How to Resign from Your Job Through Email

Can You Email Your Resignation?

Emails are not really the proper way to quit your job. It is best to do it in person then followed by a resignation email. However, there are circumstances that you have to quit your job using email. Such as, you are working remotely or there is a family emergency that needs you to quit as soon as possible.

How to Quit a Job

Here’s how to quit a job the traditional way.

  • Provide a two weeks notice.
  • Notify your boss.
  • Be prepared to answer your boss’s questions.
  • Create a formal resignation letter.
  • Remain professional after you have notified your boss.
  • Lastly, provide a goodbye email to your coworkers.

How to Quit Your Job Like a Boss

Here’s how to quit your job like a boss that will make everyone love you on your way out.

  • Use a formal and professional email.
  • Make your subject line unique and funny but make it professional.
  • State how long you have been working on the company.
  • Include some of your successful projects that contribute a lot to the company.
  • Include some funny moments that happen why you are still in the company.
  • Express gratitude to your boss and show your boss how honored you are working with him/her.

What to Write When You Have to Quit Your Job via Email?

The following are the information you need to include in your resignation email.

  • The subject line. Provide a subject line same as business email that will convey that you are quitting your job. Example: Resignation letter – Your name
  • The reason. Include a reason why you are quitting your job.
  • The date of your resignation. The date that your resignation will be effective.
  • State what the company should do with your final paycheck. If it is not deposited and you are no longer going back to work.
  • Your questions regarding compensation and benefits.
  • Your contact details.

Tips for Sending an Email to Quit a Job

If you really have to resign using application email, follow these tips to do it seamlessly.

  • Email your employer. Send it to your boss and have a carbon copy (cc) to the Human Resources Dept. so that they also have a record.
  • Give the traditional two weeks notice. Or keep them informed.
  • Provide the date of your resignation.
  • Keep it short. Do not go into details on why you are leaving.
  • Express gratitude. Show your appreciation for the opportunity by giving them a thank-you email.
  • Ask questions. Regarding your final paycheck, compensation, and benefits.
  • Provide your contact details.

Dos and Don’ts

Here are the dos and don’ts in resigning through email.


  • Provide a good, specific, and attention-getter subject line.
  • Be nice and polite.
  • Use a formal email format.
  • Use readable fonts style and size.
  • Keep them informed as possible.
  • Keep your email concise, simple, and straight to the point.
  • Seek advice in writing a resignation email.


  • Provide unclear and long subject line.
  • Creating long and unorganized email message.
  • Include unnecessary and irrelevant details about your resignation.
  • Include negative feedback about the company.
  • Brag about your new you job and high salary.
  • Not providing any notice about quitting your job.

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