Corporate Billboard

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Corporate Billboard

The great thing about billboards is that it can easily be seen even from afar. It is designed with large and readable fonts so that moving viewers and pedestrians can see and read them. Most companies invest in billboards because it is a one-time investment for advertisement that will last for months or even years. They are usually made up of durable materials, in the case of printed billboards, and quality and long-lasting panel, in the case of digital billboards.

Many would also prefer billboards because it can capture the people’s attention even without your persuasion. In a matter of seconds, they can already have a glimpse to what you are offering. They will become aware of your products or services as well as your company as a whole. But just make sure that you design your billboard properly and accordingly and in a way that it can communicate to the viewers, even those who are running at 65 kph.

To help you get through with this, we provide you examples of corporate billboard designs that you might find fit for your business. Check them all out in the next section below. But before that, you may also check other billboard designs such as the following.

Corporate Billboard Template Example

Corporate Billboard Template Example

Corporate Billboards Mock-Up Example

Corporate Billboards Mock-Up Example

Fully Editable Corporate Billboard Example

Fully Editable Corporate Billboard Example

Customizable Corporate Billboard Template Example

Customizable Corporate Billboard Template Example

Corporate Billboard Banner Example

Corporate Billboard Banner Example

Great Corporate Billboard Template Example

Great Corporate Billboard Template Example

A Quick Peek on the History of Billboards

Nowadays, especially in public areas and cities weather large or small, we often see billboards everywhere. There are billboards that can really catch out attention, but there are also those that we failed to notice. Marketers understand the need for a billboard for an entity—it promotes their products and services in a wide range, even communicating those who are just passersby or those who just got stuck in the heavy traffic. With proper and creative designs, billboards can surely get the people’s attention and interest. You may also see fitness billboard examples.

But how did billboards come up in the business industry. Did you ever wonder what was the very first design of the billboard and for what company? Did you ever wonder who are the proponents of creating billboards for advertisement and how did they come up with such great idea? You may also like examples of banner ads.

People are innately curious, and it is not impossible that we do not get curious with this kind of stuff. Hence, in this article, we will briefly discuss the timeline about billboards—how did it come into existence and how it is improved and enhanced through time and through the artistic and novel skills of the people. You may also check out simple billboard designs and examples.

The first and early billboards were basically large posters on the sides of the building. Through the increasing advancement of technologies, large posters evolved into billboards, the billboards that we know today. Other significant events regarding billboards are as follows. You might be interested in examples of banner design.

1. Late 15th Century: Flyposting Is Widely Practiced

It was in the late 15th century when flyposting was widely practiced throughout Europe. What is flyposting? It is also called wild posting, bill posting, and wheatpaste posting. It is called wheatpaste posting because wheatpaste is often used to adhere the simple posters. This is a type of guerrilla marketing, a strategy to promote the company’s products and services in an unconventional way spending only a little or no amount for the advertisement, through placing advertising materials both in legal and illegal places such as in construction site barricades, building facades, and alleyways with materials that are made of a lightweight paper.

2. 1796: Lithography Was Invented

In 1796, lithography was invented, creating real posters. Lithography is the process of printing on a smooth stone, metal, or other plane surfaces. This is based on the immiscibility of oil and water or their incapability to blend together. The image to be printed in ink-receptive while the blank area is ink-repellent. You may also see signage and billboard designs and examples.

3. 1867: Earliest Recorded Billboard Rentals

It was in 1876 when the earliest billboard rentals or leasing was recorded.

4. 1870s: Increasing Use of Billboards

By 1870, America became a home to more than 300 sign-painting companies. There are two other significant events on the 1870s which are as follows:

  • 1871 – Fredrick Walker, a social realist and illustrator who is described by Sir John Everett Millais as the greatest artist of the century, designed one of the first art posters.
  • 1872 – The Outdoor Advertising Association of America, formerly known as International Bill Posters Association of North America, was established as a billboard lobbying group. You may also like examples of advertising banner design.

5. 1889: The First 24-Sheet Billboard Was Displayed

In 1889, the world’s first 24-sheet billboard was displayed at the Paris Exposition, when advertisements were placed on buildings and fences. This is the start of the format to be quickly adopted to other types of advertising such as in circuses, movies, and travel shows. You may also check out tips for designing effective banner ads.

6. 1891: Formation of a National Association

The Associated Bill Posters’ Association of the USA and Canada was formed in 1891 in Chicago, which was later changed to Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA). The purposes of the association are to address the ethical concerns on the early industry leaders, provide an expanded organization to coordinate with other member companies for their services offered, and to promote a greater understanding of the poster medium. You might be interested in restaurant billboard designs and examples.

7. Early 1900s: Establishment of Poster Art Schools

It is given that even after a century, billboard marketing continued to grow and is still widely accepted. In the early 1900s, poster art schools were established in several countries like Germany, Austria, and England. Also, in this year, a standardized billboard structure was created in the USA. This makes a boom in the the billboard industry. Also, in these years, Coca-Cola, Palmolive, Kellogg, and many other big advertisers began to have a mass production of outdoor messages. You may also see examples of advertisement design.

8. 1908: Introduction of Model T Automobile

In 1908, there is an increase in the number of people using highways because of the introduction of the Model T automobile, generally regarded as first affordable automobile. Hence, marketers take this opportunity to market their products and services on the streets by putting up roadside billboards. You may also like advertising plan examples & samples.

9. 1919: The Glico Man

In 1919, Glico Man, a building-spanning billboard, was introduced by a Japanese candy company. The signage shows a running man, which draws people’s attention even until today.

10. 1926: Burma-Shave Road Perks

Burma-Shave become famous because of their humorous rhyming poems placed on small sequential highway roadside signs as an advertisement. The phrases are intentionally placed on different signages that are lining on the streets to keep people reading the whole advertisement. Here are the examples of their sets of signs:

  • Shave the modern way / No brush / No lather / No rub-in / Big tube 35 cents – Drug stores / Burma-Shave
  • Takes the “H” out of shave / Makes it save / Saves complexion / Saves time and money / No brush – no lather / Burma-Shave
  • Every shaver / Now can snore / Six more minutes / Than before / By using / Burma-Shave
  • Your shaving brush / Has had its day / So why not / Shave the modern way / With / Burma-Shave
  • Shaving brushes / You’ll soon see ’em / On the shelf / In some / Museum / Burma-Shave
  • Does your husband / Misbehave / Grunt and grumble / Rant and rave / Shoot the brute some / Burma-Shave
  • No matter / How you slice it / It’s still your face / Be humane / Use / Burma-Shave
  • A shave / That’s real / No cuts to heal / A soothing / Velvet after-feel / Burma-Shave
  • Train approaching / Whistle squealing / Stop / Avoid that run-down feeling / Burma-Shave
  • Hardly a driver / Is now alive / Who passed / On hills / At 75 / Burma-Shave
  • If you dislike / Big traffic fines / Slow down / Till you / Can read these signs / Burma-Shave
  • Don’t take / a curve / at 60 per. / We hate to lose / a customer / Burma-Shave
  • Let’s make Hitler / And Hirohito / Feel as bad / as Old Benito / Buy War Bonds / Burma-Shave
  • Our fortune / Is your / Shaven face / It’s our best / Advertising space / Burma-Shave
  • If you / Don’t know / Whose signs / These are / You can’t have / Driven very far

You may also check out advertising and marketing examples to inspire you.

11. 1934: Traffic Audit Bureau

In 1934, the Traffic Audit Bureau is established with the purpose of providing advertisers with data to determine the size of outdoor audience. It focuses on measuring audience for the out of home media industry.

12. 1936: Wall Drug Billboards

In 1936, Wall Drug billboards started to became famous in the billboard industry. Wall Drug consists of a drug store, gift shop, restaurants, and many other stores, which became a tourist attraction because its billboards can be seen for hundreds of miles throughout South Dakota and the neighboring states. You might be interested in what is direct marketing?

Business Company Corporate Billboard Example

Business Company Corporate Billboard Example

Modern Corporate Billboard Design Example

Modern Corporate Billboard Design Example

Print Ready Corporate Billboard Example

Print Ready Corporate Billboard Example

Corporate Billboard Roll-Up Example

Corporate Billboard Roll-Up Example

Corporate Billboard Template

Corporate Billboard Template

Creative Corporate Billboard Signage Example

Creative Corporate Billboard Signage Example

Corporate Billboard Banner Template Example

Corporate Billboard Banner Template Example

Artistic Corporate Billboard Design Example

Artistic Corporate Billboard Design Example

Elegant Corporate Billboard Example

Elegant Corporate Billboard Example

A Quick Peek on the History of Billboards (continuation)

13. 1958: Bonus Act

In 1958, the Bonus Act has come into operation, where bonus incentives were given to control signages. The Congress passed the first federal legislation to control billboards especially those along Interstate highways.

14. 1960: Kani Doraku Billboard

In 1960, the mechanized Kani Doraku billboard was built in Dotonbori, Osaka. The billboard was remarkable not only because of its large size but also because it is three dimensional which features a giant crab with legs that can move. Until today, the billboard is still popular especially for the tourists. You may also see food billboard designs & examples.

15. 1965: Highway Beautification Law

In 1965, the Highway Beautification Act was signed by President Lyndon Johnson approving it to become a law.  It limits billboards only to commercial and industrial areas, and it sets the standards for the set size, lighting, and spacing of billboards. You may also like retail marketing.

16. 1970: Vinyl Computer Painting

In 1970, computer painting on vinyl has become popular since many billboard companies commissioned research on the creation of messages by computer.

17. 1971: Cigarette Ads

In 1971, cigarette ads were banned in radio and television as mandated by the Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act. Their advertisements were then moved into billboards, continuing the promotion for their product. You may also check out vertical banner designs and examples.

18. 1983: Anti-billboard Appeal

In 1983, the billboard industry appealed a San Diego anti-billboard ordinance all the way to the US Supreme Court and succeeded as the court found that the ordinance is unconstitutional.

19. 1998: Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement

In 1998, the four major US tobacco companies, Philip Morris Inc., R. J. Reynolds, Brown & Williamson, and Lorillard, signed the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement, eliminating the billboard advertising of cigarettes in 46 states. Other matters included in the agreement is for the companies to pay various annual payments to the states to compensate them for some of the medical costs of caring for persons with smoking-related illnesses. You might be interested in vector billboard designs and examples.

20. 2005: Digital Boards

In 2005, the account of first digital boards being installed was recorded.

21. 2007: Polyethylene Boards

In 2007, the PVC flexible vinyls were phased-out and were replaced with one-sheet plastic poster, the eco-plastics, such as polyethylene.

22. 2010: Scented Billboards

People are so much innovative and creative especially in marketing. In 2010, the first scented billboard was built in Mooresville, North Carolina. The billboard was made for the Bloom grocery chain to promote the sale of beef. This is something unique as compared with other billboards since it emit odors similar to charcoal and pepper, suggesting a steak grilling. You may also see digital marketing.

Also in 2010, Augmented billboards were introduced in the Transmediale Festival 2010. Augmented reality billboards, similar to augmented reality games such as the very famous Pokemon Go, go beyond the reality by creating computer-generated images on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite or augmented view. It makes advertising interactive and it allows marketers to reach out to consumers new and innovative ways. Because of this, many companies embrace this cutting-edge technology and even incorporate them into outdoor advertising such as billboards. You may also like retro billboard designs and examples.

Final Say

Billboard advertising had and will continue to penetrate in the market because this has been trusted and proven effective by the marketers. A lot of companies rely and spend a lot of money, time, and effort in outdoor advertising, especially billboards as these can immediately capture people’s attention primarily because of its grand size. Not just that, it is the designers’ responsibility to make it as creative as possible to catch the people’s attention and interest. You may also check out billboard mock-up designs and examples.

But before the billboards that we have seen today—3D, extended, digital, etc.—the first billboards from long time ago is made of papers, similar to posters that we have today. Years and centuries later, billboard ideas have become more artistic and witty, which is a must for every company to become an eye-catching advertisement. You might be interested in marketing strategies for small businesses.

It is not much of an issue whether or not you must create your own billboard. However, given that your competitors are owning the market through their billboards and signages, many companies would join the bandwagon of having posters as a promotional material. It surely helps especially when you place your billboards on areas conducive not just to many people but to the people you are targeting in your ad, your target market. You may also see vertical billboard designs and examples.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose a design now from the above examples of corporate billboards.

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