10+ Best Exit Ticket Examples & Templates [Download Now]

An exit ticket is something an educator uses to assess if a student has learned anything from a lesson or not. At the end of every lesson, the teacher hands out the tickets to the students, they fill it up and return it to their teacher. Teachers use this as a basis if a student is ready for the next lesson or if the current one needs reviewing. Here are a couple of exit tickets that you can use yourself.

Best Exit Ticket Templates and Examples

1. Exit Ticket Design Template

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An exit ticket that has a rather traditional look. This particular exit ticket imitates the visage of an actual ticket that is mostly used in concerts and/or sports events, with its mock seat number, classification, and details of the event. This is surely an impressive-looking exit ticket, and the students you will hand this ticket to will surely smirk at the entire design.

2. Exit Ticket/Tweet Slip



This is a more minimalistic-looking exit ticket, with a simple-looking black-and-white smartphone as a design in the background. Preferring usability over design, this exit ticket leaves a large space for the students to leave their answers to. They can be more comprehensive and thorough with their thoughts, in the end allowing you as an educator to help the student out even better.

3. Exit Ticket Slip


This exit ticket utilizes a minimal amount of visual cues just to bring a little more life to a colorless ticket. Because of the visual aids that come with the questions, it is highly recommended that this exit slip be used on the younger students, as they may find a little excitement in answering a ticket with just a little design, and on the other hand, the older ones will simply ignore and disregard them.

4. Adolescent Literacy Exit Ticket


Students of an older stature should already be familiar and significantly knowledgeable with the literary arts. This exit ticket was meant to be used for a literature class for adolescents. This one is fairly straightforward, only having two questions on them: asking about what they learned and asking them to rate the understanding. An approach like this works best on older students.

5. Simple Exit Ticket


A simple-looking exit ticket that, similar to the first one, imitates a movie ticket. This can be used on any kind of subject and topic as it has no current assignment yet. In any case, whatever topic you may choose for this exit ticket, be sure to keep it straight and clear and encourage them to be as thorough as they can be as this exit ticket has enough space that allows such ideas.

6. Exit Ticket for Math Curriculum


This exit ticket was made exclusively for math. Mathematics is not the easiest subject out there. It requires deep concentration, long hours of study to fully understand it. As educators, it is your duty to make sure the students comprehend the lesson and they will end up knowing everything they need to know, and the use of exit tickets is one great way to make sure of that. Whatever it is they do not understand yet, focus on that more. Repeat the process until finally, they get everything they need to get. It may seem tedious to both educators and students, but it will all be worth it and useful in the end.

7. Exit Ticket for Mathematics


This exit ticket, similarly to the one before this, is also made exclusively for math. However, this time around the lessons are a little more difficult. This ticket particularly is for problem solving and understanding ratio. These are lessons that are far more extensive than your average 1 plus 1 problems. This, understandably, can be hard on the students. They will take time in understanding and mastering the topic, so use an exit ticket so you can be aware of which areas to focus more.

8. Exit Ticket for Collaboration Skill


This is just a simple exit ticket that assesses how a student works with others. Though it may not be a part of your standard curriculum, knowing if a student is capable of social interaction and general teamwork is also essential on what that student is going to grow up to be. Early on, figure out if a child is particularly uncomfortable with anything specific, and find ways to help with or counter that.

9. Exit Ticket Safety


An exit ticket that focuses on the topic of safety. This is a highly important lesson to teach especially to little children, as they may still be unaware of some things adults realize as hazardous. This kind of lesson perhaps will have no part in the final grade of the child, but it is done for the sake of everyone’s safety and welfare. Be sure to pay attention to this as much as the other topics.

10. Exit Ticket for Addition and Subtraction


Another exit ticket that is made specifically for the wonderful subject of mathematics. This one, however, is intended for the younger ones as it covers your basic math like addition and subtraction. They may be pieces of cake to us now as adults, but children are still fairly unfamiliar to this topic and maybe it will take them a while to understand and perform addition and subtraction especially on numbers of higher value. They will get there in time for sure, but for now, be sure to guide them and teach them the things they do not understand.

In class, you need to learn the fundamental things first and understand them completely before you move on to the next topic, then understand that and move on to a more difficult topic, and so on and so forth. If a student did not understand the first one in that chain, he or she will most definitely not fully grasp the next ones. That is what the exit tickets are for. Be sure to utilize them well to make sure your students will be smarter, better, and be more prepared for the years to come.

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