Timeshare Contract

Last Updated: April 28, 2024

Timeshare Contract

If you are a person whose family loves vacation, so much so that you do it regularly, there is actually another option for you. And this option is not so difficult to understand since the sales person will be the one to make you the offer. In fact, he will do and offer you something that you cannot decline. He will give you a three-day or a week-long free vacation. Would you decline the offer? You will not! And there is no way you can miss this opportunity. You have been working hard enough to save for the yearly vacation, and now, this is it—it is free! And is it true? It is.

Many real estate agents these days would do this trick, this kind of marketing. You enjoy a free vacation, which you been longing for too long, but at the same time, you will be going to attend to a timeshare presentation. You may also see freelance developer contract template.

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So what is a timeshare? How does it differ from a resort vacation or hotel vacation? What are the cons and pros of a timeshare? Who is it for? In this article, we try to look at some concepts of this newly evolved type of real estate selling. Timeshare is just a recent innovation, and is it really attracting vacationers? Or is it just another kind of real estate trickery? You may also see student academic contract template.

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What Is a Timeshare?

Timeshare is a kind of divided ownership of a property or use of rights. These properties are usually vacation condominiums rather than a house and lot, or they may call it vacation ownership resort. You may also see artist performance contract template.

It is a new kind of business in the world of real estate marketing. Instead of buying a real estate or a property, in a timeshare, you only buy only a portion of the property—a tiny tiny portion of it. This is different from LLC or a 50/50 agreement, in that there are only few owners in the property. In a timeshare, you own a portion of the property in a given period of time, say a week long or a month long. You may also check out here student attendance contract template.

1. Timeshare vs. Rental

The one thing that a timeshare is usually compared to is the hotel rental accommodation. Real estate agents selling timeshare properties often take the weakness of hotel accommodation and make it their strength. So what is the weakness of renting a hotel? It is not yours, they say. And in a timeshare property, is the property really yours? Depends, if it is a deeded timeshare, there is a title in it. If not, then it is as good as a reserved hotel. You may also see business manager contract template.

2. Timeshare vs. Vacation Clubs

An authentic timeshare should have a deed or a title. If it has none, if it is a non-deeded timeshare, then it is as good as a vacation club. What is in a vacation club? In a vacation club, members get to enjoy all the facilities of the vacation hotel or condo, but they really do not own it. You may also check out here moving company contract template.

Who Is It For?

Do you go vacationing at a hotel every year? For one week, two weeks, or a month but do not really want to settle in there for the rest of your life? If yes, then timeshare ownership is for you.You may also see maintenance contract examples

Timeshare is not an alternative for a hotel or a condo. It does not replace a hotel because no one actually lives in a hotel, unless he is that super rich, or the owner of the hotel. Neither is it a replacement for a condo, because you do not stay in a timeshare every day. You only get to enjoy it once every year, for a week long or two. You may also see electrical contract template examples.

Are Timeshares Really Worth It?

The nature of how timeshare operates is to provide vacation accommodation for people who do yearly vacations. For some, it is a poor investment. If you happen to be doing yearly vacation, if it has become your nature to be doing vacations every year, then, a timeshare may suit you. You can maximize the ownership of it because you will not be staying it for the whole year round, but at the same time, when you need it, you will have it just like you have a hotel accommodation. You may also see examples of employment contract templates.

A timeshare may cost $20,000, for example. Agents may lure you to pay for a minimum fee for the hidden charges, and spreading out the whole total amount from one time payment to a monthly. From there, the prospective buyer may think that it is like paying for a very small amount, but it isn’t. You are actually paying a lot bigger. That is how people get hooked into timeshare. Because in a luxurious hotel, they may be paying a lot, while in a timeshare, the pay is broken and spread out. But you have not even counted the cost of the extra fees.You may also see business management contract examples

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Deeded vs. Non-Deeded Timeshare

One has to be careful when getting a timeshare property because it is not like plainly buying a property. This can be understood when trying to identify the two kinds of timeshare that are being offered these days. There used to be only the traditional timeshare, which is the deeded timeshare. But eventually, as real estate marketing evolved, we have what we now called the non-deeded timeshare. So what are the differences between the two? Which one would you prefer? What makes one more attractive than the other? You may also see essential contract templates for the freelance designer.

Can You Sell a Timeshare?

Not all timeshare ownership can be sold. If you are getting a timeshare and you have plans in mind that you might sell it, or lease it, then you should consider a deeded timeshare. In a deeded timeshare, owners have the rights to do something with their timeshare whether to sell it, lease it, or will it to your children. But if that is not part of your considerations, you may just opt for a non-deeded timeshare. That will make it less expensive. But, of course, you may have to compromise other things, not just the one we mentioned about your rights to sell, lease, or will.  One of it is that you will have no legal document of its ownership. So it is like having a reservation in a hotel. It is reserved for you, but there is nothing for you to show that something is yours, legally speaking. You may also see managed services contract examples.

Can Timeshare Be Used as Hypothecation or Collateral?

Earlier we mentioned two kinds of timeshares, and it seems only the deeded timeshare is practically valuable. But even so, business institutions these days do not really see timeshare as marketable. It could be because of the negative speculations about it. One it them is the scam, the other is the too much aggressiveness of the sales agent pushing you to get one. You may also see business management contract examples.

If hypothecation is in your mind when getting a timeshare, that may not work. You would rather bet on an expensive fancy watch than a timeshare. One of the reasons for the cause of timeshare’s depreciation is the number of scam cases that inflict either the owners or the one inquiring.

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The Scams and Other More Scams in Timeshare Industry

There is a good reason why people go into timeshare ownership. In the states, there are like 9 million timeshare owners already. And there are more than 1500 developers. But just like any kind of marketing, not all timeshare selling is legal. Some of it has been used as means to defraud either the owners and people still deciding if they should get one. A timeshare is unlike the house of your grand grandparents wherein the older it gets, the more valuable it becomes. A timeshare is just like buying a new model of phones or cars. You may also see massage therapy contract examples.

They do not increase in value. If you own a timeshare, the most likely reason you want to sell it is you are not making any use of it as you did when you were still young, and always looking for a vacation. But there are many other reasons out there for not having the need to have a timeshare. Let us just say you are not using it as often as you did in the past years. No, you want to sell it. But because it has a low resell value, you are having difficulty selling it. And the best you could do is post it online, post it anywhere. And then the magic happens. A guy, he may be using a company title with his name, will call you saying he has a buyer for your timeshare unit. And suddenly you are elicited and had to answer, “Of course the unit is for sale.” You may also see behavior change contract examples.

Always bear in mind that in a timeshare, there are fees other than the timeshare unit, these are the maintenance fees, the tax fees, utilities fees. These are the fees that a scammer may want to get. So while having a transaction with a caller, he will outrightly say to you that he has found a buyer for the unit and that he just needs to finalize some documentation. It may sound authentic as he may ask a commission fee for the job of finding a buyer. And you are pleased to hear that he is asking for just very minimal charge. You may also see contract worker contract examples.

Now to complete the sale between the buyer and the broker, and the broker and you, you will just have to send to him the payment, namely, the maintenance fee, the tax fee, the utilities fee, and many other charges we usually hear from buying a condo unit. That is not all, there is still the commission fee. All of them sound very minimal compared to the price of the unit when sold. So you go for the deal. You send the payment to this guy and that is the end of the story. But that is the beginning of the scam, because after that, you will never hear from this guy anymore.You may also see HR contract samples

Basically, that is how a resale scam works in a timeshare. But that scheme can also be used to prospective timeshare buyers also. You may also see janitorial service contract examples.

A broker may offer a timeshare unit to prospective buyers. When you decide, you will be asked to pay for these extra fees: association fees, maintenance fees, tax fees, utilities fees, commission fees. It works the same manner.

The Pros and Cons of a Timeshare

We all have preferences when choosing what and where to stay either for vacation or for any accommodation. But whatever you choose, it will always come with the bad and good stuff in it. The timeshare is one of these.

One of the pros of a timeshare is that they are oriented toward vacationists. Unlike in a hotel where it may not focus too much on vacationing, and if it does, it will make it even more expensive, a timeshare will have those benefits that you normally would only get from a luxury hotel. You may also see contract examples.

There are many cons of buying a timeshare. And there may not be a need to explain it here. If you check on YouTube or the Internet, you will see that 90 percent about timeshare is about how one should avoid it. But there are still people getting timeshare properties. At the most bottom of this article, you can read through some of its weaknesses under the complexities.

But here some worth mentioning:

1. Aggressive and Intimidating Sellers.

Among the complaints you will hear regarding timeshare is how sellers are too aggressive and pushy with their product—the timeshare. In many cases, you can hear people complaining of being bullied by sales agents to listen to their timeshare presentation for one hour, for two hours, for eight hours. This is a tricky situation because many of the victims are the ones who availed of the free three- or four-day vacation. If you happen to be that guy grabbing the treat, you would probably fall into the same trap of listening and attending to this long timeshare presentation.You may also see service agreement contract template examples

2. Very Schemy.

We have mentioned how these sales agent would lure you to buying one, and that is by giving you some treat of a three-day hotel vocation. What kind of businessman would do as such as give freebie vacations? Only the businessmen themselves. They look at it, the giving of free hotel stay vacation as an asset, an investment. But they had to make sure that the one who takes it will really have to attend in the timeshare seminar or presentation. And it is important for them that it has to be a very, very long presentation so that the prospective buyers will have more likely decide on to getting one than passing the deal.You may also see investment contract examples

3. Scam Magnet.

Because there are too many people involved in the transaction, it is easy for a scammer to ride on the scene, and once he gets what he wants, he can just easily get lost. The victims, mentioned earlier, are either the owners planning to sell their unit, or the prospective clients who may be interested in getting a unit.

4. Weak Asset.

Many of timeshare properties do not increase in its value. So when ever you decide to sell it years after, you would probably have a hard time selling it. And this is where scammers come in. Whenever they detect that someone is trying to sell a timeshare, they will grab that opportunity for scamming. Please refer in the previous paragraphs how scamming works.You may also see example of a contract samples

5. Confusing.

The paying process is very complicated. The whole payment can be divided into many terms. And the down payment is divided into many terms. It may look small, but it isn’t. Everything is so complicated. And it may appear as if you have paid nothing, which is the trap of the whole scheme. But in truth, you have actually paid more. You may also see marketing contract examples.

The Complexities of a Timeshare

Timeshare is one of the complicated forms in the world of real estate business. If you want to have a house, why don’t you just buy a house? If you want to go on vacation, just book on vacation hotel. If you insist on getting a luxurious vacation hotel, then save a lot to get a luxurious hotel. That is how simple it is. You may also see employment contract examples.

1. Complex Paying Scheme

In a timeshare, the marketing gets complicated, all for the sake of making the price appear small to the buyers. How it works is by spreading the total fee from one payment to multiple terms, which is by a regular monthly fee. They’re too complex that buyers would have no time computing it, too complex that the buyer may just immediately decide either to get it or pass for it. It is even more complex than applying for a car loan or getting a condo unit. It is just its nature.You may also see employment contract examples

2. Complicated Ownership

The fact that it is owned by many people, that itself tells something of its nature. If there are too many owning the property, does it not make it some kind of an organized rent? It is like renting a property, but it is just too organized, to managed, that you know who are the other renters, you know when it is your turn to occupy. You may also see business contract samples.

We hope you have learned something useful. If you are interested in other kinds of contracts, just browse through our website for more.You may also see project contract examples

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