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Nowadays, with the internet dominating the whole world it seems like traditional advertising such as fliers, brochures, posters, or billboards will cease into oblivion. However, many people don’t know that they are still very effective in advertising products and services. Attractive billboards, for example has been proven beneficial for several businesses around the globe. Billboard advertisements can be viewed by the consumers anytime, this type of advertising works very efficaciously in comparison with other advertisement alternatives.

Colorful Billboard Mock-up Example

colorful billboard mock up example

Abstract Billboard Design Example

abstract billboard design example

Paint Design Billboard Mock-up Example

paint design billboard mock up example

Large Billboard for Building Example

large billboard for building example

Studio Design Billboard Mock-up Example

studio design billboard mock up example

Billboards can be seen everywhere, especially if you live in a city, you probably see dozens of billboards every day. Assuming everyone who strolls by are preoccupied or in a hurry, billboards are designed to capture attention and make a strong impression very quickly. So whenever you’ll pass by a billboard, you’ll commonly see them with bright colors and short, witty byline. You may also see outdoor billboard designs & examples.

Although they all might look quite similar, there are many different types of billboards out there that advertisers can choose from. Billboards come in all kinds of sizes and at different prices. High traffic areas can demand much higher fees than lower traffic areas. Billboards can come in all shapes and sizes.

Methods of Making an Effective Billboard

1. Efficacy

The main aspects of its effectiveness are cost saving and great market coverage. Billboards are an efficient method to publicize products and services anywhere and anytime. Also, development in technology has also played a major role in supporting its cost-effectiveness. In earlier days, billboards were generally painted by hand, and this was expensive and time consuming. You may also see food billboard designs & examples.

However, with today’s leading-edge computer technology, they can now be designed with the major help of computers and printed on vinyl paper, and then fixed onto the backcloth. The end result is a useful advertisement quickly and also at an affordable rate.

2. Better than competitors

The expenses of setting up a billboard can range from thousands of dollars every month. Accordingly, if you prefer to put up 10 ads a month, the price would go up to more than $20,000. This may sound daunting as it costs a lot of money, but remember you need to consider the fact that a full page ad on any major newspaper for just one day will cost you the same amount, with lesser coverage and thus, it is less effective than advertising for billboard.

The wide coverage of this type of advertising is totally obvious and unquestionable. Generally, these boards are on display around two-three months. If your billboard is situated in a city, and millions of people are out and about in the city everyday, this is really effective to reach out a larger audience for a longer period of time.

3. Branding

Billboards are of course, the best way to keep the viewers informed about one’s products. Also, if the brands are new in the market, it is always practical to post ads via billboards due to their cost-effectiveness. Most of the companies try to keep the consumers updated about their products with smart outdoor advertising. You may also like billboard mock-up designs and examples.

4. Attention-grabbing advertisements

According to research, the attention span of humans is approximately 8 seconds. The advertisers have to make optimum use of these 8 seconds to get the message across to the audience about their product. For example, a television ads air for about 10-30 seconds, there are less chances of viewers paying attention to the product. Now, this is the time where billboards come into the picture. With just a maximum word count of 6-10 words, the viewers are sure to pay attention to the message the advertiser wants to put across, even when they are in a fast-moving car. You may also check out vertical billboard designs and examples.

Using only one single medium for all your marketing purposes is never recommended. Keep in mind that you should also track your results. This is the reason why digital mediums such as digital billboards and digital wallscape advertising has become trendy these days. These mediums offer easily valid data on the amount of traffic you ad has received.

Silhouette Billboard Design Example

silhouette billboard design example

Vintage Comic Billboard Example

vintage comic billboard example

Large Outdoor Billboard Example

large outdoor billboard example

Women Fashion Billboard Example

women fashion billboard example

Gallery Billboard Mock-up Example

gallery billboard mock up example

Types of Billboards

Billboards can be used to provide directions or information about a product or service. This form of advertising is invaluable for anyone looking to be noticed. Digital billboards are also more cost effective and easier to update. As mentioned before, there countless types, shapes, and sizes of billboards. Here is the list of the most commonly used billboards.

1. Standard Billboards.

These are the most common types billboards you see on a daily basis. The ads in it are often printed on paper, and applied to the billboard by workers. Some billboards are still hand-painted. But nowadays, they are printed on a computer. A classic billboard can also be known as a Bulletin. These types of billboards are the ones you see on the highways and expressways or on heavy traffic streets. They are intended to capture the attention of both pedestrian and motorized traffic. Due to the increase in the speed of motorize traffic their size needed to be increased to give the motorist enough time to take in the advertisement. You may also see business billboard designs and examples.

2. Vinyl boards.

These types of billboards are one of the latest methods of billboard advertising. They have attractive color, durable life, and cool graphics and artwork. They have a brighter appearance, and look much better than your conventional billboards. Vinyl billboards are usually sprayed with an UV protective coat and can last for years. However, one downside is that there is a possibility of damage from wind, since they are not taped to the surface, instead they are attached to the edges. But setting this disadvantage aside, vinyl ones contribute largely to advertising effectiveness. You may also like retro billboard designs and examples.

3. Painted billboards.

These types of billboards are unfortunately are now quite rare since it is quickly replaced by graphically produced billboards. However, in instances where only a single board is required they are still used in some areas. Painted boards or painted bulletins, are covered with an outdoor paint which is resistant to weather. Some outdoor paints are specially made to withstand fading. Advertising on these type of billboards is typically good only for a month or two. After that, in spite of the special paint, these boards tend to fade and thus sadly lose out on the appeal. You may also check out restaurant billboard designs and examples.

4. Posters billboards.

These types of billboards are smaller in size compared to your average billboards. They are usually half of the width of bulletin boards. These billboards are usually used for the advertisement of a local product and hit the local market. Poster billboards are also utilized for outdoor advertising. However, these type of billboards last only for a short period of time. They only last just for about a month, depending on weather conditions, after which it is best to remove them. Poster billboards are generally 10.5 feet by 22.5 feet, and the Junior Poster (which is smaller than your average poster) is typically 5 feet by 11 feet. You might be interested in examples of billboard advertising.

5. Mobile billboards.

Mobile billboards are the ones you see on buses or on trucks. The purpose of mobile billboards is to go to where their target audience happens to be such or where a large event is taking place. As they are less commonly used, the advertisement tends to be more memorable.

6. Three-dimensional billboards.

Another modern type of billboard that surely catch the eyes of the people. Due to the artistry they often contain they capture the attention and interest of all who see them. These types of billboards are also not common and seeing these types of billboards are also memorable. You may also see vector billboard designs and examples.

7. Scented billboard.

Although very rare, these billboards were first used in 2010 by the Bloom grocery chain and gave off the smell of charcoal and pepper as it was advertising grilled steak.

8. Digital billboards.

These types of billboards are becoming increasingly common. First established in the 20th century, they are very convenient for both the supplier and the advertiser because they allow ads to be launched instantly, without the need for workers to take down and paste new advertisement. Advertisers can also order billboards for specific time slots during the day. Digital billboards also allow video, running text, and animation.

9. LED billboards.

LED billboards are  the newer type of outdoor advertising tools. The bright backlight and use of different colors grab instant attention of the onlookers. The ads that are displayed are of high quality, as they are generally from computer prints. Also, with the addition of animation and other visual effects, the ads are becoming more interactive. The advantage for the advertisers is that they can change the ad whenever they wish to and with minimum efforts. You may also check out examples of billboard designs & examples.

10. Tri-boards.

These billboards are becoming less common as large digital displays alreadydecrease in price, but they are still widely used around the world and have more advantages over standard billboards. A tri-board allows for space to be rented out in thirds, and the signs change between those three advertisements throughout the day. This system has potential to generate more revenue for the owner of the billboard. You might be interested in corporate billboard designs and examples.

11. Wallscape.

Wallscape billboards are the largest type of billboard that advertisers can buy. They are often used as the signature piece in an outdoor advertising campaign. They come in many different shapes and sizes, often over more than 500 square feet. Some are hand painted, some are printed, and they are very popular because of the lasting impression that they make.

Benefits of Setting Up a Billboard

Modern billboards never fails to catch the attention of prospective consumers like no other type of advertising can. When it comes to cost-effectiveness and saving, billboards are prominent alternatives that are considered by most businesses. They create brand awareness among the passers-by, who are all potential consumers. You may also see real estate billboard designs and examples.

This is due to the fact that the colorful, innovative, and catchy product and service advertisements which are likely to have a more positive impact on the minds of people. Billboard advertisements reach to a wide area, and to thousands of people each day.

Outdoor publicizing has and always been a popular way of advertising products and services. This kind of advertising continues to be considered as a quality means of expressing an organization’s sales content and market its goods and services. You may also like poster billboard designs & examples.

So, there you go. Some billboard artwork designs you can purchase and use for your own business. Make a purchase now and watch your billboard convert into income for your business.

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