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In our life, we have so many things to be thankful for—the gift of life, the air we breathe, the food we eat, the company of our families and friends, the advice they share, the moments you share together, and many other things that are beyond the value of any amount of currency. You may also see shopping voucher designs & examples.

Thus, we make it a point to extend our gratitude to the people who make our life colorful. There are a lot of ways to express your gratitude, and it is up to our creative minds on how to show them to specific people. Usually, our gratitude is manifested on the gifts that we send. Through presents, we show that we are truly grateful that they become part of our lives. You may also like gift voucher designs & examples.

Among the gifts that can be easily looked for is the voucher. It is very convenient and versatile, plus it allows the recipient to decide what to do or buy using the voucher. It can be sent as a gift to anyone—whether you are a girl or boy, young or old. You may also check out prize voucher designs and examples.

Hence, if you are looking for a thank-you gift card or voucher, you have come at the right place! Below are the coolest examples of thank-you gift voucher just for you! Check them all out now.

Thank-You Card Gift Voucher Design Template Example

Thank-You Retro Voucher Example

Thank-You Photographers’ Referral Voucher or Coupon Example

Editable Retro Thank-You Gift Voucher Example

Creative Ways to Say Thank You

Similar to “I love you,” there are a lot of ways to say “Thank you!” As people are unique and different from each other, we have different love languages such as words of affirmation, quality time, sending gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. Likewise, there are a lot of thank-you languages that you can show to someone not just through words but through actions and gifts as well. You may also see receipt voucher examples & samples.

Got exhausted in thinking what else can you do to mean thank you? Here are few artistic and creative ways to show your gratitude to someone aside from giving them thank-you vouchers or gift cards.

1. Send a thank-you card

The most common and direct way to say thank you is to send them a thank-you card. Upgrade your thank-you card and design it into something that is unique and different from the commercially available ones. Personalized thank-you cards are more preferred as they showcase the personality of the sender and it would also mean that the sender is spending his or her time and effort in extending his or her words of gratitude. Thus, if you are going to send a thank-you card, put extra effort and do your best to make it more attractive.

2. Say it in other languages

Spice up your thank-you through other languages. For example, instead of plainly saying “Thank you,” you can write in a card or you can make a video telling them thank you through other languages like “Gracias! Merci! Danke schoen! Spasibo! Mahalo!” which are Spanish, French, German, Russian, and Hawaiian, respectively. There are a lot more languages that you can think of. Additionally, you may include a short phrase in each language telling them the reason why you are thanking them. You may also like payment voucher designs and examples.

3. Listen to them

Another way to say thank you is to listen to them. Listening requires patience and focus, and many people today are not anymore practicing the art of listening. So when someone needs to talk, pay attention to them and listen to them. You may ask question when appropriate, but listening alone would make them feel that you are there and they can count on you. This is a great way to say thank you for the times that you want someone to talk to and they listened to you. You may also check out meal voucher designs and examples.

4. Be there for them

Apart from listening to them whenever they feel the need to speak out, you can also be there for them. Some people are lonely, but they just do not want to show it. Your company may help ease their loneliness and you can take them somewhere where they can enjoy or just offer them your shoulder to lean on. Sometimes, those simple things are just what they need as of the moment. You might be interested in business voucher examples.

Not every thank-you has to be a grand public spectacle; there are times that just being there for them would suffice.

5. Reciprocate their help

It is not all the time that we can do things on our own. Sometimes, we need the company of others to do specific things. This is the reason why we completely understand that everyone needs help sometimes. Even in simple things like carrying their luggage or holding their hand to overcome a traumatic incident, you can show them that you are grateful for what they have done to help you when you were on your down moments. You may also see cash voucher designs and examples.

6. Make a gift bag

Making a gift bag does not require one to be artsy and crafty. You can search for many tutorials on how to create a customized gift bag with a custom label.

You can include a simple note to show your appreciation in a heartfelt way for the good things they have done for you. It does not really matter a lot whether you give a large or small gift bag, blue or pink, and sturdy or flimsy as long as you create it with a heart and you are being sincere to your thank-you. You may also like expense voucher examples.

7. Write a poem

Poems are equally sweet as tasty food and other gifts when you want to say thank you. Spend a little more effort and write a poem for someone to show how grateful you are for the things that he or she has done for you. You can even add a little spice by writing their favorite kind of poetry such as the haiku, iambic parameter, sonnet, and limerick.

Not sure on what these words mean? You can quickly search them on the Web, and surely, you can find lots of examples of poetry.

8. Send a letter

You may think that sending a formal letter is too old-fashioned because you are already living in the modern world. Because this thing is already classic and vintage, most people no longer practice writing letters as the Internet can already do it for them. This is the reason why receiving a handwritten letter adds a little excitement to the recipient.

Although this is considered as a lost art, many people would look forward to receiving them as they are considered rare and bizarre.

Fresh Thank-You Gift Voucher Example

Jewelry Thank-You Gift Card or Voucher Example

9. Send sweets

Another way of saying thank you is through sending them sweets like cupcakes, chocolates, cookies, or candies. It is not every day that you receive these sweet food, so it is very exciting to receive one. You can even bake the cookie yourself to show that you are being sincere in your gratitude. You can decorate them with a simple message or you can make them form letters. You may also attach a thank-you note or card, telling them how grateful you are that they become part of your life.

10. Give them movie tickets

Movie tickets are also a great way to tell people that you are thinking about them and that you are truly thankful for the things that they have done for you. You can take them to the movie house of theater if you think they need your company, but you may also just give them ticket passes so they will be free to choose the movie that they are going to watch as well as the person whom they want to tag along with them. You may also see voucher designs and examples.

11. Create a video

This may take a while, but you can create a video for your friends, family, or special people who helped you get through those rough times or those times that you need their company. In this way, you are showing that you are giving them the time and effort just to express your deepest gratitude. You may also like travel voucher examples.

12. Take a photo

You may also take a photo of you and the person whom who you want to give thanks, and give him or her or them a copy of that photo and include notes or short messages telling them how grateful you are for the things that they have done for you.

13. Take them out for or cook dinner

Make them feel special by cooking them dinner. If you know their favorite food, you can cook their favorite food and surprise them when they arrive.

Additionally, you can give them presents or a short note or thank-you card. You may also take them out for dinner in their favorite restaurant or any restaurant that you know that offers really good food. Make sure that the place is comfortable for them, and if possible, make reservations ahead of time so you can really choose the best spot in the best restaurant that you have chosen.

14. Pay it forward

Lastly, if you receive a blessing, which we always do every day, it is best if you pay it forward for that will give you the true and incomparable joy in your desire. When someone helped you, you can extend your thank-you not just for that certain person, but you can spread your gratitude to the other people around you who might need your help. You may also check out blank voucher designs and examples.

Thank-You Retro Ticket or Voucher Design Example

Teacher Appreciation Gift Card or Voucher Example

Thank-You Golden Gift Voucher Example

Penguins Thank-You Gift Card or Voucher Example

Printable Teacher Thank-You Gift Card or Voucher Example

Wooden Card Thank-You Voucher Example

Thank-You Gift Voucher or Discount Coupon Example

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We are so grateful that you take time reading this article, and we do hope that the examples of thank-you gift cards and vouchers presented above are of great help and the artistic ways to say thank you would rekindle your artistic side and squeeze out your creative juices. Check out our related articles for more examples of awesome voucher designs.

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