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If you want to create a strong branding for your entire shop, you would not want to overlook the design of your coffee menu. For customers at a coffee shop, the coffee it serves does not only serve the coffee but they also serve what is heaven for the coffee lover. But if their eyes are also being served with the aesthetics of your shop, it is guaranteed that you will have a returning customer.

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You might think that the design of your menu is not really that important since the obvious important thing you should focus on is the quality of products you are to serve. That is true but you really should start thinking that menus could be a form of advertising. Imagine having a television advertisement of your coffee shop and the product it serves and the entire advertisement is plain and simply not appealing–that is the same as having a coffee menu design that is done just for the sake of having a menu design. Now, do you still see your coffee menu design as the least of the things you should be focusing on for your coffee shop? Think again.

Here are fifteen coffee menu designs that will inspire you to create a coffee menu design that creates happiness along with the happiness that comes along with the cup you serve for your customers.

 Coffee and Cocktail Menu

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Simple Vintage Coffee Menu

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Coffeeshop Menu Template

coffeeshop menu template1

Black Chalkboard Coffee Menu

black chalkboard coffee menu

Trifold Coffee Menu

trifold coffee menu

Coffee Bar Menu Template

coffee bar menu template

Simple Coffee Menu Design

simple coffee menu design

Hot and Iced Coffee Menu

hot and iced coffee menu

Coffe Menu in PSD

coffe menu in psd

Sample Coffee House Coffee Menu


Free Coffe Shop Menu

free coffe shop menu

Orange Coffe Menu Design

orange coffe menu design

Guidelines on What Your Coffee Menu Design Should Be

The coffee menu design of your cafe or coffee shop could be one of the things that could make or break the success of your overall brand image as well as the income you will be generating from it. It can become a crucial matter if you do not look into it and it might result even up to losing or not gaining any customers.

With that being said, here are ten guidelines you can make use of when creating or updating your coffee menu design.

1. Your coffee menu design should be one-of-a-kind.

If your coffee menu design is unique, chances are, your coffee shop will be unforgettable with your customers that they might become your regular and will even have their friends and family to become your customers at all. But be careful; in the process of your coffee menu designing, you might think of possible ideas that are not anymore pleasing to the eye so make sure that you coffee menu design is still organized and readable even if you are trying to make things look original.

2. Your coffee menu design should be organized.

Your coffee menu design should be organized in a way that you hot and cold beverages should be separated and clearly defined. There are customers who could be new at a coffee shop and the items on a coffee menu could be daunting especially if they do not have yet a knowledge of coffee terms and variants of coffee. So make sure your coffee menu design does not make your customers order hot coffee when what they actually wanted was a cold one.

3. Your coffee menu design should have the correct pricing.

Make sure your coffee menu design includes your items with the correct pricing. Imagine a customer ordering one shot of espresso for $20.00 when it should just be for $7.50. If your coffee shop is known to be pricey because of the products you used, then it would not be a shocker for your customers. But if your coffee shop is just an ordinary coffee shop, you might gain a lot of complaints and lose a lot of customers.

4. Your coffee menu design should be easy to prepare by your baristas.

Your coffee menu should not have a lot of unnecessary items that you barista will have a difficulty in preparing. Do not go overboard with your coffee menu designing that you would also “design” the wordings and even the ingredient of your coffee menu items.

5. Your coffee menu design should be easy to read.

Font design and size is a crucial matter when it comes to designing your coffee menu. If you go for a printed coffee menu, make sure the font design is not too decorative or else it will be a pain to the eyes of your customers. Also, make sure the size is readable enough for both the far-sighted and near-sighted customers. Even in your coffee menu flyers, make sure the font style and size is appropriate. You do not want to challenge your customers in reading your coffee menu because a coffee menu should not be challenging at all.

6. Your coffee menu design should be complete.

A completed coffee menu design means that it has already been packed with all the necessary design elements as well as the items it should include. The most important thing that should be completed is the coffee items you are serving. An incomplete coffee menu means that that management is also incomplete in their service that is why you really have to carefully read and reread the items on your coffee menu before printing it.

7. Your coffee menu design should be kept updated.

You might have new items offered in your coffee shop and might have missed putting it into your menu. What if it’s everybody’s favorite and that they would invite new people and those new people would not be seeing that item from your coffee menu?  You would lose possible new customers.

8. Your coffee menu design should fall short of mistakes.

A lot could go wrong with your coffee menu designing such as having typographical errors. It could be just a minor matter but do not make it a point that your customers will be the one correcting your spelling errors with their own hands. There are customers who are unforgiving towards these kinds of what may seem as a trivial matter for you that they would really look for a pen or a marker to crash out the grammatical errors they would see in .a menu flyer or booklet.

9. Your coffee menu design should include varying seasonal offers.

There are seasons when a particular beverage is offered. You have to make sure that you include that in a separate area of your coffee menu so that your customers would not have a hard time to look for your seasonal offers.

10. Your coffee menu design should serve both you and your customers.

You should design your coffee menu in a way that both you and your customers would be happy seeing it. You should always make it a win-win situation. You should not only make your customers but make your own self-happy as well and feel fulfilled as a coffee shop owner. Being happy will result in making other people happy in the process.

Blackboard Coffee Menu

blackboard coffee menu

Flat Chalkboard Coffee Menu

flat chalkboard coffee menu

Coffee Menu Sample

coffee menu sample

Coffee Menu Template

coffee menu template

If you previously thought that planning or enhancing of your coffee menu design is the least of your worries, take the following examples of coffee menu design above as a challenge and up your coffee menu design aesthetics. However, do not overthink though and have your thoughts go wild. While it is good to have a creative mind, just be careful of thinking of a lot of possible coffee menu design. Just keep in mind the overall theme of your coffee shop. For example, your entire coffee shop’s theme is minimalism, you also have to make your coffee menu design that of a minimalist design; otherwise, it would clash with your entire theme and although it would make your coffee menu design stand out, it would be standing out in a bad way. Remember the tenth guideline: our coffee menu design should serve both you and your customers. In that way, designing for your coffee menu would be an enjoyable task and eventually, it would hardly feel like a task anymore at all.

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