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When you think about carnivals, you immediately imagine of a magical, well-lit place filled with amazing rides, the smell of great food―hot dogs and popcorn galore—people enjoying each other’s company, and so on. To have some sort of historical background, a carnival is a Western Christian and Greek Orthodox festive season that occurs before the season of Lent. Carnivals usually involve public celebrations such as parades, public street parties, and other entertainments and may even combine some elements of a circus.You may also see festival concert ticket examples 

With this in mind, whenever a carnival theme is used for en event, you immediately think that the venue will be filled with wonderful and fun decorations and will surely have a playful feel to it. There will also be times when an event has a carnival theme, guests are also encouraged to wear playful and elaborate costumes with creative masks on to make true of the historical aspect of carnivals. This also means that an event needs to be engaging and entertaining to the guests so there is a need for a communal source of entertainment, i.e. rides, acrobatics, mascots, clowns, etc.―almost somewhat like a circus.You may also see carnival ticket designs

Carnival Invitation Ticket Template

Carnival Event Invitation Ticket Template

Circus Birthday Invitation Ticket Example

Carnival Party Invitation Ideas and Wordings

Although in its true essence, a carnival is where adults get to have fun, dress up and indulge with alcoholic beverages; it has been used as a symbol for kids and adults alike entertainment. With this, it is quite common to use carnival as the theme for children’s parties. If that is the case, with the swell of carnival-themed parties, how do you make yours stand out? Listed below are some carnival party invitation ideas as well as the wordings you can use in it:

1. 3D Carnival Party Invitation

You want to be unique, eh? If that is the case, why not go all out and go for a stunning 3D carnival party invitation? You will surely get a great first impression from your guests when you send them cute and interesting 3D invitations. One example of a 3D invitation would be to send your guests invitation cookies that have “Admit One” written on it; you can then just include a tag that indicates relevant information about your party on the same box or pouch. You can also go for pop-up invitation cards or the classic red and blue 3D glasses, provided you have the accompanying readable material, of course.

For bigger surface 3D invitations, here are some wordings you can use for your carnival themed invitation:

Come Clown Around
as we celebrate
celebration/event name
(Date and time for the party)
RSVP (Name and number)

Simple Carnival Invitation Ticket Example

Carnival Birthday Party Invitation Ticket Example

Carnival Mardi Gras Invitation Ticket Example

Vintage Carnival Invitation Ticket Example

2. Tradition Carnival Party Invitation

If you want to stick to the basics, you can use the tradition template for a carnival party invitation. This means you make use of the card type or ticket design for your carnival party invitation. However, basics does not necessarily mean mundane and boring. You can find other creative ways to make sure your invitation still embodies the fun nature a carnival has. Your invitation should be colorful and the main design or background should be something that shouts fun and entertaining. You can further embellish your invitation by putting it in a quirky envelope.You may also seecarnival event ticket examples

Here is an example of the wordings you can use for your invitation:

Step right up for the best show in town
balloons, games, prizes and even a clown!
Join us at a event name celebrations.
(Date and time for the party)
RSVP (Name and number)

3. Carnival Stamp Invitation

You can also make use of carnival stamps for your carnival-themed party. Carnival stamps are basically mail stamps but with carnival characters as the main icon on your invitation. Furthermore, you can also include brief wordings to make sure that your guests understand the message or reason behind the stamp. Since the stamp is just a small item, you can further embellish it by tying it up with carnival-related food or items. For example, you can send your guests a box containing a carnival mask or food then add the stamp as the final touch.You may also see birthday boarding pass invitation tickets

Just make sure the needed information about your party is included in your carnival stamp invitation. Here is a sample of the wordings you can use for this invitation:

Come One, Come All!
Gather around as we celebrate
event name
On (Date of the event,) (Time) at (Venue for the party)
RSVP (Name and number)

4. E-card Carnival Party Invitation

To make use of the technological advancement around you, you can also go for e-card invitations for your carnival-themed party. An e-card is an electronic card that you can send through online messaging media such as through email or social media accounts or other messaging methods. To make sure that your invitation stays on brand, you can use templates available online or hire someone to make animated e-cards. Through e-cards you can efficiently send it to the guests you intend to invite and get immediate feedback as well. Here is a sample of the possible wording you can use:

The Latest Roar!
Friends from circus have gathered to celebrate
event name
Come join the fun this (Date of the event)
(Time) for some fun at (Venue for the party)
RSVP (Name and number)

Cute Circus Birthday Invitation Ticket Example

Carnival Village Invitation Ticket Example

Unique Carnival Invitation Ticket Example

How to Throw an Amazing Carnival Party

Invitations are not the only aspect you need to think about when planning a carnival party. You also need to prepare for other aspects that are as important, if not more, as the invitations. To help you plan out the perfect carnival party, here is an easy guide you can refer to during your planning process:

1. Signs

You need to make sure your guests have arrived at the right house. You need to put up signs that indicate you are throwing a carnival party. You can put a huge signage that says “Carnival” on the entrance of your venue or you can put carnival directional signage to stand in your venue to point out the directions to different sections of your party such as the games section, food and drinks, restrooms, etc.  In addition, you can add the name of your event on your signage; for example: “Welcome to name’s 7th Carnival Birthday Party!” or “Step right up for event name’s Carnival Party!”You may also see birthday invitation ticket designs

2. Ticket Booth

You carnival party will not be complete without a ticket booth for all the attractions your guests can see. Adding a ticket booth to your venue ties up a huge portion of your carnival party. On your ticket booth, you can hand out a certain amount of tickets to use for the games and other sections of your party in exchange for certain things or party items. You can even use this as this as the frame for your photo booth; have your guests stand inside the booth and take pictures they can keep for memories’ sake. You may also see multipurpose retro party ticket designs

Amusement Park invitation Ticket Example

Carnevil Halloween Invitation Ticket Example

3. Carnival Party Games

What is a carnival without fun and exciting games. In order to save up for this, you can ask help from your family and friends to run each game booth. The booth itself can be made by card board stands or tables. The prices for your games do not need to be expensive, you can give prizes such as stickers, tickets that can be exchanged for bigger items, candies, and so on. Here is a list of carnival party games you can include in your carnival party:

1. Mystery box – Challenge your guests to stick their hand on the mystery box and have them guess the item inside.

2. Pin drop – Have your guests take turns tossing rings, and the person that gets to a ring on a bottleneck wins.

3. Feed the lion – Your guests should take turns “feeding” the lion by throwing balls at its mouth. Once the lion’s mouth is full, the game comes to an end.You may also see bridal shower boarding pass ticket designs

4. Mouse holes – Each guest takes turns to roll at least three balls and try to get them into the holes with different size and value. The guest with the more points wins.

5. Pin the nose on the clown – One at a time, each guest will be turned two to three times while blindfolded. With the clown nose in hand, point them at the right direction. See if anyone gets close to the clown nose and give a prize.

6. Fishing for a surprise – Have each guest “fish” for an item on the pool. Watered or not, each item corresponds to specific prizes.You may also see circus invitation designs

7. Dart throw – Each guest gets three darts. Whoever gets to pop a balloon gets a prize. Or specific prizes are hidden inside the balloon, each balloon that gets popped corresponds to a specific prize.

8. Eating contest – Depending on what food you prefer to prepare, have the guests eat it and the fastest one to finish wins the game.

9. Bean bag knock down – Let your guest throw bean bags or balls at cans or plastic bottles formed as pyramids. Whoever knocks down the most cans wins.You may also see party invitation examples

10. Ping pong toss game – Give your guests three ping pong balls each, whoever gets to shoot more balls into the can wins a prize. You can increase the difficulty of the game by increasing the distance between the cans and the throwing line.

4. Serve Carnival Food and Drinks

Aside from the games, your guests will really look forward for the food and drinks that you will serve on your party. The traditional food served during the carnival are hot dogs wrapped in foil, corn dogs, popcorn in red/white bags, small bags of cotton candy or directly from a cotton candy machine, snow cones or nachos. You can also serve fun drinks such as root beer or soft drink float, various flavored milkshake, fruit shakes, and so on. It will also be cute to add a large and fun signage for your concession stand where you will serve your food and drinks.You may also see cocktail party invitation designs

Carnival Party Checklist

To help you stay on top of the things while planning and executing tasks for your carnival party, here is a checklist of the things you need to do or prepare for the party:

1. Invitations

  • Printed or e-card invitations
  • Thank-you notes
  • Stamps

2. Paper materials

  • Plates
  • Napkins
  • Serving plates and platters
  • Cups and mini bowls

3. Carnival food

  • Corn dogs or hot dogs
  • Grilled corn
  • Popcorn
  • Cotton candy
  • Snow cones

4. Party decorations

  • Carnival signage
  • Carnival flags
  • Table skirts
  • Balloons
  • Gaming booth

5. Booth supplies

  • Packing tape and scissors
  • Game signage for each game
  • Tickets and ticket boxes
  • Small tables
  • Game materials

6. Treat bags/Carnival prizes

  • Goodie bags
  • Consolation and top prize bags
  • Toddler-safe prizes
  • Candies, tickets, items, etc. as prizes

7. Things to remember

  • Camera/s
  • Memory cards
  • Fully charged batteries
  • First aid kit/s
  • Paper and pen for notes

Final Thoughts

Carnival parties are full of fun and it is basically an adventure in itself. The most important aspect of a carnival party are the games and prizes. However, if this is the theme for a birthday party, it is important to incorporate carnival food and drinks as well. Make sure your guests have fun while at your party through your carnival party games, food, drinks, and other source of entertainment such as clowns, puppet play, etc.You may also see holiday party invitation designs

However, with the abundance of activities included in once place, it can be a sensory overload to some. Make sure there is still a place to rest for your guests. We hope you have learned and taken inspiration from the topics in this article.You may also see summer party invitation designs

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