15+ Best Medical Poster Examples & Templates (Download Now)

In order to restore or maintain one’s health, he or she must seek medical care. However, not everyone would put their health first and would still need a constant reminder about doing so. This is why putting up a poster, such as a medical poster, is an important tool that enables you to effectively deliver your message, which is to encourage people to seek treatment and medical care especially those who have already developed a certain disease.

Medical Poster Examples & Templates

1. Medical Poster

medical poster
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Size: 11×17 inches


Are you looking for a poster template that can help you promote your cause or an upcoming medical-related event? Look no further because we provide you this simple but definitely effective poster that will encourage people to support your cause or attend to your event. You can easily download this template and to top that, this can be customized using various editing application software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Apple Pages.

2. Medical Convention Poster

medical convention poster
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Size: US size


A person’s health is often considered as an important parameter when it comes to determining various potentials of a country, particularly in the economic aspect, as well as intellectual and cultural. This is why medical conventions are organized in order to continue the development of these potentials. In case you want to organize a medical convention, make use of this medical convention poster that helps you promote the importance of what people, particularly scientists and research professionals in the field of medicine, can get from it.

3. Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Medical Poster

alzheimers disease awareness medical poster


Take this opportunity to express your support for people with Alzheimer’s disease with the use of this Alzheimer’s disease awareness medical poster. There are more than five million people in the United States alone who have Alzheimer’s disease and may possibly triple by 2050, which is why it is of great importance that awareness should be raised even in simple ways such as making a medical poster that spreads awareness about it.

4. Antibiotic Awareness Day Medical Poster

antibiotic awareness day medical poster


Posters are one of the best platforms on how one can raise awareness with a message that is related to health and one of that includes antibiotic awareness. This medical poster comes with a strong message regarding antibiotics, particularly how people treat it. Antibiotic resistance, which literally means the capability of bacteria to resist the effects antibiotics, has already become a major public health threat that the general public has to and has every right to know about.

5. City Church Free Medical Event Poster

city church free medical event poster


Aside from the healthcare or medicine sector, there are other sectors, such as the religious sector, that takes part in spreading healthcare awareness. Take for example this medical event poster of the City Church where they promoted their upcoming free medical event. In events like this, the problems and issues of people’s health are also being given attention, aside from those organizations who are already in the medical care field.

6. Free Medical Camp Poster

free medical camp poster


Organizing free medical camps are also considered as one of the best ways to bring awareness to a certain population, particularly the deprived ones or those who have no access to even the most basic healthcare services such as home remedies. They are also provided the right knowledge about the diseases they are unknowingly suffering from. Through such camps, this population will finally get medical advice and medicines that they deserve.

7. Haiti Medical Mission Poster

haiti medical mission poster


Through community-based activities such as medical missions, communities or localities who are deprived of medical assistance are finally given the chance to finally exercise their right to live adequately for their well-being, particularly their access to medical care. There are various ways in which people can plan and organize to raise funds for medical missions since providing free medical missions can also be quite costly at some point. And just like what is being advertised in the given medical poster above, you can hold a charity banquet with the main purpose of raising funds for your upcoming medical mission.

8. Heart Disease Medical Poster

heart disease medical poster


Heart diseases are not exclusive to old people because, nowadays, this happens to younger adults more often than usual. However, not all people are aware of this fact. This is why, with a simple campaign such as this medical poster, you will be able to raise awareness about this condition so people will know the right facts and the right steps that must be taken in order to help their own hearts out.

9. Job Fair Medical Center Poster

job fair medical center poster


Do you own an organization or a medical care-related business organization and are currently in need of more people? Then promote with the use of a medical care poster that encourages potential professionals to work as a part of your team where you can all grow together toward one major goal, and that is to offer quality medical services to everyone.

10. Medical Camp for the Less Privileged Medical Poster

medical camp for the less privileged medical poster


Medical camps are one of the best avenues when the underprivileged community would finally get its very much needed free medical check-up and treatment. In order to further widen this campaign, you can make use of a medical poster that allows you not only to inform the people of the upcoming medical mission but also to get the correct information regarding this event so your target beneficiaries can finally attend to their medical care needs.

11. Medical Camp Poster

medical camp poster


Here’s another medical poster example that inspires you to create your own medical poster for your upcoming medical camp. Through this kind of poster, not only will you be able to promote and provide important information regarding your upcoming event but you will also be able to express your intent to seek for more volunteers who can play a significant role to the success of your event.

12. Men’s Health Awareness Day Medical Poster

mens health awareness day medical poster


You may commonly see women’s health awareness campaign compared to men’s. Should you want to raise awareness of the fact that men’s health holds importance, you may make use of medical posters, such as this given men’s health awareness month poster that allows you to encourage boys, men, and even their families as a whole to practice a healthy life and, most importantly, seek medical care when needed as much as possible.

13. Repetitive Strain Injuries Medical Poster

repetitive strain injuries medical poster


Little do people know that their daily ordinary movements such as clicking, gripping, and lifting shouldn’t cause them any pain at all and if it does, even the slightest bit, they must already seek medical care as soon as possible. This phenomenon has an exact term: Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI), which describes the injuries affecting one’s muscles, joints, nerves, tendons, and other soft tissues. Once its symptoms act up, it can really cause discomfort, numbness, and restricted movement. Make sure you display this poster so you can help in raising awareness regarding RSI.

14. Seeking Professional Volunteers Medical Poster

seeking professional volunteers medical poster


Imagine the public health industry without volunteers—unimaginable, right? Without kind medical practitioners and professionals who are generous enough to volunteer their time and expertise to volunteer in free events, medical camps and medical missions can hardly ever reach its goals. If you are going to organize a medical mission anytime soon and are currently in need of more volunteers, make sure you promote the event using this medical poster that allows you to express your intent to seek for more volunteers.

15. Undergraduate Volunteer to Nepal Medical Mission Poster

undergraduate volunteer to nepal medical mission poster


Even if medical students are not yet considered as medical professionals, this does not mean that they can’t volunteer in medical missions just yet. In fact, allowing them to volunteer in medical missions and camps enables them to keep their passion to provide medical care to people until they finally become medical professionals themselves. Allow undergraduates to take part in medical missions by creating a poster such as this medical poster that informs interested students to participate as volunteers in your upcoming event.

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