17+ Best Greeting Card Designs & Examples – PSD, AI

Greeting cards, as we all know, have been produced and published for several decades now. They still serve as a voice for those who can’t express their emotions openly and for those who can’t express their emotions on a personal level. Even with the advent of technology, greeting cards have not lost their significance and still continue to evolve. Since millions of people are still using it, greeting cards will be here until the future.

Examples of Best Greeting Cards

If you looking for affordable yet attractive greeting card designs, here are examples of the best greeting cards that you can use for any event.

Christmas Photo Greeting Card Example

Colorful Greeting Card Design Example

Mickey Mouse Handmade Card Example

Modern Greeting Card with Music Example

Javelina Photo Greeting Card Example

Vintage Greeting Card Variety Pack Example

Vintage Christmas Card Example

Autumn Note Cards Example

Thanksgiving Card Autumn Leaf Card Example

Example of Christmas Greeting Card with Photos Example

Serendipity Photo Greeting Card Example

Variety of Vintage Greeting Card Example

Retro Mid-century Used Greeting Card Example

Thank You Card Fall Greeting Card Example


Fall Thank You Card Template Example

Important Points to Consider When Making a Greeting Card

In making a greeting card, you have to make sure that your designs fit the theme of your event or purpose while having a design that is compact yet attractive. You don’t want to waste your time, effort, and money in creating a greeting card that you’ll someday regret because you know you could have done better. Here are some important points to consider when creating aown greeting card.

1. Know Your Recipient

First, you have to understand the interests and demographics of those you are going to send the greeting card to. For example, a 70 year old individual definitely does not want to receive a Spongebob-themed greeting card. Another example would be a man in his early 30s who really can’t appreciate a Disney Princess-filled greeting card. Hence, make sure that you do a little background check on your recipient. But you can also opt for designs that are gender-neutral and can fit any demographic. You may also see birthday greeting cards.

2. Plan Beforehand

Before everything, you first need to do some planning, specifically in terms of finding the right size of the card as well as the materials you are going to use. Creating a detailed blueprint will eventually help you create a better looking card as you will be following a process which will guide you in each step of the card-desigining. Without any sort of planning, your greeting card will end up cluttered, disorganized, and the message you want to portray will not have any impact on the card recipient. You may also see thank you greeting cards.

3. Know Your Purpose

Why are you sending a greeting card? Do you want to express a sentiment such as an apology, “thank you”, “i miss you”, “i love you”, or even just a simple “hello”? Do you want to greet a family member or friend a “Merry Christmas!”, “Happy New Year!”, “Happy Father’s Day!”, “Happy Mother’s Day!”, “Happy Halloween!”, or “Happy Thanksgiving!”? Or do you want to greet the recipient on his or her birthday, or congratulate on a job promotion, graduation, wedding or retirement?

Know the purpose of your greeting card so you can organize the idea and content of your card. This will also help you organize your thoughts and help you easily get your message across to the card recipient. There is nothing wrong with using flowery words but make sure that you highlight your main message for that is the very core of your greeting card. You may also see congratulations greeting cards.

4. Express What You Feel

Do not pretend and just write what you truly feel. For example, if you’re writing to apologize, express it like you really mean it. Do not sugarcoat and focus on your point. The purpose of a greeting card is to express in writing the things you cannot express vocally or through actions. You may also see retirement greeting cards.

5.Limit your decorations

Sometimes, we tend to add more decorations mainly to get the attention of the recipient. But have your ever heard the popular saying “less is more”? The lesser and simpler your design is, the more elegant it appears and the bigger impact it exudes. It is understandable that you want to impress your recipient, but do not overdo your design as it can sometimes be a distraction to your main message. Clear your mind and assess the overall appearance and presentation of the card as there is a thin line when it comes to being artistic and being inelegant. You may also see christmas greeting cards.

Wrap Up

Greeting cards, as have been proven through the years, are among the best and convenient gifts that anyone can send. You can opt for pre-designed greeting cards which are sold in stores and malls, or you can make your very own designs with the help of our attractive collection above. Whatever method you choose, always remember these important points when designing or purchasing a greeting card: know your recipient, plan beforehand, limit your decorations, , know the purpose, and express what you truly feel. You may also see anniversary greeting cards.

At the end of the day, it is always the thought that counts. We hope that our designs will aid you in creating the perfect greeting card for your special someone. You may also see floral greeting cards.

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