12+ Anniversary Greeting Card Examples – PSD, AI

There is almost a greeting card for every occasion and that includes anniversaries. Anniversaries are an important milestone in everyone’s lives. It marks the celebration of the important events in our lives. It marks another year since your birth, another year added to a lifetime vow, and it also marks the death of a loved one.

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Anniversaries are to be celebrated annually and it is the day wherein each one of us would look back to the days that we have spent a lot of times together with our loved ones. This does not only limit to the happy moments but this also includes all the trials encountered and sacrifices made through thick and thin. Anniversaries are like pins that remind us of an event that will continually matter to us for the rest of our lives. You may also like the congratulations greeting cards.

Know someone who is celebrating an anniversary? Celebrate along with them by sending them anniversary greeting cards.

In this article, we have compiled wonderful anniversary greeting cards that you can give to someone who is currently celebrating an anniversary. Be it an anniversary of a relationship or even an anniversary of having achieved something, we’ve got it covered. These examples come in PSD and AI format that you can readily and easily edit should you want to make it more personalized. You may also like the graduation greeting cards.

Bears Square Anniversary Greetings Card Example

Best Decision Anniversary Greeting Card Example

Boba Tea Anniversary Greeting Card Example

First Anniversary Greeting Card Example

Why Anniversary Greeting Cards Still Matter

Before we get to the discussion of why anniversary greeting cards matter, here’s a question: when was the last time you received a greeting card? Think about it.

Now if you can’t remember when or if you really have not experienced receiving one, you might wonder and question why anniversary greeting cards still matter nowadays or why elegant greeting cards matter in the first place. With all the advancements in technology, the answer to this question has become more and more vague and its value and importance gets questioned.

With that, we give you some good and valid reasons why anniversary greeting cards still matter despite all of the other communication alternatives we have in today’s age:

1. Anniversary greeting cards express our emotions better.

Greeting cards, in general, are sentimental in nature. Even if time will pass and death will soon loom into us, the emotions that we have poured into the greeting cards we have sent to our loved ones will always remain. Greeting cards give you the ability to just express yourself and even express something that is more than just a greeting. You may also see the birthday greeting cards.

Before the digital media has taken over, sending greeting cards was the best method people had back then in order to stay connected with their loved ones who they cannot get to see or talk to every single day. Even in this modern age that we are in right now, best greeting cards can still be of great help when it comes to strengthening the connection and communication we have with our beloved ones even without the use of technology.

2. Anniversary greeting cards keeps and makes our sentiments more personal.

Have you ever notice the trend nowadays that we would greet people via social media where other people, aside from the person you address the greeting card to, will be able to read the greeting? Sure, you can always give a private message but you have to admit that you simply cannot help but catch on with the trend. With greeting cards, you are presented with the opportunity to just send your greetings on a more personal matter.

3. Anniversary greeting cards are way better than shallow social media posts.

We can say that greeting cards belong to a deeper level of communication and we can also say that posting our sentiments via social media is gradually becoming the shallow one. Nothing beats the feeling of receiving words, something that opens up a deeper level of communication, such as greeting cards. You may also like the funny greeting cards.

To illustrate it well, it is like receiving the physical and tangible copy of our favorite book instead of just having its e-book or digital version. Having the physical greeting card on the hands of the receiver of your greeting cards will make all of the emotions and sentiments you have poured into your greeting card more real. You may also like the holiday greeting cards.

4. Anniversary greeting cards are more authentic.

Speaking about real, anniversary greeting cards are way more authentic when it comes it expressing one’s emotions and feelings. Picking the perfect anniversary greeting card might not be one of the easiest thing we could do but the act and the effort of looking for the perfect one makes a whole lot of difference compared to just sending a very short Facebook message or post, and it is also the reflection of your sincerity. You may also see the DIY thank-you cards.

Happy Anniversary Greeting Card Example

Happy with You Anniversary Greeting Card Example

Marriage Anniversary Greeting Card Example

Origami Anniversary Greeting Card Example

Tips: Making Personalized Anniversary Greeting Cards

There is always an option to just buy a ready-made anniversary greeting card and to just print a ready-made template you can get for free online. However, nothing beats the act of creating an anniversary greeting card yourself.

Having to personalize the anniversary greeting card you are to send to your loved ones presents you the opportunity to be able to design an anniversary greeting card that simply suits the taste of the person or persons receiving your anniversary greeting card. You may also see watercolor Greeting Card Designs.

With that being said, here are some simple and easy tips that make up the perfect personalized anniversary greeting card you can send.

1. Know your audience or the recipients.

Make sure that before you would even design or create an anniversary greeting card, you already know who your audience is. This ensures that whatever design element you include on the greeting card, it is suitable or fitted to the taste of the receiver. This will also make things easier for you when it comes to the decision-making processes that are ever present when designing something for a specific person. You may also be interested in animated greeting card examples.

2. Draft your design.

Before getting into the actual designing process, ensure that you already have the draft of the design you are planning to have. By having a draft, you will be able to have a well-organized and well-designed anniversary greeting card that will help you in eliminating the thoughts of adding unnecessary and ineffective design elements on the layout of the anniversary greeting card that you are creating. You may also like graduation greeting cards.

However, if you are in a rush and that you should send the anniversary greeting card as soon as possible, you can make use of the examples that we have provided for you that are compiled here on this article. These templates are editable, therefore you can still add some personal touches to it that will suit the taste of the receiver of the creative greeting card.

3. Keep it as simple as possible.

As what most people would say, “simplicity is beauty.” The same saying goes for the anniversary greeting card that you are about to design: make it a golden rule to always create simple designs.

Do not complicate your life by planning out a lavish layout for your greeting card—it will only make your final design look overwhelming and unattractive. This will also make it impossible for your receiver to understand the message you were trying to deliver in your anniversary greeting card. Keep in mind that less can be more. You may also see the thank-you greeting cards.

Keep in mind that at the end of the day, people will always give high regard and value to the little things that you have done for them. By sending anniversary greeting cards to your loved ones, you have effectively shown how much you care and love them. You may also like the thank-you greeting cards.

We hope that these fifteen anniversary greeting cards have been of great help for you in showing your sentiments to your loved ones. Know someone who is celebrating an anniversary today? Send them with one of the examples that we have provided!

Puppy Tails Anniversary Greeting Card Example

Quote Anniversary Greeting Card

Wedding Anniversary Greeting Card Example

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