14+ Retro Billboard Designs and Examples – PSD, AI

Long before digital advertisements were known, traditional and classic promotional materials have dominated the market and are utilized by business entities since they are proven effective to disseminate the company information as well as the products. Promotion is very important to a company since this is a way of informing people what your entity can offer to the public. It is also a way to establish branding and promote your industry. Among the common promotional material used since the early years is the billboard. Billboards are large outdoor panels that are intended to be used for posting advertisements and announcement for the public to easily see them. You may also see round logo design examples

In this article, you can find lots of examples of billboard designs which you can choose for your own business. Check them all out below.

Retro Billboard Ad

retro billboard ad1

Retro Neon Motel Billboard

retro neon motel billboard1

Wall Decor Vintage Retro Design

wall decor vintage retro design

Types of Billboards

Even from before, companies use not just one form of promotional material but a lot of forms as well. Aside from elegant banners, professional flyers, bulletins, best brochures, and pamphlets, companies wanted to use a promotional material where everybody can see it at one glance, with big fonts and captivating graphics, and this is where billboards take the center stage. Billboards have long been used for outdoor advertising. It can be used for promoting a product or service, provide direction, or give information. Because of its size, billboards had the advantage of easily getting noticed since it is huge enough for the person to see.

There are several types of billboards that you must know and understand in order to decide on what suits perfectly for your products or services. Here is a brief discussion for each type.

1. Classic Billboards or Bulletin Boards

Classic billboards or what is popularly known as bulletin boards are the ones you see on highways, on expressways, and even busy and traffic streets. These usually come in different sizes such as 14’×48’, 10.5’×36’, and many others. Their primary function is to capture the attention of passersby and pedestrians. They take advantage of the heavy traffic, the reason why they are placed on busy streets. Because the traffic may be heavy and congested, people got nothing to do but to stare on the side of the streets or anywhere around the area while waiting for the traffic to flow. This is a great opportunity for marketers to showcase their products and services to people who are quite busy with their schedules. You may also see examples of advertisement design

Retro Cinema Billboard

retro cinema billboard

Retro Billboard Illustration

retro billboard illustration

2. Vinyl Billboards

Vinyl billboards are usually more appealing and alluring than ordinary billboards because it has a bright color, making it appear lighter and brighter. It is painted with a UV- resistant and UV-defensive paint to keep it from the rays of the sun, to keep it from fading, and to keep it for a quite long period of time like three to five years. The material used for this type of billboards is known as polyvinyl chloride. They come in different sizes such as 14’×48’, 10.5’×36’, among others. Because of the great sizes of these banners, they are usually painted with the help of large inkjet printers. These are commonly used for displaying special events and activities as well as company logos and trademarks. You may also like examples of the best logo designs

Vegas Retro Billboard

vegas retro billboard

Vintage Advertising Road Billboard

vintage advertising road billboard

Retro Billboard Poster

retro billboard poster

3. Painted Billboards

This type of billboard is quite rare nowadays from the moment graphical printing replaced the production of billboards. However, there are still areas where painted billboards are used, for examples in barangays. These billboards are done manually by painting the desired advertisement or information on the billboards with some kind of paint which is usually enamel or latex. This has been used before digital printing era comes and before people realized that it needs more manpower to complete a single billboard. There are still artists nowadays who accepts billboard commissions but they are becoming rare since the labor intended for them are undeniably greater than digital printing which has less hassle, time- and energy-conserving, and a lot more appealing to the viewers. You may also check out examples of advertising poster design

10 Night Retro Billboard with Lights

10 night retro billboard with lights

Wooden Cinema Retro Billboard Banner

wooden cinema retro billboard banner

4. Posters

Poster are closely similar to bulletin boards, only that it comes in a smaller size, usually 10’×22’ and 5’×11’. They are intended to be used for the advertisement and promotion of a local product with the local market as its target market. They are not just for highways and roads but are also for marketplace and other public areas, the reason why it is relatively small compared to the other sizes of bulletin boards. They come in 30-sheet, 8-sheet, and premier panels, which are perfect for this type of billboard. Most of these billboards are not exposed to the intense heat of the sun or heavy rain because they are commonly placed under a small roof, though this is not a guarantee that they will not be exposed to extreme weather conditions. Still, they are printed to last long to fully serve its purpose of giving information to the people. You may also see minimal logo designs for your inspiration

Jimi Hendrix Retro Billboard Gig Poster

jimi hendrix retro billboard gig poster

Black Friday Light Frame Vector Retro Billboard

black friday light frame vector retro billboard

5. Mobile Billboards

We may have not noticed it, but we commonly see mobile billboards on the streets, carried by moving vehicles such as large trucks, vans, and cars. This type of billboard is typically used where the target audience is present at a large event in an area. These billboards are either placed on top or on the sides of the moving vehicle so people can see them wherever the vehicle goes. These are less common, thus making it more memorable for people, and are more beneficial if you wanted your billboards to move from one place to another and not just in one place, unlike the static billboards. You may also like examples of poster design

Retro Signage or Billboard Typography

retro signage or billboard typography

6. Three-Dimensional (3D) Billboards

This is a modern type of billboard, probably the latest one, that can surely capture the eye of all onlookers because they are very artistic and realistic, designed in a way that the image is becoming three-dimensional, almost popping out from the billboard, to fully emphasize the product. For example, if you are endorsing a car, 3D billboards can make it like the car is popping out from the whole billboard to give it more emphasis to the rest of the designs. This is a little bit costly compared to the other types but can surely allure the attention and interest of the people looking at them. You may also check out abstract logo designs

Night Retro Sign With Lights

night retro sign with lights

7. Scented Billboards

This type of billboard is also quite rare and it was first used by the Bloom grocery chain. The billboard is used to advertise a grilled steak which gave off the smell of charcoal and pepper. It was way back 2010 when they first used the scented billboards. Other attempts by other companies are seen, and there are a lot more uses of this scented billboards than just the scent of food. There might be other companies who are using this to advertise and promote their perfume. This is something different that a company must try and experiment in promoting their products and services in a modern way. You may also see examples of logo design

Motor Inn Travel Photography billboard Art

8. Digital Billboards and Wallscapes

These billboards are typically placed on areas where they are almost impossible to ignore and in central business points to make sure that a lot of people can see this advertisement. They provide the maximum brand exposure not just for the product but for the company as a whole. They are customizable, making them more convenient and easy to edit when you want to change your advertisement, giving a guarantee that they will create a buzz in the industry. These types of billboards are usually used to display running text and graphics such as stock market prices and temperatures in some areas. They might be expensive when compared to other types of billboards, but they can provide assurance to catch people’s attention to take a closer look at your products and services. You may also like packaging design examples

Wrap Up

To promote their products and services, business entities have used several promotional materials in order to capture people’s attention and launch their items in the public. Among the most common advertising tools are the billboards. These have been proven effective for centuries now and are still widely used since it has a size advantage among other promotional materials. Along with the increasing and unceasing advent of technology, billboards have evolved, too. Digital billboards have been launched in the market, and these are widely accepted by the marketers. Other types of billboards include classic billboards, vinyl billboards, painted billboards, posters, mobile billboards, 3D billboards, and scented billboard. Each of them may have different characteristics, but each also has and serves its own purpose. Whichever form of outdoor advertising you might want to consider for your business, make it creatively and more memorable for the viewers. You may also check out examples of vector design

So, if you are planning to have your own billboard design for your products and services, you must not let pass the examples presented above.

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