15+ Vertical Billboard Designs and Examples – PSD, AI


Every business establishment knows that advertising is vital to make their products and services known to the public. However, only a few understood the importance of proper dissemination of ideas as well as hitting the target market. If you are advertising on an area that is not conducive for your target market, your advertisement is not an effective one and you are just wasting your effort, time, and money in the making of those marketing tools. One of the advertising strategies that you must fully utilize because of the cost it entails is the billboards. Billboards are proven effective in disseminating information especially when placed in proper areas and with designs that are perfectly fit for your products and services.

Having a hard time designing your billboards? Check out the examples of designs below and choose one that you prefer for your advertisement.

Vector Vertical Billboard

vector vertical billboard

Blank Posters or Billboards

blank posters or billboards

Citylight Blank Vertical Billboard

citylight blank vertical billboard

How to Design an Eye-Catching Billboard

1. Poor vs Great Design

In determining whether or not you have a great design for outdoor advertising, you must have an eye on the lapses that billboard designers commonly commit. On the other hand, you can determine that your billboard is a successful onw if it is readable even by those travelers and drivers running at great speed. There are some things that you must avoid when making your billboard design. They are as follows:

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Vertical Lightbox Billboard Mockup

vertical lightbox billboard mockup

Empty Billboard on Green Landscape

empty billboard on green landscape

Vertical Posters in the Subway Mockup Set

vertical posters in the subway mockup set

2. Guidelines in Creating a Billboard

You have to know the basic guidelines in creating billboards for your designs to be effective and eye-catching. They are as follows:

Vertical or Horizontal Billboard

vertical or horizontal billboard

Mockup Billboards in the Subway

mockup billboards in the subway

Blank Vertical Rectangular Banner with Ad Space Vector Illustration

blank vertical rectangular banner with ad space vector illustration

3. Additional Enhancements

Vertical City Banner Mock-Up

vertical city banner mock up

Vertical Posters Mockups

vertical posters mockups

Vertical White Advertising Billboard

vertical white advertising billboard

Two Vertical Billboards

two vertical billboards

Kiosk Billboard at Night

kiosk billboard at night

Blank White Vertical Billboard on City Scape

blank white vertical billboard on city scape

Billboard in the Park

billboard in the park

In Sum…

There are a lot of things that you must consider in creating your own billboard. You have to determine what design is great and poor when it comes to outside advertising; the pitfalls of designs such as clutter, lack of contrast, unreadable fonts, and small fonts; the guidelines in creating designs for billboards which includes knowing the golden rule, concise message, right font, simple graphics, colors and contrasts, lasting impression, and readability test; and additional enhancements for your billboard such as making it three-dimensional as well as adding glitter and glow and extensions. You may also like event banner examples

Lastly, if you want other billboard ideas, check out the examples above.

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