How to Utilize Rental Agreement Templates as a Landlord

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It has become more convenient and practical nowadays to rent a unit or a space rather than buy a property. There are a lot of residential and commercial units that can be rented or leased as businesses need to supply the demands of the market. When renting a space, a rental agreement is an important document that should be created for the full identification of the items that the landlord and the tenant has transacted with and agreed upon. During the processes of rental application, landlords should already give the things that the prospective tenants need to know about the tenancy.

Just as how tenants benefit from having a rental agreement, landlords should also consider their rights as a business when creating the said document. Just like how other business agreements impact the relationship of companies with one another, there are also different ways on how rental agreements can help a landlord especially in relation to rental regulations, payment terms, security policy and tenancy conditions. Since a rental agreement is an essential part of a rental transaction, landlords should be able to utilize rental agreement templates so they can have the maximum legal advantage through the document’s usage. We have put together a number of guides that can help you fully utilize a rental agreement template as a landlord.

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1. Refer to Existing Samples of Rental Agreements

The best way to know whether you are on the right path when selecting a template to use for the creation of your rental agreement is by reviewing the content and layout of existing rental agreement samples. Use these samples as references so you can easily identify the parts of a rental agreement that you would like to give a highlight on.

You can also look at formal notice samples so you can have an idea on how to make them should there be any problem that will occur during the tenancy. Always be prepared to implement measures when necessary especially at times when the content of the rental agreement is not followed or honored.

2. Browse through Different Kinds of Rental Agreement Templates

Once you are already aware of the rental agreement’s content, the next thing that you need to do is to search a variety of rental agreement templates. There are different kinds of rental agreement templates which is why you have to be seen when looking at the content and structure of each.

3. Select a Rental Agreement Template You Think Is Appropriate to the Space That You Will Offer

Being able to look at a number of templates will allow you to select the rental agreement template that is a perfect fit for your business. Here are some things that you need to consider when selecting the rental agreement template to use:

  • The relevance of the template to the property that you would like tenants to rent
  • The organization of the information present in the rental agreement template
  • The items that you would like to discuss which are also present in the clause presentation within the template like rental inventory presentation and agreement, payment methods and terms, curfews and visitation regulations.

4. Customize the Rental Agreement Template Based on the Actual Regulations That You Would Like to Implement

It is not enough for you to select a template and use it right away. Make sure that you will use a draft which contains the discussion of your property rental business’s rules and regulations. Customize the template based on your needs and on the information which you think is necessary to be known by your possible tenants.

5. Consider the Rental Laws and Rules That Are Followed in the Location Where Your Will Do Business

Aside from the regulations of your business, you also need to consider the laws of the country or the city where your business is located. You have to ensure that you are following legal measures when conducting rental business transactions.

Again, there are a variety of tenancy rules and regulations which will depend on the state, city, or country where you would like your property to be rented. It will be best to know all of these items first before creating your rental agreement so you can assure your tenants that they are protected within the transaction just as how your business also is.

6. Use the Correct Terminologies That Can Legally Protect You and Your Business

One thing that you should always remember is that your rental agreement template should not just be about structure and layout. The last thing that you would like to do as a landlord is to create an eviction notice just because of a misunderstanding that led to the decision that you need the tenant out of the property rather than let them cause harm to the business and to the other tenants.

To avoid the above-mentioned scenario, you have to make sure that the content of your rental agreement template is precise and understandable. You need to make sure that minimal to no misunderstandings will occur through the help of a well-curated rental agreement where terminologies are properly defined, discussed, and specified.

7. Be Consistent with the Format That You Will Use

The format of your rental agreement template can create the most impact when it comes to the visuals of the document. You must ensure that your format will be carried out from the initial part of the document up to space where your tenants will sign to express their agreement.
The consistency of your rental agreement’s format can make the document look more put together, business-like and professional. This is very important as it can help you to get the trust of your tenants even more.

8. Focus on Each of the Clauses Present in the Rental Agreement

Do not just look at the rental agreement template as a whole. Focus on how you create the clauses of the agreement. Provide all the needed information per clause and make each one of them relevant to the entire discussion about the rental transaction. Doing this can help you create an effective and efficient rental agreement where all the parts are helpful to enlighten your tenants about their rental rights and obligations.

9. Read through the Entire Document

Proofread the content of your rental agreement template, once you have finished putting together all the needed information in the rental agreement template. Also, be seen when observing the structure of the document so you can easily identify which parts to edit for the improvement of the overall look of the rental agreement.

Remember that how you present your rental agreement is also how you would like to leave an impression about the business to your prospective tenants.

As a landlord, you have to make sure that the rental agreement that you will create can protect both the tenants and your business. Using a template can make it easier for you to develop an effective rental agreement which can encapsulate the content that you would like tenants to be knowledgeable of, in an organized manner.

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