10+ Best Graduation Ticket Examples [Download Now]

As much as you want to witness the graduation ceremony of your kid or relative or close friends, it just isn’t possible since schools limit the number of guests that can attend the event. That is why every graduating student is given one or two graduation admission tickets to give to whoever they want to attend the ceremony. Graduation ticket templates or, as others would call it, graduation passes are checked on the gate of the venue before people are allowed to enter the premises. Doing so ensures that the number of people attending the event is within the capacity of the venue.

Graduation Ticket Templates and Examples

1. Graduation Gala Ticket


Some schools hold a graduation gala before the graduation ceremony itself. It allows the students to spend some special time with their friends and teachers before they part ways. Aside from that, this is also an event specially organized to give certain awards to outstanding students and teachers. This graduation gala ticket example features a simple design but with unique font styles that is a sure fit for the event and theme.

2. Graduation Ball Ticket


Like a graduation gala, a graduation ball is also a time for students to mingle with classmates and friends before the graduation day. It is an event that usually has a formal theme and requires everyone to dress in ball gowns and tuxedos. To ensure that all attendees are from the host school, the management will issue a single graduation gala ticket for each student that will permit them to enter the venue. Aside from that, it also helps ensure that the number of people coincides with the number the venue and catering were booked for.

3. Graduation Admission Ticket


As mentioned, the number of guests that can attend a graduation ceremony depends on the total capacity of the venue. To make sure it doesn’t go overboard and that everyone is given a fair chance, one or two graduation admission ticket will be given to each student to give to family, friends, or relatives. As you can see in this example, the time, date, the exact location and number of people who can enter with the use of the ticket are all provided. Although it has quite a busy design, the texts are still readable with the use of a good font style and color.

4. Commencement Ceremony Ticket


Looking at this commencement ceremony ticket example, it has a basic design with the university logo silhouette as the background, name of event and university, and the standard ticket phrase “admit one” as the only elements one will immediately notice. There is really no need for complicated designs and layout when it comes to commencement tickets, so long as they reflect the necessary information and indicators are provided, then it’s good to go.

5. Adult Diploma and High School Equivalency Graduation Ceremony Ticket


Some people are not so lucky to attend and finish school right away, others have to completely stop studying to provide for their family. In cases like these, academic institutions offer alternative courses that allow adults to get a school diplomas and high school equivalency that will help them secure a good future. When it’s finally their time to graduate, they are given graduation tickets to give to family and friends so that they can attend such a momentous event. The event ticket will tell the guests when and where to go to attend the ceremony.

6. Vintage Grammar School Graduation Exercises Ticket


With this vintage graduation ticket example, you can really see and realize how this tool has been used for quite a long time now. The contents of the ticket are still pretty much the same with the current ones used to this day, minus the over-the-top designs and illustrations. And unlike current admit one ticket, this ticket is good for two people, which is really a cost-effective option for the school.

7. Graduation Celebration Ticket


Aside from graduation balls and gala, some graduating classes hold their own graduation celebration. A graduation dinner is an intimate gathering for the graduating class where they can share good food and memorable memories and make new ones. This graduation celebration dinner ticket example is used to admit one guest to the venue. Like a dinner invitation, it has the name of the venue or restaurant, date and time, and name of the event provided on the front that will serve as a guide for the guest.

8. Graduation Ceremony E-ticket


While some still use traditional paper tickets, other universities have taken advantage of technology by issuing e-tickets. E-tickets are the digital ticket equivalent of a paper ticket. Although it can still be printed out, it can also be used digitally by having it displayed on the screen of a mobile device to scan it before allowing admittance to the venue. E-tickets help universities go for a total paperless method for the graduation ceremony venue admission that is efficient for both the university and guests.

9. Simple Graduation Ticket


Although going paperless and using e-tickets as graduation tickets are ideal, some school simply do not have the budget nor time for that. That’s why using printed tickets are still a thing to this day and age. Furthermore, it is also harder to tamper and illegally duplicate a printed ticket especially when there are special indicators that the school has included. A simple ticket design can be used for a graduation ticket similar to this example. Although it has quite a messy layout, the guests will still be able to read the contents and indicated directions in the ticket.

10. College Commencement Ticket


With the number of graduating college students, it is practical and essential for the school to limit the number of guests each student can invite. Using a ticket just like this college commencement ticket example allows the school to check if people entering the venue has the right requirements before being allowed to witness the ceremony. This ticket example has a basic and simple design and layout that helps in emphasizing the essential information related to the event.

The graduation ticket examples provided in this article are all true and actual tickets used by various academic institutions. If you are tasked to design one for your school, you can take inspiration with how these tickets were designed and formatted. You can download all these ticket examples to serve as your guide and basis.

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