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Birthdays are special milestones every person wants to celebrate even in the simplest ways. Since life is nothing but permanent, birthdays are a good reminder that you have come so far and that you have made it this far. It is also a great way to bond with family and friends and make new memories as you continue with your life. More importantly, birthdays are a great reminder that you lived another year; with the good and bad memories of the previous year, you get to make new ones.

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Since birthdays are celebrated only once a year, it is just right to at least do something on such a special thing. But that does not automatically means that you have a grand party, you can just go out on your favorite restaurant with your family and close friends or make something at home for the family to share, basically just anything just to express how thankful you are for the past year. Some may think that birthdays are just a waste of time, but having to celebrate it, be it through small or big parties, will surely make you appreciate your life more.

Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas

People who let their birthday past without even slightly celebrating it are either busy with their schedules or will not/does not have enough money to do so. However, there are still viable solutions for those problems. Although celebrating one’s birthday is not compulsory, it is not such a bad thing to do so, right? To help you have the best time during your birthday, here is a list of inexpensive ideas you can refer to when planning for your birthday:

1. Free Venues

Just face it, your ideal venue for your birthday party is expensive and simply out of your budget. However, that is not a reason for your to be discouraged. In order to save more for the rest of the party needs, scout for the best free venue near you. If you are planning for your kid’s birthday party, there are a couple of parks and recreational areas you can get permission to celebrate. In addition, no place is better than home; your home is also a good location for you to celebrate your kid’s or your birthday ? it’s free and has everything that you will probably need for the party.

2. Limited Guest List

Ultimately the budget for your party will be based on the number of people you intend to invite for your party. The quantity of food and drinks you need to prepare, the venue, the number of gift/goodie bags you need to prepare, and so on will depend on the number of people you will have on your party. Therefore, in order to save or cut off  on the expenses you need to limit the number of people on your guest list. Only include the people you hold dear like your family and close friends. Doing so will help you plan for your party more precisely and cost-effectively.

3. Low-cost Themes

Having an inexpensive party does not mean you will have an ordinary and dull party. Remember that simple does not equate to boring and lifeless; having a simple party means you go for the practical route during the planning stage of your party. In order to have a unique yet inexpensive birthday party, choose a theme you can follow that allows you to choose cheap venue, decorations, costumes, etc. Following a theme will be the basis of every aspect of your party, it will allow you to fill in your venue with stuff relating to it, so you can have a colorful and fun birthday party.

4. DIY

Now that you have a low-cost theme you can base your party on, you need to make sure your venue exudes what the theme is all about. To make it easier and cheaper for you, opt for DIY or Do-It-Yourself decorations for your party. Doing DIYs for your party will not only help yu save off some extra cash, it will also help you ensure that aspects of your party lives up to your standard or preference. Aside from that, DIY will also help you add your personal touch to your overall party from the venue decorations to your table arrangements, it will make your guests appreciate the effort you put into welcoming and hosting the party.

5. Potluck Catering

The budget for your party will also be allot for the food you are going to serve to your guests. Although it is customary that the host is responsible for the food for the party, there are instances where it can be changed. For example, when you are hosting your birthday with only your immediate family and friends, ask them if it is alright with them to bring at least one dish to share during the party. This is not the conventional way to do a party, but this can also be an option especially when you only plan on celebrating your birthday with your family and close friends.

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Kid’s Birthday Boarding Pass Invitation Ticket Example

Airplane Birthday Boarding Pass Invitation Ticket Example

Cute Birthday Boarding Pass Invitation Ticket Example

Birthday Boarding Pass Invitation Ticket Example

Paris Quinceanera Boarding Pass Invitation Ticket Example

6. Collaborate with Friends or Family

Just like in the potluck idea, collaborating with your family and friends will help you lessen the expenses on your birthday party. Although this is not the conventional way of celebrating your birthday, your family and friends will sure be more than happy to help you celebrate it. When you collaborate with your family and friends you can ask them to help you prepare everything you need from the venue, to the decorations and down to the meal preparations. They may be even help you with the expenses say for the meals and drinks for your birthday. Collaborating with them is surely a win-win situation for all of you.

7. Fast Food Party

If your schedule for your birthday is filed up to the brim and you simply do not have the luxury of time to prepare for your celebration, having a fast food party is also a great idea of celebrating your birthday. As the name would suggest, having a fast food party means that you order food in bulk from fast a favorite fast food chain and serve it your guests. This is just a laid-back and chill way of celebrating your birthday. And since fast food chains offer group meals that are good for 5-6 people or more, you can save up some extra cash that you can buy drinks to pair with the food, if not included in the meal.

8. Start a Birthday Tradition

Birthday traditions is quite a common occurrence nowadays. This means that when a person celebrates his/her birthday, he/she does the same thing he did the previous year. For example, he/she went on a camping trip with some of his/her friends last year for his/her birthday, for this year he/she will celebrate it by going camping again or doing outdoor adventures. This can be applied to your birthday too. If you have a birthday tradition, you will be saved from the hassle of thinking about what to do on your special day. Aside from that, you get to continue your doing what you really want to do on you birthday and continue your birthday streak.

9. Include Fun Activities

Fun activities during birthdays are not limited to children’s parties, adult birthday parties can also be fun through incorporating fun activities. There are still fun party games that even adults will enjoy like charades, board games, and even drinking games like beer pong. The activities you include in your birthday party will ensure that you and your guests have a great time during your celebration. Aside from that, the activities will help all of you to burn off the food you ate during the party, it’s a win-win.

10. Lay Off the Booze or Go for BYOB

Booze or alcoholic drinks are somewhat compulsory during an adult party. If you want to save on your party expenses, you can lay off the booze for your party or tell your guests to bring-you-own-booze or BYOB. If you want to celebrate your birthday with your friends, drinking has a high probability; therefore, you have to ask them to share the expenses for buying the booze. But making them bring their favorite drink is an assurance that everyone will enjoy the drink/s that you serve during your party.

Paris Birthday Boarding Pass Invitation Ticket Example

Grand Prix Birthday Boarding Pass Invitation Ticket Example

Safari Birthday Boarding Pass Invitation Ticket Example

Vintage Airplane Birthday Boarding Pass Invitation Ticket Example

Creative Birthday Invitation Ideas

To make sure that your birthday party invitation stands out and can be easily remembered by your guests, make sure that you have a simple yet unique invitation. To help you with that here are some ideas you can refer to so you can have a unique invitation for your birthday party:


A lottery-style invitation will have your guests guessing about the contents of your invitations until they finally scratch off the surface. Let them feel as if they won the jackpot by revealing the date or the place of the celebration under the scratch-off layer.

Snow Globe 

You can totally DIY this invite with some old toys, a clear glass container, water and some glitters. Although the invite will be attached just outside the slow globe itself, it is still a fun and quirky way to invite your guests.

Pop-Up Invites 

Another classic in any party invitations is having things pop-up from the invitation itself. This ideas is very easy and basic you can make it on your own. For your birthday invitation, you can have your background pop-up to add a surprising factor for your guests.

Balloon Invitations

An ingenious way of sending invitations to your guests is through balloon invitation. With this invitation, you attach the balloon with a minimal card that indicates what the balloon is all about. The magic in this type of invitation is that the details about the celebration is only revealed once the balloon is blown out.

Fortune Teller Invitation

Like the paper game you used to play when you were young, another fun idea is to make your party invitation into that old school paper fortune teller game. The details of your party is hidden within the flaps of the paper, it adds a surprising and nostalgic factor to your invitation.

Film Roll Canister

A cute way of sending invitations for your birthday guests is through film roll canisters. The guests will have to pull out the paper tucked in the canister to reveal the details about the party. You can also customize each canister to fit into your guests preference or personality for a more personal touch.

Vintage Movie Poster

Showcase your inner movie buff with a vintage movie poster inspired invitation for your birthday party. Take inspiration from your favorite movie and use its color palette, font, background and so on. Through this you can present the theme of your birthday party.

Nautical Birthday Boarding Pass Invitation Ticket Example

Simple Airplane Birthday Boarding Pass Invitation Ticket Example

Railroad Birthday Boarding Pass Ticket Example

Boat Birthday Boarding Pass Invitation Ticket Example

Final Thoughts

Invitations are important when you host a party, it gives the detail with regards to the party like the date, time, venue, purpose, dress code and so on. Although design and aesthetics are important, make sure you include complete details and information about the event you are inviting your guest for. Remember that the invitation you give will serve as your guests ticket and map to the event. May you find the inspiration with the given unique and creative examples as well as the topics clearly discussed in this article.

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