not be necessary especially in the occurrence of grave situations. You may also like employee notice examples.

3. The second paragraph should consist of the reasons for leaving the company and, too, an expression of gratitude for the learnings and growth you have obtained in the duration of your employment. Do not go into the details about your reason for leaving or express the grudges you have nursed for some time. You may also like job notice examples.

4. As for the last paragraph, it is important you state your assurance to produce quality outputs for the last weeks of your stay in the company. Aside from that, provide your contact information should there be a need arises for clarification of company matters before taking your exit. You may also like work notice examples.

5. Lastly, you have to be particular with your choices of letter closing to display your professionalism. Surely, a formal resignation notice must display that air of formality in all its elements. Starting it all formal and spoiling it in the last parts of your resignation notice is a big no. Here are letter closings you must avoid: Cheers, Love, Take Care, XOXO.

Companies can become extra demanding as visionary projects are continually proposed. The problem with some companies is they somehow overlook the welfare of their employees which discourages them to continue. If you think that staying in your current company with a discouraging management is a major factor of your career’s deterioration, it is the right time for you to take your graceful exit and write your resignation notice. You may send it via email or have it printed, either way, you are going to quit your job in the most formal way. You may also like how to resign job through email.

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