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3+ Commercial Rental Lease Agreement Examples in MS Word | Google Docs | PDF

A lot of business owners or even companies who own a series of huge business chains often prefer to rent out a commercial space or even a commercial property. Reasons may differ but to some this is simply called easy pay and easier way to simply leave once the lease is over. Other than having to own a commercial property and using it themselves which may seem like the best option, except they have to go through a lot of paperwork to be able to do that. This is why, for those owning huge business chains from their company, they would simply prefer to lease or to rent out commercial space and go through minimal paperwork over having to buy one and go through an immense amount of paperwork. 

But when it comes to commercial rental agreements, one can only think about the details of the agreement. The important details and information that make up the rental lease agreement. This is of course between parties who have discussed or talked about it before making a deal as legally binding as this. To know more about this or to at least get a glimpse of what this rental lease agreement is, check out 3+ commercial rental lease agreement examples now. 

3+ Commercial Rental Lease Agreement Examples

1. Commercial Rental Lease Agreement Template

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2. Month-to-Month Commercial Rental Lease Agreement

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3. Standard Commercial Rental Lease Agreement

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4. Commercial Rental Lease Agreement in PDF

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What Is a Commercial Rental Lease Agreement?

A commercial rental lease agreement is a kind of lease agreement wherein it caters to commercial buildings or commercial spaces that are for lease. This agreement consists of the general terms and conditions that are made for commercial use. Just as any kind of documented agreement, this lease agreement legally binds all parties to the rental lease. The only difference with a commercial rental lease from a residential lease agreement is the fact that commercial leases are often used by companies or businesses, while a residential lease can be for both private and public sectors. 

In addition to that, the important use of a commercial rental lease agreement is to let the tenant know of the conditions and the rules before they are able to lease the commercial space or the commercial building. It is also a way to make sure that the business you are doing with the tenant is both legal and responsible. Some commercial rental lease agreements may have some details that you may not find in other kinds of agreements, but the examples above are the most common and generic kinds.

How to Write a Commercial Rental Lease Agreement?

Here are your simple key tips to writing a commercial rental lease agreement. Remember that each agreement is different and unique to its author and to its purpose. Whether you plan on making one yourself or downloading the examples above, it is up to you how you would use the rental lease agreement. But understand that the agreement you are going to be downloading is for commercial use.

1. Add the Title of the Agreement

Adding the title of the agreement states that you know what this is and what type of paperwork you are doing. Adding the title would also make it less confusing. Place it at the top in bold letters to make it clear and obvious.

2. Explain the Terms of the Agreement

Your terms of the agreement should at least have what you plan on doing. The terms would most likely be about the commercial agreement between you and your tenants. It would have the necessary dictation like the name of the tenant, the payment, the month and of course the conditions.

3. Fill Out the Agreement

There are spaces or blank spaces in the agreement. Your job is to simply write them down or fill them out. Of course check to see which of the blank spaces you are writing and what information should be placed in it. Make sure that the information you are writing is true to your knowledge and that of the tenant’s knowledge.

4. Expound the Responsibilities of the Tenant

Expounding the responsibilities means that you ought to write what the tenant is allowed and not allowed to do while under the contract with you. As a lot of commercial spaces or commercial buildings do have their own uses and their own set of important things, you as the landlord have to explain to the tenant each of the rules and responsibilities they have in the agreement. This may depend on what you want as long as it’s clear.

5. Add the Signatures and Finish the Agreement

Lastly and of course the most important part of the agreement is the signature. The signature states the legally binding agreement between you and your tenant. The fact that both signatures found in the paper only shows the trust and the responsibilities of both parties of their deal.


What is a commercial rental lease agreement?

A legally binding agreement that consists of the responsibilities, terms and rules of the landlord that the tenant has to agree on. This document consists of the information needed for the tenant to rent out either the commercial space or the commercial building for business.

Why is the signature necessary for any kind of agreement?

The signature basically seals the deal. The signature represents the consent between all parties when it comes to making a deal out of the agreement.

Who should complete the agreement?

The one to fill out the agreement should always be the landlord or the owner. All they have to do is to ask for the information from their tenant.

When writing an agreement, it goes without saying, landlords or owners may have to get the information straight out of the client or the tenant. The tenant knowing that this is an opportunity must always state the facts that are true to their knowledge. As this kind of business can get pretty risky with misinformation, it is always up to both parties to get the facts out and straight before signing the agreement. Commercial agreements work when all the information in the agreement is true and signatures are placed.

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