Poster Billboard

Last Updated: April 28, 2024

Poster Billboard

If you spend a lot of time driving on busy highways and freeways, you’re bound to have encountered multiple billboard advertisements along your journey. Lining either side of the road, billboards have become a part of our urban and rural landscape due to its abundance. Billboard advertising is a great way to reach out to a target group of people of a specific geographical location. While many advertisers like to go big and bold with a large billboard ad, more companies have discovered how a simple poster billboard may generate a similar effect. But this marketing method is no walk in the park, as the type of billboard used, as well as how it is designed, are essential factors to focus on to ensure success.

Subway Poster Billboard Example

Subway Poster Billboard Example

Urban Poster Billboard Example

Urban Poster Billboard Example

Street Poster Billboard Example

Street Poster Billboard Example

Types of Billboards in Advertising

If you think billboards only vary in size and shape, then think again.

There are various types of billboards that come in different structures and layouts, and are tailored to suit specific purposes. Knowing the difference between these billboards, along with how they function, can help you determine which billboard type suits your campaign best. No matter what kind of business you run, there are different types of billboards for you to choose from. You may also see food billboard designs & examples.

To further understand each type, let’s look into them in detail.

1. Classic Billboards

Classic billboards, which are popularly known as bulletin billboards, are a widely-used billboard type that has been used for the purpose of advertising for many years. They are often found along highways and streets where a mass number of people can see it, including drivers, their passengers, and pedestrians. But as the roads widen and the speed of motorized vehicles increase, classic billboards have gradually grown in size. As a result, people who pass these advertisements may easily take in its message without having to slow down their vehicles. You may also like real estate billboard designs and examples.

2. Vinyl Billboards

Vinyl billboards are a lot similar to the standard type of billboard, except that the medium is spray painted with UV resistant paint to preserve its color quality. Because of this, along with its polyvinyl chloride material, vinyl billboards possess a lengthy lifespan of three to five years compared to other print media. This is great for billboard campaigns that last longer than the 12-week mark, as the quality of the advertisement stays in excellent condition despite accumulating roadside dust, and standing through extreme weather conditions. You may also check out business billboard designs and examples.

3. Mobile Billboards

Have you ever seen a bike with a small-sized billboard attached to its tail? Or perhaps you’ve seen billboard ads stuck to the side of buses and trucks running around the city?

Unlike static billboards, mobile billboards don’t attract an audience, they bring the advertisement to where their prospects are. Poster billboards are common in this category due to its size and format. These are perfect for companies that want to advertise their brand at large events, such as trade shows, festivals, concerts, and state fares, without having to worry about renting ad space. The billboard may be placed on top of the moving vehicle, on its side, or by its rear so it stays visible wherever the vehicle goes. You might be interested in retro billboard designs and examples.

4. Painted Billboards

Although these billboards are considerably rare nowadays since being replaced by graphically printed ads, they’re still as eye-catching as ever. This is common among less civilized areas where technological capacity is limited, and people rely on conventional methods to make billboards and signages. Painted billboards are done manually by hand painting the advertised message on the billboard space. However, the size of such billboards are relatively smaller due to the time and effort it takes to create one.

5. Digital Billboards

Some of the world’s busiest intersections and central business points have digital billboards lined up at every corner. If you’ve ever been to New York’s Times Square, then you may have noticed how digital billboards fill the entire landscape with bright, flashing lights, which contribute to its vibrant atmosphere at night. These billboards are strategically situated at hectic areas to ensure the advertised message reaches a maximum number of people.

The great thing about digital billboards is that they’re a step towards the future. Technological advancement has allowed advertisers to create unique ads using videos, animation, and motion design. Other than general brand advertisements, the billboard even displays stock market prices and temperature and weather conditions in particular places around the world. Though creating and maintaining these billboards is expensive to carry out, they are still extremely effective at promoting your business due to its eye-catching nature.

6. Scented Billboards

This type of billboard ad is incredibly rare, so don’t feel bad if you haven’t encountered one before. This is usually used by companies that sell special fragrances, or simply aim to pass the scent of a product to their customers. After all, the sense of smell is just as magnifying as the sense of sight.

One common example for this is a restaurant billboard ad. Using a scented billboard to lure potential customers and passersby into your restaurant is an effective form of advertising. While this is nearly impossible to achieve with a high rise display, this may easily be attained by a medium-sized poster billboard.

7. Three-dimensional Billboards

If you’re looking for an artistic way to attract attention, then a 3D billboard ad would be the perfect choice.

From its name, this type of billboard is designed in such a way that an image seemingly pops out of the platform. For example, if you’re advertising a new smartphone, you can make the subject hold out the phone in a way that viewers can almost see it right in front of them. Not only does this emphasize the product, but it also creates a realistic feel to it that’s nearly impossible to ignore. Its creative character can quickly catch the eye of onlookers in a simple yet imaginative way. You may also see vertical billboard designs and examples.

Poster Billboard Mockup Example

Poster Billboard Mockup Example

Neon Poster Billboard Example

Neon Poster Billboard Example

Bus Stop Poster Billboard Example

Bus Stop Poster Billboard Example

Is Billboard Advertising Worth It?

Are billboards truly an effective strategy for brand advertising?

Statistical data obtained from the Arbitron National In-Car Study of 2009 show how effective billboard advertising is on drivers. According to the study, about 58% of the respondents have learned about a particular event or restaurant they are interested in by encountering a roadside billboard. Around 71% of the respondents have even admitted to consciously viewing a billboard ad of a certain event or restaurant that they later went to. This alone proves the level of impact a simple billboard ad is capable of making.

As for the cost of renting a billboard space, this would depend on the type, size, and location of the said space. For instance, digital billboards are a lot more expensive in contrast to an average poster billboard. Areas with high traffic, visibility, and income rate will likely have the highest billboard prices. You may also see outdoor billboard designs & examples.

So, should your business invest in billboard advertising?

The answer to this question would solely depend upon your advertising budget and marketing goal. Since billboard ads are relatively pricey compared to other forms of advertising, this is not something that small businesses and start-ups should invest on when they’re looking for a way to break the market.

The Benefits of Billboards

With a wide range of advertising channels to choose from, it’s important to work with a medium that will best suit your purpose. It must have the capacity to boost a company’s overall presence in the competitive industry. Fortunately, many companies have obtained success through various outdoor marketing campaigns. So if you’re considering billboard advertising to promote your business, here are some advantages that both the advertiser and their target consumers may benefit from.

1. It reaches customers on an unconscious level.

Though many drivers have managed to focus on the road while simultaneously viewing a billboard ad, there’s still about 16% of people that don’t pay attention to outdoor billboards. But how is it possible for them to still be familiar with such ads? Turns out, the human brain has the ability to register these billboards even if a person isn’t consciously looking at them. While they may not be able to point out every single detail of the ad, the brain can still manage to absorb significant information accordingly.

2. It guarantees exposure.

Billboards tend to be big, not just in size, but in impact as well. This is because it’s hard to ignore a massive advertisement standing right in front of you. Since a billboard can easily be spotted from a fair distance away, then it’s bound to be seen by people within its vicinity. It can easily stand out to people in busy areas long enough for them to get your message. This form of outdoor advertising ensures quick and easy communication with only little effort required.

3. It develops brand awareness.

One way to get people talking about your brand is to give them something to talk about in the first place. Generally, seeing a billboard once will generate little to no impact, but constant exposure to the same brand will eventually stick in people’s minds. This helps keep consumers engaged to your brand, along with the message it conveys. This then creates trust and authority in the eyes of your customers, encouraging them to rely on your brand when making a buying decision.

4. It creates familiarity.

Where there is consistency, there is familiarity. Psychological research has proven how continuous exposure to a given object causes an individual to respond more favorably towards the familiar subject rather than something unfamiliar. So if someone has grown accustomed to your business, they’re sure to choose you over an unfamiliar competitor.

5. It is highly targeted.

There are a ton of options as to where and how your message will be displayed. Each location provides a different level of visibility, which is why you are granted the freedom to choose which audience to reach out to. Positioning the billboard at an area which targets a particular demographic will help you showcase your brand to the right audience. This way, you can successfully grab the attention of your ideal audience and leave a lasting impression.

Clean & Professional Poster Billboard Example

Clean & Professional Poster Billboard Example

Airport Poster Billboard Example

Airport Poster Billboard Example

Station Poster Billboard Example

Station Poster Billboard Example

Variable Poster Billboard Example

Variable Poster Billboard Example

Underground Lightbox Poster Billboard Example

Underground Lightbox Poster Billboard Example

Connecting with Consumers through Out-of-Home Marketing

Many corporate experts have emphasized the need for businesses to invest their advertising budget on short-term sales activation strategies and long-term brand building strategies that center on out-of-home marketing. This is why many companies have developed various outdoor advertising campaigns to deliver their brand message to consumers. Billboards, as one of the most utilized broadcast mediums there is, enable brands to target existing consumers, potential customers, and impulse buyers effectively. You may also see fitness billboard examples.

Sales activation occurs when the advertiser uses emotional messages and creatives to build a deeper relationship between the consumer and the brand. This build-up intensifies one’s feelings and emotions towards the brand. This will then create a lasting desire to purchase a given product or service from the brand, regardless of its price. You may also like restaurant billboard designs and examples.

The nature of out-of-home advertising offers a unique and flexible atmosphere for businesses to conduct more appealing brand building campaigns. It helps develop consistency through various strategically chosen locations to target prospects of a given demographic as well. For instance, poster billboards are often placed at bus stops, train stations, airports, and terminals due to its small and convenient size. So when a person is exposed to the same visual on a regular basis, perhaps on their way to work or during their commute back home, this triggers an emotional response that would build their desire to purchase the item, which will then feed into their impulsive behavior to purchase the product right then and there. You may also check out corporate billboard designs and examples.

A Guide to Designing the Perfect Billboard

Designing a billboard involves a long, stressful process that has left many advertisers scratching their heads. There are many factors that can affect the way a billboard looks and feels when viewed, including the information you put and the different design elements applied. To evoke one’s emotions when looking at the billboard, you must consider the fact that every component matters.

1. Colors

Colors play a significant role in design, as it holds the power to set the mood of a given material. Dark colors tend to be dull and gloomy, while bright, vibrant colors give off a sense of enthusiasm and excitement. This stimulates certain emotions that affect one’s perception towards the ad.

Choosing the right colors for your ad can be tough. While you’re open to use the company’s trademark colors to strengthen your brand image, there’s no harm in taking the risk with other color combinations. Apart from using complementary colors, you must also develop a better understanding of color psychology. This will help you select colors that can positively influence a person’s response to the ad. You may also see examples of minimal billboard advertising.

2. Headlines and Slogans

The majority of your audience will only catch a glimpse of your billboard for a few seconds. This expresses the need for an ad to possess a catchphrase that will grab their attention, and stick in their mind.

A catchy slogan or company tagline can certainly make an advertisement more memorable. Given how reading a wordy headline would require time and focus, using 7 words or less to make an impression is key in advertising. But before you write anything down, it would be best to brainstorm on slogan ideas that best represent your brand. This will help you deliver a powerful and unforgettable message that reflects the brand personality as a whole. You may also like vertical banner designs and examples.

3. Images

Words can only do so much for your ad, but images, on the other hand, tell a fascinating story that words cannot.

Visual storytelling is an important aspect to consider when designing an advertisement. Your image can be a photograph or an illustration of any given subject, as long as it embodies your brand message. Not only can this draw attention to your ad, but this can also increase the chances of viewers remembering your brand circumstances that call for it. The image must be able to persuade consumers to purchase your services not to help you make a sale, but because they can benefit from it as well. For instance, shoppers who have seen your food billboard while on their way to the grocery store may develop sudden cravings that will prompt them to consider buying your product just to satisfy themselves. Piquing one’s curiosity encourages impulse buying, which then gives you the opportunity to make a sale.

4. Content

Besides a clear message and a captivating image, the billboard must also contain your company’s contact details and call-to-action information. Phone numbers, websites, and social media pages must also be noticeable at first glance. This will help drivers recall information later on in the day. Keep in mind that without a CTA, the purpose of the ad will remain unclear to viewers. Be sure to maintain a clean and organized layout to make it easier for people to find the details they need as well. Any additional information that you wish to add may be inserted in fine print so as not to overshadow other important details. You may also check out examples of banner design.

5. Location

The location of your ad is the most important element of billboard promotion. You could have the most captivating billboard advertisement ever designed, but if it doesn’t reach your desired audience, then you aren’t going to generate good returns.

To determine the appropriate location for your business billboard ad, you must first identify your demographics. For example, your target audience consists of students of a given city. The best way to target large volumes of these individuals is to place your billboard ad in spaces at nearby schools and bus stops. Areas that are often occupied by students would be an excellent target.

Despite the prominent use of modern marketing strategies in today’s era, many marketing experts have discovered the undying importance of traditional advertising campaigns amidst all things digital. Why? Because sometimes, something simple, tangible, and personal is a lot better than something that can disappear in a blink of an eye. Given how billboards have become a significant element of our natural landscape, it’s clear that billboard advertising is and will continue to be a highly effective channel in a business’s marketing arsenal.

So when designing your own simple billboard, always remember that people will look at it differently and everyone will have their say about it. But what matters most is your ability to communicate your brand message effectively enough for people to remember. Be smart, get creative, and think strategically. With the help of a good billboard ad, you’re sure to attract new customers, enforce brand loyalty, and foster better sales.

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