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Do you feel like you are not confident that your show or event would sell? Are you worrying that you cannot recover the amount you spend for your expenses? A good marketing planning and preparation as well as strategy is what you really need. Proper dissemination of your event as well as correct targeting of your market is the key to the success of your show. Part of the marketing materials that is a must-have. Never underestimate the effect of a well-designed ticket for it can also create an impact to your overall branding.You may also see event ticket examples.

Example of Show Ticket Template

show ticket template
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Size: 5.5×2 inches with Bleed


Art Show Event Ticket Template Example

art show event ticket template
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Size: 5.5×2 inches with Bleed


Fashion Show Event Ticket Example

fashion show event ticket template
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Size: 5.5×2 inches with Bleed


Ticket matters to people. Even a mere ticket can convince people to attend to your show. Hence, make sure that you carefully plan the design of your ticket, spending time on its layout as well as its content.Want to create your own ticket for your show? Need some inspirations for your ticket design? Browse through this article for some cool and awesome examples of multipurpose show ticket that would surely help you market your show.You may also like summer party ticket designs & examples.

Multi-Purpose Show Ticket Template

multi purpose show ticket template
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Size: A4



Event or Show Ticket Example

130 1024x658

Circus Magic Show Entrance Tickets

circus magic show entrance tickets


Preparations in Organizing a Show or Event

Planning and preparation are among the most important stage and foundation in having an event. It serves as your guide in order to have a smooth flow and direction to your event. What the guests and attendees will see is only the actual event.

They will never know the brainstorming and planning it takes to have a successful event. However, they will notice your weak foundation in planning and preparation when they themselves are not satisfied with your event. Moreover, your effort in your foundation can also be seen through your efforts in your marketing. The more people will be informed and attend your event, the more successful your marketing is.You may also see event show time ticket examples.

How then can you organize a show or event that is successful? You must work hard in the preparation stage. Below are some items that you need to consider in your preparation stage. They are as follows:

1. Requirements from the Local Government

When you are planning to hold your event in your locality, you must first check with your local visitor information center to see if there are events that are on the same data and location as yours. If required, you must also inform the local government or seek approval so that you can hold your event in a certain place in your locality at a certain time.You may also check out elegant ticket designs and examples.

2. Budget and Finance

Among the important discussions that you must have with your team is your budget for the whole duration of the event—from the pre-event or planning, on the day of the event, and after the event. A budget must include all the necessary expenses related to the event not forgetting the minimal expenses such as snacks for the team as well as transportation expenses.You may also like invitation ticket examples.

Editable Multipurpose Show Ticket Example

410 1024x658

Equestrian Show Pass Ticket Example

equestrian show pass ticket example

Printable Multipurpose Show Ticket Example


Modern Multipurpose Show Ticket Example


3. Location

You and your team must decide and select the location or venue for your event. You must consider its accessibility so that people can easily come to the event, the transportation method that your guests will be using, the parking space, and the time and date that the location is free from any other bookings so you can exclusively hold your event. Make sure that your venue is accessible enough especially to your target market so that many people will attend your event.You may also see ticket invitation designs & examples.

4. Goal of Your Event

You must also develop the agenda of your event, your primary goal, as well as the timeline for that certain event. You may also book entertainment to perform during your event as well as the host who will administer as the master of ceremony. You must ensure that you have collected written confirmation from the performers as well as your host. Usually, an event is something informational and entertaining.You may also see football tournament ticket examples.

Make sure that you feed people with the necessary knowledge that they long to have as well as the entertainment to set the mood. If you are targeting a quota for fundraising, you must clearly establish the amount that you want to gain from the event as well as the very specific details on how you can achieve those quota without defeating the purpose of giving information and entertainment to the people. You may also like concert ticket examples.

5. Sponsorship

Usually, sponsorship is needed to run an event or show to acquire funds and to widen your marketing. First, create a sponsorship proposal and identify potential sponsors. You can meet with the sponsors or deal with them online and come up with the packages that you are offering to them. And lastly, do not forget to acknowledge them during the event.You may also check out blank festival tickets.

6. Marketing

Marketing is a very important aspect in your preparation stage. This is needed in order to inform and gather more people to attend your event. To have a successful marketing, you must develop a marketing or communication plan; design promotional materials such as banners, flyers, pamphlets, and posters; send email invitations; post your event on social media, as well as submit a press release. You must market ahead of time, many months prior to the main event.You may also like halloween party retro ticket examples.

You may also hold mini events or pre-events that would help trigger the excitement of people to your event. You may also constantly post posters on the internet to keep reminding people of your upcoming event. A video clip or teaser is also proven effective to entice people to come to your event. There are many other marketing strategies and tools that you can use for the activity or event that you will be holding.You may also like carnival event ticket examples.

Colorful Tickets for Circus Show

colorful tickets for circus show

Surprise Theater Show Ticket Example


Circus Show Flyer and Ticket Example

1010 1024x683

7. Invitations and Registration

For your invitations and registration, it is better that you will have them both offline and online to widen the scope of your market. You can create a traditional paper registration form that can also be used by the walk-in guests during the event as well as an online event registration form that can easily be accessed by the people on the web. You must determine the items included in the cost of your registration, for example, shirt, snacks, and tokens.You may also check out multipurpose retro party ticket designs

8. Permits and Licenses

You must secure the necessary permits for your event. For example, you might need a permit to secure the venue of your event, permit for the food if required, noise permit if you are using music, permit to erect promotional signage, and permit for road closures if your need to close the roads during your event.You might be interested in VIP event ticket designs & examples.

9. Contractors

You must also deal with the contractors regarding the facilities that you will be using during the event such as an order equipment for the stage, lighting, and PA system, portable toilets, fireworks, and generators. You must also check the insurance for public liability, staff, volunteers, among others. Book and confirm the contractors for the said facilities in writing.You may also see music event ticket designs & examples.

10. Risk Management Plan

You must delegate or book first aid officers in case of any mishaps during the event. You must also conduct risk assessment involving all key stakeholders, create risk management plan, obtain relevant insurance and send a copy to the council if required, and you must have contingency plans regarding wet weather or low attendance.You may also like examples of ticket designs.

11. Security Plan

If you are organizing an event, especially when you are anticipating a large crowd to attend your event, you must have a security plan: you must book security personnel who would guard the gates and would rove around the area during the event. They will also serve as crowd control. They must also have two-way radios for an easy communication. Moreover, you must also have a security plan for the security of your cash.You may also check out voucher designs and examples.

12. Other Services

Other essential services that you must also be concerned of is on how to notify the police, ambulance services, and fire brigade in case of emergency that you have not foreseen. Check if the contact numbers that you have are still active, and make sure that someone will be assigned to notify those people in case of emergency.You may also see wedding boarding pass invitation ticket examples

13. Waste Management

Most likely, when people or an organization organize an event, they will be using resources, especially in marketing, that would increase the waste and trash in our environment. This is undeniable especially when you need to print out marketing materials in bulk such as posters and flyers. However, you must also develop waste management plan to reduce the waste in your marketing materials.You may also see wedding ceremony boarding pass ticket designs.

14. Traffic Management

You must also take time in planning for your traffic management. You must design a traffic plan which includes posting signages, disabled parking, VIP parking, pedestrian access, marshals, car parking area, entry and exit points, lighting, and road closures. Whenever you need to close some roads for your event, you must provide an alternative route. You may also see birthday invitation tickets.

15. Vendors Allowed

You may allow vendors during your event or invite them to be a concessionaire and confirm them in writing. You may as well request the details for the electrical requirements as well as the permit for the food in your event premises.

16. Venue Preparation

You must design your venue according to the theme or event you are going to have. Venue designs are an important part during the event since people will also be concerned of the place that they are into. You may hire an artist to design the place, or you may ask recommendations and suggestions from your team. Make sure that you are posting or hanging the posters in place, the stage is set, the entrance is welcoming, and the venue is ready to accept the attendees of your event.You may also see bridal shower boarding pass ticket designs

Circus Show Two Vintage Ticket Example

circus show two vintage ticket example

Broadway Show Ticket Example

1210 1024x713

Comedy Show Theater Flyer and Ticket Example


Event or Show Ticket Example


Lost Victorian Show Ticket Example


16. Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance is part of the pre-event, during the event, as well as after the event. Before the event, you must book toilet cleaners to clean and maintain the area before the arrival of the guest and attendees. You may reserve extra paper toilets so that you will have enough supplies for the whole duration of the event. You must also mow the lawns if you will be holding the event outside, set the canopies and tents whenever needed, and clear the debris.You may also see invitation ticket examples.

During the event, you must have cleaners who would check the area from time to time, discretely cleaning up the mess. After the event, it is expected that the venue will be a total mess. You need to have cleaners who can clear up the area for the next people to use the venue. Make sure that you check the area without leaving any specs of mess before you leave.You may also see travel invoice examples.

17. Miscellaneous

Lastly, there are other small things that you must not forget such as to organize volunteers and staff and to assign them to their different areas before, during, and after the event; prepare scripts or run sheets for ceremonies; organize awards, trophies, certificates, and tokens; and lastly, set decorations and designs for your marketing materials as well as for the venue of your event. You may also see parking tickets.

Final Words

Organizing a show or event requires ample amount in planning and preparation since this is the main foundation of the event. The usual areas of preparation for any show are as follows: requirements from the local government, budget and finance, location, goal of your event, sponsorship, marketing, invitations and registration, permits and licenses, contractors, risk management plan, security plan, other services, waste management, traffic management, vendors allowed, venue preparation, cleaning and maintenance, and others.

Lastly, you will really be needing tickets for your show or event, so make sure you secure them ahead of time by referring to or using the examples of multipurpose show ticket designs presented in the above section.You may also see plane boarding ticket examples.

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