15+ Best Real Estate Postcard Examples & Templates [Download Now]

A Real Estate Postcard is a unique simple marketing template that you can use to promote your business. Whether you have houses for sale or you intend to list them for sale, a real estate postcard can help you get the word out to your target customers.

Best Real Estate Postcard Examples and Templates

1. Free Real Estate Postcard Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • MS Word
  • Publisher
  • Pages

Size: 6×4 inches


Use this postcard example to invite potential clients to check out your real estate property. The postcard lets you explain your property in brief. So, make sure you include only the most important details. You should also include your pricing details on the card and then give the potential clients a very good reason to choose you over other similar businesses.

2. Real Estate Postcard PSD Template


You may want to try a variety of postcard designs to see which one converts the most. That is why this bundle is a good option for you. It’s a collection of 6 PSD postcards with fully editable elements. The photos are in the right size. So you can easily replace them without spending a lot of time on the editing job.

3. Real Estate Postcard with Options


Here is a unique and professionally built real estate marketing template that you can use to attract an audience. This is a 5-in-1 postcard bundle. So you have more advertising options to promote your properties via direct mail. Use the postcard to show open houses, those that you’ve sold, as well as the ones that you have listed.

4. Photoshop Real Estate Marketing Schedule


If you are looking for a real estate postcard example that you can edit in Adobe Photoshop, this sample is a good option to use. It is a good option for real estate brokers, commercial real estate agencies, as well as property owners who prefer not to hire the services of real estate agents. The elements of this file are fully editable.

5. Real Estate Business Agency Postcard


Promote your real estate properties in a clean, readable, and good-looking business and agency postcard. This real estate template features a property description section. Use this part to highlight the most important features of the property. Don’t forget to include your contact information at the back of the card.

6. Real Estate EDDM Postcard Template


If you prefer to use an Every Door Direct Mailing template to promote your real estate property, it is best to check out this sample file. This postcard is a good option for real estate property owners, real estate agencies, as well as real estate brokers. Download the postcard and promote your property today.

7. Real Estate Postcard Print Sample


The Real Estate Postcard Print template is a good option for a single house listing. So if you have different properties and you would like to promote them using this postcard, you’ll have to create a separate real estate ad for each. Since this template is fully editable, it should take just a few minutes to customize.

8. Real Estate Agent Postcard


Take advantage of this real estate agent marketing template to promote your service to potential clients. Write a very thorough yet short description about yourself. If possible, write a sentence or two about your work process. Remember to include your contact details on the postcard so that customers can reach out to you.

 9. Custom Real Estate Postcard


Are you looking for a simple real estate postcard to use as a simple marketing template? You can use this downloadable template to provide only the most useful information to your target audience. You should also include your contact information so that, interested customers can get in touch with you.

10. Real Estate New Listing Postcard


Use this strategic marketing example to promote a new listing for a house on sale. Note that this postcard is good only for a single house listing. To make sure your promotion sells, include only the most important features of the house on sale. Do not forget to indicate the price of the home because potential clients want to know how much the house costs.

11. Real Estate Listing Postcard Template


Do you have a new property for sale or rent? You can use this postcard template to promote it to your target audience. This example features both images and text placeholders, so it should be easy to edit and customize. You can add your email and phone number to the listing so that interested buyers can easily reach out to you.

12. Modern Real Estate Postcard Sample


With the cutthroat competition in the real estate market, you need to make sure your sales and marketing pitch stands out from the rest. You can use this postcard template to advertise your property in the most professional way possible. Make sure you include the most relevant information that customers are actually interested in.

13. Clean Real Estate Postcard Template


It is always important to use a clean real estate template to promote what you have on offer. At the end of the day, this postcard is part of a marketing tool that can make you stand out of the crowd. It has a section where you can include your real estate logo, a space for writing down the most important features of the property, as well as a section to include your contact information.

14. Real Estate Prospecting Postcard


This is one of the simplest postcard templates on this list. Available in PDF file, this postcard template can help you to find new prospect without spending a lot of money on advertising. You can include information front to back of the card. Since you have limited space, write only the most important details.

15. Real Estate Postcard Bundle


Use this 5 Real Estate Postcard Bundle to promote your property in different design formats. With limited space to describe the property, it is only best to include the most relevant information that customers care about. Include property features in visuals and in words. And then include your contact information to make it easy for customers to reach out to you.

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