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In the present day, instead of staying at home and relaxing, people tend to go out and explore places. People book tour packages for convenience as time is not wasted looking for accommodation. Travel agencies can be helpful in this situation as they have useful connections and they can provide a pre-booked accommodation facility. Whenever we visit any travel agency to book tickets for a destination, they wrap the documents inside an envelope. This envelope displays the logo of the agency and the contact details for the convenience of the customers and also for promotional purposes.

Here are a list of 5+ travel agency envelope examples and templates to guide you through the types of envelopes that can be used.

Travel Agency Envelope Examples & Templates

1. Travel Agency Envelope Template

Travel Agency Envelope Template
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This template is an example of a travel agency envelope. Travel agencies are the ultimate place where a person can visit to get their tours planned. It is not possible for everyone to have proper knowledge of places. So, travel agencies help people to guide them through the places by giving them flyers and making them understand the expenses. The agencies use envelopes as their promotional tool. This template is a sample of the template used by a travel agency. This can be very useful for people owning an agency as it contains the basic promotional information like the logo and contact details of the agency.

2. Travel Agency Envelope Design

Travel Agency Envelope Template

This template is a set of travel agency envelopes. Some people like adventure and some want to spend leisure time with their family. There are many places to visit around the world but it gets difficult to figure out a proper destination. The travel agencies help people in this regard as they are knowledgeable about the destinations. They use envelopes to pack the document so that they stay safe and organized. The above sample has a very good collection of such envelopes in various color combinations which will help you achieve your promotional goals easily and effectively.

3. Travel Agency Envelope Template

Travel Agency Envelope

This template is an example of a travel agency envelope. The travel agencies are of great help to people who travel frequently in a routine manner. The work of travel agencies is to arrange travel tickets and book accommodations for people so that they have no problem during the tour. This template is an example of an envelope that the travel agencies generally use as it is an excellent tool for promotion. When people travel with the documents, they tend to carry the envelope with them which leads to the promotion of the agency. The above sample has a full-color pattern and is an attention magnet.

4. Envelope Template For Travel Agency

Envelope Template For Travel Agency

This is an example of a travel agency envelope. With the growth in the number of people traveling annually, there is a requirement of good travel agencies to assist the people. People usually have less knowledge about the places that they can visit and they even have a lack of time and energy to conduct research. Travel agencies play an important role in making this task easy. They wrap the quotations or the documents inside an envelope which acts as an important tool for promotion to the public as it contains the logo and the contact details of the agency which gets the attention of the people, thus making the marketing process successful.

5. Travel Tours Agency EnvelopTravel Tours Agency Envelope

This template is an example of a travel tour agency envelope. Travel and tour agencies have become a booming business in the market. Every year several million people take tours around the world. There are short tours of 2 to 3 days too long tours of 7 to 8 days covering different locations which consist of accommodations in different areas. It gets very hectic for the travelers to get bookings on the way and manage the accommodations. The travel agencies come handy in this situation as they help to plan a tour and also do the bookings in advance for the travelers’ convenience. The agencies use their customized envelopes to wrap the quotations or the travel tickets so that it gets easy to carry. This also works as a promotional tool as it carries the personal and unique logo of the agency and also contains the contact information. This can be used to reach a large audience and gain goodwill as well.

6. Sun & Ocean Travel Agency Envelope

Sun & Ocean Travel Agency Envelope

This template is an example of Sun and Ocean travel agency envelope. Travel agencies are of great importance in today’s world. People tend to travel around the world for several purposes. The most important thing is to provide them with facilities for ticket booking and accommodations. Travel agencies are the ones who do professional work and ensure that the travel and stay are comfortable for travelers. For the purpose of promotions, they use one of the most important tools i.e. envelopes. Envelopes display the logo, name and contact information of the agencies which are of great help and as the envelopes travel around the world, they do the self-promotion.

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