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Clowns walking past with animal-shaped balloons. Children with their cotton candy-stained tongues. The bright lights up ahead and the sound of genuine laughter and joy could only mean one thing: the carnival is in town!

Carnivals attract thousands of locals and tourists whenever they come for a visit. This usually happens during the holidays and local festivals. But before you can enjoy a fun ride around the merry-go-round, you need to get past venue security. And the only way for you to get a shot at that is to buy a carnival ticket as your point of entry. You may also see carnival event tickets.

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Why Are Tickets Important?

Imagine if a company decided to completely abolish their ticketing system. This time, money would still be collected for business purposes, but you wouldn’t need a ticket to enter a movie theater, a concert venue, a club, or a formal event. Though it may seem like a tempting idea to entertain, there are many reasons why having a proper ticketing system is a must. You may also see carnival party invitation designs.

1. To enter a venue

While some events like parties and social gatherings aren’t too particular with the use of event tickets, you can expect concerts, carnivals, amusement parks, and festivals to have strict policies when it comes to using these tickets. You may also like summer party ticket designs & examples.

For one, companies spend a ton of money investing on these functions, so it’s only right for them to expect for a return on investment. Without these tickets, it would be difficult to determine whether or not a person has paid the necessary fees as a gate pass. You’d be surprised by how easy it is for some people to lie and sneak into a venue without being caught. But with a ticket in hand, you can easily monitor who comes in, out, and back into the venue without suspicion. You may also see event ticket examples.

2. To enjoy certain privileges

The great thing about a ticketing system is that it paves the way for exclusivity. Most companies sell tickets at different amounts, depending on the privileges that buyers can enjoy. For instance, a VIP event ticket may be on the pricier side compared to an ordinary GA ticket, but you do get to maximize on certain perks such as an early access to the souvenir or merchandise booth, a good view of the stage, a comfortable seat away from the crowd, and possibly a few complimentary gifts and freebies from event sponsors. Ticket-holders also have the right to use various amenities at the venue and access facilities that certain ticket-holders or non-tickets aren’t allowed to.

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3. To keep an event secure

Large functions are an easy target for various forms of criminal activity. Though it’s hard to avoid pickpockets and thieves considering the massive crowds present at the event, the worse that could happen is to end the day with stampedes, riots, and casualties. Having a ticketing system will also encourage people to form their lines and wait for their turns. This will also keep people on their designated sections (according to what’s indicated on their tickets) to help prevent any form of chaos that could potentially break. This will also make it easier for security guards to inspect every single person who enters the venue based on the authenticity of their tickets and the items they bring along. You may also see event show time ticket examples.

Operating a safe and sound event is extremely important for organizers and participants.

4. To measure sales

One of the factors that organizers look into in order to measure the success of their event is the ticket sales generated throughout its selling period. You might have noticed how some organizers tend to offer discounts during their pre-selling period. This will help evaluate the possible turn out of the event, and what efforts may be done to boost sales. If tickets are sold faster than the company had expected, they’ll still have enough time to contemplate whether releasing more tickets would be a good option or not. You may also check out elegant ticket designs and examples.

Keep in mind that companies are prohibited from selling a certain number of tickets that go beyond the venue’s capacity. You can’t accommodate 30,000 people at a 20,000 maximum capacity venue; otherwise, you’re opening doors to potential risks and disasters. You may also see parking tickets.

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Seven Things to Do at a Carnival

At this point, you’re either on the fence about spending next week’s allowance on a carnival ticket or you’ve already bought your ticket a week before anyone else did!

Carnivals are a great attraction to unwind and have fun. There’s no age limit at the event, so you don’t need to feel embarrassed about being a 22-year-old who’s excited about going to a local carnival. There are so many things that you could do at a carnival, so we’ve narrowed our top seven favorites to get you worked up. You may also like invitation ticket examples.

1. Ride every attraction available!

Entering a carnival can get pretty overwhelming, especially when you come after the sun has set. The crowd may be a little bigger, but with the colorful lights and huge smiles on everyone’s faces, the feeling of merriment is pretty contagious. If you want to make the most out of your time there, you might as well get on every ride available. This includes the Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, and mini roller coasters at the sidelines. You may also see ticket invitation designs & examples.

The best rides usually have the longest waiting lines, so you might want to start with them first. You can find a few trash cans and portable toilets scattered around the venue as well, just in case your stomach can’t handle what the rides have to offer.

2. Go on a food trip.

Apart from the rides and other attractions, carnival food is definitely a must-try! Hot dog buns, corn dogs, caramelized apples, popcorn, smoothies, cheese fries, shaved ice cones, and cotton candy are some of the most common refreshments at a carnival. While you can expect food prices to a bit higher than usual, it’s still worth every penny. Besides, after all the laughing, screaming, and running, you’re stomach is bound to let out an audible growl. You may also see football tournament ticket examples.

Although, you may want to avoid any food intake before doing something extreme. You wouldn’t want to spend the rest of the night with a foul odor sticking to your hair and clothes.

3. Play mini games.

Carnivals typically have a series of arcade stalls lined up in each corner. This is where you can win a few prizes after taking down a few bottles or shooting a few balls through the hoops. Though it might seem more practical to purchase a life-sized teddy bear at the mall, winning them from a carnival stall is certainly more rewarding. It won’t be easy, and you’re likely to spend a few more bucks than you intended to once your competitive side starts kicking in, so control your urge to start again after failing consecutively. You may also like concert ticket examples.

4. Face your fears at the haunted house.

Most carnivals have haunted houses, even when we’re five months shy of Halloween. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting into the spirit.

Carnival haunted houses are more entertaining than they are scary. A few cardboard coffin cut-outs by the side, some cotton-made cobwebs hanging from the ceiling, and a couple of people dressed as ghosts, vampires, and mummies are likely to make an appearance. The foggy environment and sudden jump scares are still going to get a scream out of you, but it will definitely give you and your companions something to laugh about months from now. You may also check out blank festival tickets.

5. Take photos.

Carnivals have the perfect ambiance and scenery for a photo shoot. If you’re an aspiring photographer on the process of building a work portfolio, then a carnival might be an ideal location for you. You can ask people for permission to take candid shots of them, or you can put some of your best friends up to the plan for a free shoot. You can also take an album’s worth of photos with your friends, family, or significant other for good time’s sake.

6. Meet new people.

A carnival is a great place to meet new people. A few strangers can turn into acquaintances (or even long-term friends and future partners) after a competitive game of bump cars. Sharing a few laughs with people surrounding the contest booths will definitely be something worth remembering. It won’t hurt to socialize with a few people, you’d be surprised by how polite and friendly most individuals actually are. You may also check out multipurpose retro party ticket designs.

7. Watch local performances.

While you can’t expect the likes of Beyoncé or Fall Out Boy to show up at your town’s carnival, you might discover some local talents who may have the potential of becoming a record-selling artist at some point in their career. Some carnivals hire local singers, bands, dancers, and even magicians to put on a little show for visitors to enjoy. Showing a bit of appreciation for these home-grown talents will mean a lot to these performers. You might be interested in VIP event ticket designs & examples.

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How to Design a Captivating Carnival Ticket

Given how tickets are usually surrendered or torn in half upon entry, is a good ticket design really necessary?

Not many people seem to know this, but tickets can serve as an effective marketing tool even before and after the event it represents has passed. Selling your event is a lot easier when you use your ticket design to attract attention. For one, it shows that your event is real and that it’s actually happening. This can build a sense of excitement and enthusiasm as well. And when the lights go off and everyone leaves, they’ll still be left with something that’ll remind them of that amazing day.

That being said, here are a few tips to help you achieve that perfect event ticket design:

1. Keep it simple.

Carnival tickets typically come in a smaller size. So with the limited amount of space you’re left to work with, you’d want to maximize this work space in the best way possible. Avoid dramatic designs that appear cluttered from afar. You need to keep your ticket design simple yet pleasing to look at. These days, it’s always about upholding the value of aesthetics with everything you produce. And if you focus on simplicity, you’ll do fine. You may also see music event ticket designs & examples.

2. Stick to a theme.

Choose design elements that may easily be associated with carnivals at first glance. Sticking to a particular theme will help you determine what you want to achieve with the ticket design. This can also help evoke the right emotions from prospects. So whether it’s a Winter Wonderland or a Spooktacular Halloween, be sure to pay attention to every minor aspect of the ticket. You may also see wedding ceremony boarding pass ticket designs.

3. Include the necessary details.

Besides the design elements, you also need to deliver the right information. Fortunately, carnival tickets aren’t as specific as concert tickets, so there isn’t a lot to write down. Regular details such as the price of the ticket, its validity period, and what it covers must be included. Remember to promote your company in its content as well. You can put your company logo and information at the top corner of the layout for a subtle yet noticeable means of marketing.

4. Do consider a printed ticket as opposed to an electronic one.

This may seem like a step backward to what modern society has grown into, but electronic tickets aren’t always a good idea, especially for small-town carnivals. If you do decide on an electronic ticketing system, make sure you have a printed version of the ticket for people to purchase at the venue. This way, you’ll be able to cater both types of markets without a problem. You may also see birthday invitation tickets.

5. Don’t think too much about it.

Don’t spend too much time and energy crafting your carnival tickets! Tickets play an essential role in certain events and businesses, but it’s the ticket itself that serves a purpose, not the design. The ticket design is almost considered ornamental; what it looks like won’t matter to a lot of people as long as it can serve its intended function. You may also see watercolor event ticket examples.

So the next time you hope to bring the carnival to town (or plan to host a carnival-themed party) make sure to use these designs and examples for a successful event!

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