Digital Billboard

Last Updated: March 6, 2024

Digital Billboard

While walking around town, riding the bus or driving your car, have you ever noticed a catchy company tagline, a popular celebrity’s face or even a juicy burger trying to tempt you from a distance? While billboards have been around for quite some time now, these days, you can find a whole lot of digital billboard ads dominating the marketing scene as opposed to the traditional ones. Billboard ads are created for one specific purpose: to make a memorable impression within a restricted time. This must be done to deliver the right message to its desired reach. Given how digital billboard ads are nearly everywhere, advertisers must strive to create a simple billboard ad that will stand out among competitors.

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The Purpose of Billboard Advertising

Even the biggest, most expensive billboard ads can be forgettable. Despite an advertiser’s efforts to create a billboard ad that can be seen from a far distance, if the ad fails to make a simple statement, then it will fail to generate its desired results as well. Powerful marketing is meant to be smart, because it shows us exactly how we’re supposed to feel through the story it tells.

Billboard ads have been around for quite some time now, and have surprisingly survived the gradual shift of advertising strategies in the market through the transition of print media to digital ads. But if there’s one thing that makes a billboard a popular advertising tool, then it has to be its ability to captivate its mobile audience. An ad that can be seen for about 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is bound to stick in a person’s head, especially if they take the same route everyday. This is why most billboards are found at intersections and busy streets. You may also like fitness billboard examples.

Apart from the visibility factor of a billboard ad, it’s also a cost-effective option for advertisers looking for an impactful medium at a reasonable price. The cost to design and manufacture these ads is quite expensive, but the amount of exposure it garners is more than what a local TV or radio ad can manage. Just imagine how much a food billboard can influence a person driving by during heavy traffic. This could either build up an appetite or entice a potential customer to stop by a nearby store to purchase what’s being displayed. This marketing stunt can help increase brand awareness and boost sales for better revenue.

Additionally, the purpose of a billboard is to tell a brand’s story. A billboard is typically designed to pique one’s interest even at a single glance because quite frankly, the ad is only a granted a few seconds to make an impression. But this is what makes a billboard advertisement so unique. It’s meant to be loud, but not distracting. Anyone who lives a fast-paced life knows exactly how difficult it is to focus one’s attention on something for too long, which is why a billboard functions swiftly enough leave an impact. If you think about it, you can probably recall every detail of at least one billboard ad due to how it has successfully connected with you. You may also check out digital marketing trends in 2018.

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4 Basic Types of Billboards

For somebody living in the city, you probably encounter over a dozen billboards on a daily basis. From outside shopping malls to the busy highways of the city, billboards are designed to capture the attention of its target audience and leave a lasting impression in order to be remembered. This is why you’re bound to find a variety of billboards that are witty and colorful. You may also see food billboard designs & examples.

While billboards may all look relatively similar in form, there are many types of billboards that advertisers may choose from. Billboards come in a variety of shapes and sizes, not to mention different price ranges.

1. Standard Billboards

These are the most common type of billboards found just about anywhere. These ads are usually printed on paper, then applied to the billboard by an assigned group of workers. These billboard ads are even hand painted in some cases, especially if an advertiser is looking for a creative way to attract attention.

However, one disadvantage of a traditional billboard ad is how it’s bound to lose its touch over time. There are various natural factors that can affect the look of the ad. For instance, ads found alongside traffic-prone streets tend to accumulate dust. Other printed billboard ads are almost unrecognizable after an unforeseen change in weather and climate causes the material to tear apart or fly away. Also, some billboard ads aren’t as visible in the night even with the presence of spotlights. You may also like digital marketing strategies.

2. Digital Billboards

Digital billboards have become increasingly popular in recent years. In fact, you can find more than a dozen digital billboard ads along New York’s Times Square alone. This type of ads are incredibly convenient for both the advertiser and the supplier due to how easy it is to design and launch, without undergoing the hassle of taking down and pasting a new billboard ad every now and then . Digital billboards also allow advertisers to incorporate running text, video, and animation into their advertisement. The bright lights and animated designs are enough to pique one’s curiosity from a distance. Specific time slots for when a certain ad would appear may be settled as well. You may also check out real estate billboard designs and examples.

3. Wallscape Billboards

Most outdoor advertising campaigns utilize wallscape billboards for a number of reasons.

For starters, this is the largest type of billboard design that advertisers may buy. Wallscape billboards may often be displayed within industrialized cities and highways. Though they come in different sizes, most billboards of this kind are over 700 square feet. Some designs are printed, while others can be hand painted, depending on the advertiser’s preference. What matters most is how the billboard is able to make an impression even when seen from miles away. You might be interested in steps for building a best digital marketing plan.

4. Tri-Boards

From the name itself, this billboard allows advertisers to rent out space in thirds. This is purposely done for the owner of the billboard to generate more revenue. This may be rented out by three different advertisers, or by a single advertiser that wants to market various business entities under one common company. Though the use of tri-boards aren’t as common as they were in the past due to the decrease in price of digital billboards, tri-boards are still a sought-after medium compared to standard billboards. You may also see retro billboard designs and examples.

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The Rules of Effective Billboard Advertising

Billboards are just one of the few advertising mediums that have been around for centuries. Even if they aren’t seen the same way as they were decades ago, they still possess a potent branding impact that advertisers love.

But if you ever plan on investing your hard-earned money on a high rise advertising channel, you’ll want to make sure you come out victorious. It’s more than just about building awareness, but it’s also about giving people something to remember you for. So, how can you guarantee a billboard ad that is captivating and effective? Read on to find out. You may also see vr marketing examples that will blow your mind.

1. Have a story. Think about the one thing you want people to remember most about your ad. Is it your new seasonal product offer? Your company’s web address? Or do you simply want people to recognize your brand? You must identify the key message of your ad in order to find the right story. This will help you create a billboard ad that will evoke emotions, solve a problem or fulfill a given need. And because we, as humans, are terrible at remembering simple facts, using a meaningful story to draw in attention would be your best option. You may also like signage and billboard designs and examples.

2. Be loud. Loud doesn’t always mean distracting. Sometimes, using a larger-than-life-sized layout for your billboard ad is sure to attract attention. But the secret to effective advertising is to make sure your design is printed in clear and bold text. Although the billboard may be massive in size, there’s no guarantee it’s going to be readable at all times. To ensure you get the best results, limit your text to a few compelling words that can effectively carry out your message. You may also check out types of marketing styles in doc format.

3. Keep it simple and sweet. In order to reach out to your target audience, you must deliver a message that is direct and to-the-point. A billboard is much like a poster design, where everything in its layout should stay relevant to its main purpose. Keep in mind that the average viewing time for your ad is extremely limited, so people who drive by it could have their attention divided between your billboard ad and the road.

4. Make it colorful. Colorful and vibrant billboard ads tend to be the most eye-catching. You can either use a complementary set of colors to create harmony, or use a bold image to create a center point for your ad. This is the perfect way to explore your creative side for viewers to take notice of. But in design, it’s also important to remember the significance of contrasting colors to build emphasis on a certain object. This will help highlight your primary message to obtain strong visual impact. You might be interested in examples of advertisement design.

5. The lesser, the better. The value of simplicity in any advertising material, whether it’s a business brochure or a restaurant billboard, is of utmost importance. Too much text will make it difficult for a person to understand your central point, while too much colors and graphics will make it too distracting to view. The key to good advertising is to be smart, but not too clever. A thought-provoking design may gain attention, but it could potentially leave people scratching their heads. You should be able to communicate with people of any age and social background, despite already having a demographic to target.

The next time you drive by a billboard, be sure to take in every single detail you like about it. This will help you understand what makes a billboard ad effective. You must consider the level of communication shared among your audience, and the expectations set by the market as a whole. Take note that your general audience are travelling customers who only have a few seconds to spare to fully take in your ad. You could be up against a dozen other competitors who also have the same marketing goal as you do. So with thorough planning and creative designing, you’re sure to leave a lasting effect that consumers will remember for a long time. You may also see billboard mock-up designs and examples.

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