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What is art? There is no single definition for the word ‘art’. But if you were to give it a close it a close enough definition of the term, it would probably mean the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power according from a local dictionary. You may also see minimal business card designs and examples.

But here’s the thing, art is just not limited to paintings or sculptures or murals that you see all around you because art is also defined as the various branches of creative activity, such as painting, music, literature, and dance. It’s everywhere and anywhere.

Abstract Artist Business Card Example

abstract artist business card example

Cassette Business Card Example

cassette business card example

New Watercolor Artist Business Card Example

new watercolor artist business card example

29 Things You Should Never Say to an Artist

1. “Make one for me!”

For starters, you cannot make demands or requests to them that easily. Give him or her the time she needs to make your work of art or sculpture and be patient. Additionally, you cannot expect the person to actually work for free, don’t you? You may also see music business card examples.

2. “You’re so lucky!”

Just because they actually get to stay home and work on that piece of art does not mean they are lucky. You have to understand that it is 99% hard work and perseverance and 1% luck.

3. “That’s a hobby not a job.”

But even hobbies can be turned into a full-time career if you are actually serious about honing your craft and not just hide the talent to yourself. All of us here have our own talents and skills that we would like to share with the rest of the world. But to turn what you want to do into a profession is really moving a great leap forward. You may also like modern business card designs and examples.

4. “What’s your real job?”

That question per se is rude and insulting and should never be asked. For starters, artists have their own responsibilities and bills to pay too. If paintings and best-selling books can make money, then why not, right?

5. “It must be nice sitting around doing nothing all day.”

Woah, harsh much? Artists are not couch potatoes. They work just as hard and exert as much effort to give it their very best in all their artworks. Yes, they stay at home. Yes, you may see them looking out of the horizon or drinking coffee and watch the grass grow. But do not judge them. They are not lazing around. They are just finding for the inspiration or the drive that they need to finish the work placed before them. You may also check out how to design a personal business card.

6. “I wish I had that much time on my hands.”

Artists are busy people. Never forget that. Some jobs just stick to office hours (e.g. 8 am to 5 pm), but artists carry their work wherever they go. But great artists always look for more ways to be innovative and creative to the point that they carry the thought of their work with them all the time. One such famous example is Picasso. You might be interested in creative business card designs and examples.

7. “You’re just wasting your time.”

Nothing is ever a waste of time as long you have committed your whole heart and soul into the work. How can it be considered a waste of time when you absolutely love what you are doing? If someone who is born to be a dancer ends up working as a cashier at Walmart, then that would be a waste of time indeed. You may also see examples of makeup artist business cards.

8. “Will you make my yard sale signs for me?”

Dude, seriously? Yeah, I guess that’s why there are graphic designers and graphic artists as a profession. But just do not forget that they are so much more than that.

9. “You can make stuff anytime, do this instead…”

Imagine a wide open road with no cars whatsoever and you are in your Lamborghini for a test run. You start the engine and immediately speed off and then halfway towards the destination, you suddenly stopped because you forgot something important. In a similar way, you cannot tell the artist to stop unless it is of drastic importance and concern. You may also like business card samples.

10. “Your art looks just like this other artist’s.”

Seriously, every work of art is an originally beautiful and should not be deemed the same with that of another person’s artwork. They may have similarities, yes. But they are not the same. Every artist has his or her own style that he or she would like to share with the world that defines him or her as a person. You may also check out examples of catering business cards.

11.  “Will you make a knock off of some other artist’s work for me?”

As mentioned before, every artist has his or her own style. It would be rude and disrespectful to ask the artist to make an imitation out of someone else’s artwork. Just like human beings, artworks have their own originality and uniqueness that makes it different from another person’s.

12. “You should draw this and this and this…”

Clients can sometimes be too demanding. When you are an architect or an interior designer, there are days when you have to suck it up and take their requests, but there are other days that you have to stand your ground and inform the client calmly that they got this under control and that you can leave the rest to them. You might be interested in business card templates and samples.

13. “You should do this for free to gain exposure.”

And this would be why artists have a hard time making a living. Maybe you should go volunteer some extra hours at your day job for extra exposure to your boss. Maybe it’ll land you more work to do for free!

14. “I can get that for cheaper at Walmart.”

If you are that cheap of a person who cannot appreciate the beauty of art, then go ahead and buy your “artwork” at Walmart. Artworks and sculptures and books are not just there as a display, but they tell a story that embodies the heart and soul of the artist who created that work of art. You may also see examples of student business cards.

15. “Will you make me a custom version of this but for the same price?”

Artists spends hundreds to thousands of hours perfecting their craft and honing their skill by attending workshops and seminars to do so at a cost. So, how can you expect them to paint a Picasso like painting as an anniversary gift to your wife when it is just going to cost him the same amount of money he pays you?

16. “I want this and I need it done by next week.”

Artists are not magicians that they can just finish something within a snap of finger. All good things take time and extra care as to make sure all the details are in order. When they say they are going to be done, they will be done. It’s important not to rush them, otherwise they might produce a work that is haphazardly done. You may also like clean business card designs and examples.

17. “I’m going to need another revision done on this custom order”

If you want to ask for revisions, you just have to make sure that you need to develop patience since you are asking them for a revision. And depending on the scale of it, it might be a major one or a minor one.

18. “Are you done yet?”

You cannot rush the work of a true artist. Patience is a virtue. You cannot just rush perfection. Only when your expectations are met and when the artist is actually happy with the work he or she has made, only then can he or she say it is done. You may also check out professional business card designs and examples.

Cool Artist Business Card Example

cool artist business card example

Wooden Artist Business Card Example

0awooden artist business card example

Calligraphy Artist Business Card Example

calligraphy artist business card example

19. “What is it?”

It’s art. It’s lines and strokes and curves and other shapes formed beautifully and majestically. It’s words come alive as it transports you to a whole new world. It’s sounds that allow you to enjoy the sweet melody and harmony of the tune.

20. “That’s not art.”

Are you a critic that can distinguish what is art or not? Are you someone who has spent majority of his or her life studying on how art is being done? What do ordinary people know about art anyways? Here’s a thing, why don’t you keep quiet and just learn to appreciate and enjoy it? You may also see graphic designer business card designs and examples.

21. “People buy that?”

Have you ever been to an auction before? People do not only purchase rare and unique antiquities, but they also buy long and forgotten artworks which at the right price can even be up to one million dollars or even higher depending on how old and how famous the painting is.

22. “I guess anyone can call themselves an artist.”

If that is true, then what is the point of having critics or judges in the first place? You cannot paint a picture of a smiley face and call it art. The problem with self-proclaimed artists is that they do not bother to get far or do not even bother to understand the craft and the passion that drives artists to do what they do.  You may also like examples of bakery business cards.

23. “You can’t make money being an artist.”

For your information, you can make money being an artist. You may not see the ideal effects of being an artist immediately, but give it time and continue working on your craft. One day, people far and wide will come and see your works of art in a museum. Once you have reached that point in your lives, give yourself a pat on the back.

Clean Kiss Artist Business Card Example

clean kiss artist business card example

Color Street Business Card Example

color street business card example

Slick Artist Business Card Example

slick artist business card example

24. “You never take my advice.”

Imagine your own parents telling you that taking an art class is a waste of time or taking some dance lessons is a waste of time when it is something that you have wanted to do since you were a boy or girl. But if you let that fear stop you, you will never really know what you can achieve if you do not even have the guts to try. You may also see examples of business card design.

25. “There’s no demand for stuff like that.”

There may be no demand for artworks or sculptures in your country, but do not give up. There may be other countries in other parts of the world who have a high demand for great artwork and sculptures.

26. “You need something to fall back on.”

“They can say, they can say it all sounds crazy
They can say, they can say we’ve lost our minds
I don’t care, I don’t care if they call us crazy
Runaway to a world that we design”

If you are familiar with this song A Million Dreams, then you have watched The Greatest Showman and loved it. This is truly a movie that has so many lessons embedded. But one of the greatest things you can learn from the film is that once you’ve boarded the train, there is no stopping it now. P.T. Barnum who once was an office worker became a controversial yet influential who changed show business forever. You may also like travel agency business card designs and examples.

Even when his circus burned down, he never wavered and found a way to let it be rebuilt once more because he loved the reality he was living in.

Beautiful Artist Business Card Example

beautiful artist business card example

18 Artistic Business Card Bundle Example

18 artistic business card bundle example

27. “I can do that. How hard can it be?”

Oh yeah, it’s so easy. Sure. Anyone can do it. It’s not like it took me years of practice and hard work to actually come up with a painting such as this. I am sure there is a step-by-step tutorial in YouTube somewhere. We just have to find it, that’s all. Oh wait, it’s not easy. It’s not as easy as the world thinks. It takes time. It takes patience and determination to actually find the inspiration needed to complete the painting. You may also see fashion business cards.

28. “Show me how to do it!”

Nope. That is not happening. Just as magician’s have their tricks, artists cannot reveal their secrets to the audience. There are some things that you have to do on your own.

29. “But it took you no time at all!”

Well, that is actually a compliment. But in all seriousness, if artists are truly passionate about their craft and the work that they do, it will feel like no time at all. Heck, you will even be shocked. You will be able to notice how much blood, sweat and tears were placed into the artwork and sculpture when you do not pressure or rush them with a certain deadline. You may also like dental business card designs and examples.

Artistic Artist Business Card Example

artistic artist business card example

Business Card Elegant Example

business card elegant example

Vintage 90’s Artist Business Card Example

vintage 90s artist business card example

Artistic Business Card Example

artistic business card example

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