16+ Simple Billboard Designs and Examples – PSD, AI

In essence, billboards must be simple and concise. Complicated designs only hinder the viewer’s attention; hence, they are unable to view every detail in a single glance. The popular saying “the simpler, the better” applies for billboards. Since billboards are meant for passerby and moving vehicles, only 5-10 seconds is allotted for each individual to fully view the billboard. An additional second may lead to a vehicular accident, God forbid. You may also see examples of advertisement design.

So, to help you in creating the perfect billboard which can translate to maximum viewing as well as maximum profit, here are some billboard designs and examples you should check out.

Mapbox Billboard Ad Example

mapbox billboard ad example

Simple Billboard Mock-up Example

simple billboard mock up example

Simple and Creative Billboard Example

simple and creative billboard example

Minimal Music Billboard Template Example

minimal music billboard template example

Simple Billboard Mock-up for Advertising Example

simple billboard mock up for advertising example

Street Billboard Mock-up Example

street billboard mock up example

Simple Professional Billboard Mock-up Example

simple professional billboard mock up example

Why Consider Outdoor Advertising?

Advertisements come in different methods. Some may come in the form of door-to-door sales talk, while some come in elegant posters, classic banners, or creative flyers. Nowadays, companies use different forms of advertising to widen their reach in the market. In a society where people are always on the go, outdoor advertising is probably the most effective form of advertising, especially billboards. Here are some reasons why outdoor advertising is a very important long-term marketing tool for your business. You may also see examples of ui design.

1. Contribute to Quick Decision-Making

According to research, more than two thirds of commuters and travelers make their decision to purchase a product when they are outside of their respective homes. Thus, various companies utilize out-of-home advertising to convince consumers to purchase products while they are walking in the streets, malls, or in other public areas. Usually, out-of-home advertising comprise of discounts, sales and other promotions to grab the attention of consumers. You may also like useful tools for responsive web design.

2. High ROI

Out-of-home advertising almost always result to high return on investment (ROI). Based on their cost per thousand impressions (CPM), outdoor advertising ranges from $6 to $9 cents. It can go up to $58, much higher compared to other forms of advertisement. With this, many marketers are using out-of-home advertising as ROI is always guaranteed. You may also check out vertical banner designs and examples.

3. Brand Awareness

The great thing about out-of-home advertising is that it builds immediate brand awareness. Compared to radio and television advertising where multiple ads are run in sequence, outdoor advertising allows individuals to see the entire ad in a single glance. This is perfect for multiple passerby and drivers who are always in a hurry and won’t have time to analyze your ad. Out-of-home advertising is a quick and effective way to build brand awareness. You may also see examples of vector design.

4. 24/7 Advertising

Location is key when utilizing out-of-home advertising 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You don’t want to be placing ads in the middle of a rural town where only a dozen households can see it. A business district or entertainment center is the perfect place for you to display your ad. Additionally, if you are setting up a billboard, make sure that the text is readable and images are clear, even to vehicles travelling at 65 km per hour. You may also like pop-up banner designs & examples.

Simple Earthen Billboard Mock-up Example

simple earthen billboard mock up example

Simple Billboard Mock-up Outdoor Example

simple billboard mock up outdoor example

Simple Business Billboards PSD Example

simple business billboards psd example

Minimalist Street Billboard Mock-up Example

minimalist street billboard mock up example

Simple Billboard Display Mock-up Example

simple billboard display mock up example

Simple Real Estate Billboard Banner Example

simple real estate billboard banner example

Simple Billboard Mock-up with Small Objects Example

simple billboard mock up with small objects example

Studio Boo Product Simple Billboard Mock-up Example

studio boo product simple billboard mock up example

10. Simple Billboard Mock-up Example

10 simple billboard mock up example

Simple Bus Stop Billboard Example

simple bus stop billboard example

Why Consider Outdoor Advertising? (continuation)

5. Public Transportation Support

If you plan to place your ads in a public transportation system such as a bus terminal or train station, you obviously need to pay necessary fees so that your ad can be put up. The fees you pay, together with the fees being paid by other advertisers all go back to the commuting public. The money is used for renovations and repairs to make lives easier for commuters. You may also see examples of anniversary banner designs.

6. Wider Reach

The effectiveness of outdoor advertising cannot be understated. Even if an ad is plastered outside a bus, it can already gain attention as the bus travels to another location. This results to individuals, especially those who are not aware of your product, to be curious and eventually consider making a purchase. Buses are not the only vehicles where you can place your ad, as you can also attach them in cars, trucks, and even in airplanes if you have enough funds. Investing in outdoor advertising is expensive but the gains very much outweigh the costs. Additionally, if you are setting up a billboard, it can be seen 24 hours a day seven a days a week so you won’t be worried if your customers will not be aware of you new offerings. You may also check out company banner examples.

7. Focused Vision

When you place your ads in banners, creative posters, or billboards, the vision of the viewers will be focused on advertisement alone. All it takes is 5-10 seconds for a person to view an ad, so make sure your ad is detailed while easily catching the viewer’s attention. Compared to television or internet ads where users can easily switch to another channel or another website, outdoor advertising is permanent and can only be changed if the advertiser decides to replace the ad. Outdoor advertising, especially billboards and banners placed near highways present a marketing opportunity for hundreds of passerby as well drivers who are stuck in traffic.

8. Reinforcement

Out-of-home advertising enables viewers to look at advertisements without any limit. One thing about out-of-home advertising is that it does not need an individual to do the marketing as the ad can do it by itself, thus saving costs in hiring a sales personnel or visual merchandiser. Customers will always be informed of the company’s products and services even if there is no person doing an actual sales pitch.

The end goal of advertising is for customers and prospective clients to respond to what you are offering to them. It is not considered successful marketing unless your customers get excited about your product and make a purchase. You may also see event banner examples.

We hope you enjoyed browsing through our billboard designs and examples while reading our list of the importance of outdoor advertising to your business. Purchase any of our templates above as they are affordable and customizable.

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