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Retro Party Ticket

When you celebrate a special milestone in your life, you surely will want to celebrate it in a way that everyone gets to enjoy.

Days or even months before the date of your party you start to plan out what you would like to happen—what theme you want your party to be inspired with in, where you want to hold your party, who to invite, and so on. With that in mind, one of the important aspects of your party that you will surely want perfectly planned out is the theme. The theme will determine how almost everything will be like on your party.

The theme of your party can be anything, really. Whatever you want to be the main subject of your decorations outfit, playlist, and everything else in between will be your party’s theme. For example, one of the most commonly used themes for kid parties are superhero and princesses theme while adults seem to always opt for a retro-vintage vibe. With that, this article will discuss how you can perfectly pull off a retro vibe for the parties you will hold in the future.

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Party Ticket Template

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Multipurpose Retro Party Ticket Template

multipurpose retro party ticket template
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Retro Party Ideas

In order to plan out an awesome retro-themed party, you need to know which decades you would like to take inspiration from. Step back and refresh your mind about the style and culture during the decade you want to focus on in your theme. From the groovy music to the colorful outfits and disco dancing of the ’60s and ’70s; the cool guy and girl persona of the ’80s and ’90s, there are surely a lot to choose from. You may also see event ticket examples.

To help you with that, here are some cool retro party ideas you can take reference and inspiration from:

1. Invitations

Of course your invitations must be the first glimpse your guests will have about your party. Therefore, it is always a good option to send in an invitation through email in order to give your guests a sneak peek of what they should expect with your party. Using a retro color scheme for your party invitations will surely give your invitation design a retro-vintage feel.

To amp up the retro designs for your elegant invitations, you can use famous phrases of the ’60s and ’70s like “groovy, retro-cool, gee wiz, bomb-tastic, radical, and funky.” Then add some retro images and/or accents to achieve the retro vibe you are aiming for.

2. Decorations

The decorations on the venue of your party should definitely coincide with the theme you have chosen. In this case, you have to outfit your party a lot of retro party decorations.

One of the most common icons or decorations during the previous party-filled decades were peace signs, smiley faces, bright flowers, vintage records, tie-dye table covers, kaleidoscopes, and disco balls. It is best to incorporate it on your party decorations. You can hang a big shiny disco ball in the middle of your venue and fill the venue with more retro vibes with colorful balloons and retro accents. You may also like summer party ticket designs & examples.

3. Food

Go all out by serving retro party food. You can research about the most favorite snacks during your chosen decade and find out if there are still available in the market. If not, try to improvise and serve foods that are similar. You may also check out event show time ticket examples.

Here are some examples of food that you can include on your list that will surely bring nostalgic feels to your guests:

Multipurpose Retro Party Ticket Example

multipurpose retro party ticket example

Retro Sock Hop Multipurpose Party Ticket Example

retro sock hop multipurpose party ticket example

Multipurpose Retro Circus Party Ticket Example

multipurpose retro circus party ticket example

Multipurpose Retro Skate Dance Party Ticket Example

multipurpose retro skate dance party ticket example

4. Music

Your music selection will definitely affect the overall mood of your party. It will help your guests completely vibe with your theme; therefore you have to carefully choose a playlist that will reflect the fun times during the decade you have chosen as your retro party theme. When hiring a DJ, make sure that he/she knows you are doing a retro party from a certain decade so you can make sure he/she makes an accurate playlist. You may also see invitation ticket examples.

You also have to make sure that the hits during that time to be played on your party give everyone a trip back memory lane. Some artists you need to make sure to include on your retro party playlist are Steely Dan; The Beach Boys; Diana Ross; Earth, Wind, & Fire; Donna Summer; Bee Gee’s; Marvin Gaye; Barry White; and KC and the Sunshine Band. You may also like concert ticket examples.

5. Games

Incorporating retro party games during your party will surely be a hit for your guests. You will let them relive their childhood by letting them compete and play games they used to play as a child.

An easier game, however, is to inform everyone ahead of time that there will be a costume contest during the party and an award for best dressed will be given. This will encourage to allow their creativity to flow to their costume ideas and entice friendly competition. Games will surely liven up your entire party and ensure that your guests will have a good time. You may also check out wedding invitation ticket examples.

6. Favors

It is always a nice gesture to give your guests party favors that they can take home by the end of the party. It’s your way of thanking them for sparing some of their time to spend it with you and your party.

You can put together gift bags filled with party favors that still incorporates your theme. Here are some things you can include in your gift bags: vintage candy and candy bars, yo-yos, paddleballs, Slinky, jack & ball sets, Rubik’s cubes, and Chinese finger traps. These are just of the nostalgic party favors that will give a nice finishing touch to your party. You might be interested in plane boarding ticket examples.

Multipurpose Retro Music Party Ticket Example

multipurpose retro music party ticket example

Multipurpose Retro Movie Party Ticket Example

multipurpose retro movie party ticket example

Retro Party Themes

There can be a lot of themes you can follow when you want a retro party, but it can be quite confusing to choose. To give you more ideas on how you can have the best retro party, here are some themes or ideas that you can take inspiration from for your own party:

1. ’50s Diner Inspired Party

For a ’50s inspired retro party, you can go all out and go for a diner inspired party. You can rent out a diner for your venue, or make sure your venue has booth chairs and tables as the primary decoration for your theme. You should also have a diner counter where you have your caterers serve your food. To amp up your theme, you can serve food through retro car inspired food boxes. You may also see birthday invitation ticket designs & examples.

Your decorations should focus on what is commonly found in a diner like bright signs, checkered wallpapers, a juke box, condiments on the table (ketchup, mustard, etc.) and so on. Your food should also be those that are commonly served in a diner like milk shake, burgers, fries, and so on. You may also like VIP event ticket designs & examples.

2. Colorful ’60s Retro Party

This was the time for the hippies and tie-dyes. You can perfectly incorporate this theme to your party by using icons famously used by that time like the peace sign, lots of tie-dyes, flower power, a hippie van, and so on. Your venue should be filled with flower decorations and bright, colorful background. Make the vibe of your party groovy but chill at the same time. You may also check out music event ticket designs & examples.

3. ’70s Disco Themed Party

Time to boogie! If this is the theme of your party make sure that your venue is a dance hall since one of the hippest trend on this era is disco dancing. This is the era for big, bouncy Afros and wide leg pants.

You should hangs disco balls in your venue, put up neon signs, use old vinyl records as part of the decor, lava lamps, and everything neon. Make sure that your playlist consists of songs from the past that will surely urge your guests to get up and dance. You might be interested in travel voucher examples.

4. Back to the ’80s Party Theme

The ’80s was the time for bright sporty outfits and at the same time, the bad boy persona. Your party playlist should definitely include these famous artist from the ’80s: Michael Jackson, Madonna, Airsupply, Prince, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, and so much more. You may also see birthday voucher designs and examples.

Make sure your venue is bright and colorful since it was the decade where concerts were quite popular. Remember that this decade was identified through its music, choose artists you can get inspiration from in organizing your event. You may also like creative invitation designs and examples.

Multipurpose Retro Cocktail Party Ticket Example

multipurpose retro cocktail party ticket example

90’s Retro Multipurpose Surprise Party Ticket Example

90s retro multipurpose surprise party ticket example

Retro Party Games for Adults

Games will surely add more fun to your party. Aside from that it will entice some friendly competition for your guests rewarded by fun prizes and bragging rights after. It is important that you make sure your guests have a good time during your party; hence, here is a list of retro party games you can do during your party:

1. Decade Trivia


  1. Do a little online research and make up your own trivia game.
  2. Write interesting facts about popular songs, movies, famous people, and infamous events on index cards.
  3. Split players into two teams, and ask them questions pertaining to your facts.
  4. Whoever gets the right answer gets a point. The team with the most points win.

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2. Guess Who’s Turning 40? 


  1. If this party is to celebrate a milestone birthday, find out which famous people were born in the same year as your guest(s) of honor.
  2. Mix them up with other famous people not born in the same year.
  3. Split players into two teams, and have them guess which is correct. It’s always a surprise to find out who else is turning 40, 50, 60, and up.
  4. Whoever has the right answer earns a point.

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3. Ten Years from Now


  1. Split players into two teams.
  2. Have players make up predictions for the guest(s) of honor 10 years from now, such as, “You will have traveled the world,” “You will be grandparents,” or “You will own your own company.”
  3. The team with the more creative answer gets a point. The team with the most points win.

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4. Remember When


  1. Have guests write a fond or funny memory of the honoree on an index card.
  2. Collect the cards, mix them up, and place them in a bowl.
  3. Read one memory at a time and have the honoree guess who wrote it. This will be sure to drum up some interesting and entertaining conversations!
  4. Not only will this be a good way to travel down memory lane, you can also see who cherishes their memories with you.

Multipurpose Retro Baseball Party Ticket Example

multipurpose retro baseball party ticket example

Multipurpose Retro Carnival Party Ticket Example

multipurpose retro carnival party ticket example

Retro Pop Star Multipurpose Party Ticket Example

retro pop star multipurpose party ticket example

Tips for Throwing a Successful Retro Party

In order to have the best retro party of the year, you have to be able to perfectly pull off the theme. You have to stick religiously to the them you have chosen and make it consistent all throughout your party, from you venue to your decorations to your playlist down to the meals you serve. You may also see examples of invitation design.

Aside from all of that, what could you possibly do more to make your retro party a success? To help you with that, here are some useful tips you can refer to in order to throw a successful retro party:

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