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Congratulations! You have now graduated from college and fully ready to move on to the next stage of your life: adulting 101. No more school work to bring you down, no more grueling exams to study for until 3 am, no more group projects that you have to work with your teammates, no more grades to maintain. You may also see examples of christmas greeting cards.

The pressure cooker has finally been switched off. You can now live your life the way you have always wanted it to be. Most people at this point in their lives would start looking for work since they want to start fending off for themselves already and not rely on their parents anymore. But there are others who would take on a different path after college. You may also like examples of romantic greeting cards.

Girl Glitter Graduation Greeting Card Example

girl glitter graduation greeting card example

Class of 2018 Greeting Card Example

class of 2018 greeting card example

What Do You Actually Do After Graduation?

1. Get a graduate job

College degrees are typically a 4-year thing. Depending on which course you took, you now have the freedom to go and find work at any company you desire. Once you take this step, it means that you are ready to act like a grown-up and do your share of paying the bills at home with your family. You may also see examples of creative greeting cards.

Your first job would normally be very special to you. Just getting your first salary, your first tasks, your first government-issued IDs, etc… If your job is not really related to the course that you have taken in your school years, then you just wasted a lot of your parent’s money. You may also like vacation greeting card examples.

But that is not necessarily a bad thing. Because there are people who did not really stick with their course-designed profession that end up better than the rest of us as they make more money and can better sustain the family with their income. So before you even consider getting a job, ask yourselves these questions:

What kind of job do you want to do?

If you’re fuzzy about the type of job you want, you can take a career assessment test, use informational interviewing to help you gain focus, and talk over your specific concerns with a mentor or career counselor. By taking to a career counselor, he or she can help better understand yourself as a person and what sort of simple plans you have in the near future that you would want to accomplish.

It is important to be completely honest with yourself as to what you really want to do with your life. Otherwise, you would just end up lying to yourself. is this what you want to do? And what would you be doing if you had another choice?

New Graduation Card Bundle Example

new graduation card bundle example

Cool Graduation Greeting Card Example

cool graduation greeting card example

Do you have work experience?

Work experience is everything to these employers. Even if your work experience solely consists of internships that you had during your college years, they would actually take a look at that and consider you as a possible hire considering your training in the industry before and your reputation as a student.

Internships are built into the school curriculum to help students prepare for the real world ahead of them considering that they will be sticking to the course they chose.Even during your time in college, it is actually possible for students to start working already as long as they reach the legal age of 18 and have the ability to manage their time correctly. However, if you do not have job experience yet, you can still get an internship post graduation. You may also see thank you greeting cards.

Do you know the industry you’re going into?

Now considering that you have went to a lot of job interviews already and that you managed to pass them. Now comes the tough decision: Which company are you going to? As mentioned before, just because you took up a 4-year course in Philosophy does not mean you will end up working as a philosopher somewhere. You will probably find work as something else. You may also like fall greeting card designs & examples.

Degree courses are simply designed to help enhance the students’ desires and dreams of what they want to become in the future. But the choice is entirely left up to them. It is important to be well versed in the industry you’re pursing. Once you have chosen your field, study it thoroughly so prospective employers know you understand it. Research the field’s major players by reading industry publications, visiting industry Web sites, and participating in professional organizations and attending their conferences and seminars. You may also check out best greeting card designs & examples.

You also have to know the kind of company you are working for: its mission, its vision, its corporate goals, its achievements, etc… While you are not working, take the time to ask former or current employees of the company as to whether you can grow during your time there or not.

Class of 2016 Greeting Card Example

class of 2016 greeting card example

New Class of 2016 Greeting Card Example

new class of 2016 greeting card example

Pretty Girl Graduation Greeting Card Example

pretty girl graduation greeting card example

Do you have a solid resume?

Resumes sum up a person’s life in 3 to 4 pages. Here is an example of a resume.

Personal Information

Full name
Residential Address
Mobile and telephone numbers

Desired Location(s)

Work Experience

Provide information for your paid and nonpaid work experience related to the job you are applying for.

Job Title
Job Address
Employer’s name and address
Starting and ending dates (month and year)
Supervisor’s name and phone number
Indicate if we may contact your current supervisor.


High School
Name, City, and State
Date of diploma
Colleges or Universities
Name, City, and State
Type and year of any degrees received
A copy of your college transcript may be requested if you are using education to meet qualification requirements.

Other Qualifications

Job-related training courses
Job-related skills, for example, typing speed, other languages, computer software/hardware, machinery, etc.
Job-related affiliations, honors, awards and special accomplishments, for example, publications, memberships in professional or honor societies, leadership activities, and performance awards, etc.


Phone Number
Reference Type (Professional or Academic)

Are your references lined up?

Now that you have drafted your resume, it is high time that you start browsing through your contacts on who can be your references. This may be your teachers or any one of your former employers during your internship days. So as long as he or she is not your friend or relative in any way then that should be fine. Friends and relatives and even family members will get biased. You may also see greeting card designs & examples.

So, its best to leave them out of your reference list and find someone who you can trust and share a good relationship with to be a part of your contact reference list. Just make sure to ask them ahead of time as to whether or not they will allow themselves to be placed there. While you are there getting their permission, be sure to also ask for their updated contact number in case the employer decides to call them. You may also like retirement greeting card examples.

2. Become self-employed

Becoming self-employed is probably one of the greatest things that people can ask for, really. But to become self-employed at the age of 20 is daring, indeed. It may be a bold and adventurous move to do so, but ask yourself if you are prepared to face whatever challenges may lie ahead on your journey. Not all professions have the choice of becoming self-employed at that age. You just need to be patient and persevere under the guidance of someone else for now. You may also check out wedding greeting card designs & examples.

One day, you will get your chance to make a name for yourself. One day, you will have your own company and have people working for you. But as of the moment, wait. It will come. For entrepreneurs, the most common type of business they would try to set up would have to do with either selling commodities, food products or clothes and other fashion-related accessories. You might be interested in congratulations greeting card examples.

Keep in mind though that entrepreneurs would have to do research themselves to find out the needs and trends of the current market today and as to whether it appeals to their prospective target audience. Here are some of the advantages when you are self-employed:

  • Independence and autonomy – to make your own decisions
  • Control – over who you work with and the type of work you do
  • Freedom – to work when you like on projects that make your heart sing
  • Flexibility – to fit work commitments in with family and other interests
  • Opportunities – to build a portfolio of activities funded by different sources and to respond to ideas and proposals as you see fit
  • Recognition – you’re able to take the credit for everything that you do, create, design or invent.

3. Pursue postgraduate study

For those who want to take their education to the next level would consider this option. Taking up postgraduate studies just means that their thirst for knowledge does not end after 4 years. It will probably go on until the person decides that he has learned enough already or when he or she dies. You may also see examples of funny greeting cards.

But it is important to have an underlying reason as to why the person has decided to take up postgraduate studies or proceed to study another course entirely. The reason may vary. Ask yourself if you have the commitment and the dedication to further enhance your knowledge by studying again. Ask yourself if it is really worth it. Once you have made your decision, go for it. You may also like diy greeting card designs & examples.

4. Take a gap year

If you want to see more of the world, learn languages, experience different cultures and meet new people before settling down to a work routine you could take a gap year. Backpacking makes you a much more interesting job candidate and can make you more employable in the long run. Taking time out to travel demonstrates maturity, good organisation and planning skills and self-sufficiency. You may also check out floral greeting card examples.

Working while travelling is also a great way to boost your curriculum vitae and develop a range of skills. Taking a year out to weigh up your options, decide where your professional interests lie, travel and gain life experience also helps you to make more informed career decisions in the future. You might be interested in examples of blank greeting cards.

If this sounds like something you’d like to do you will need to have an action plan in place for when your return. Don’t expect a job to be waiting for you when you get back to reality. To find out what it’s like to get a job in another country, explore working abroad.

Chalkboard Graduation Greeting Card Example

chalkboard graduation greeting card example

Girl Wreath Graduation Greeting Card Example

girl wreath graduation greeting card example

Portrait Photo Graduation Card Example

portrait photo graduation card example

After graduation, life can be sometimes a bit of a blur. We hope you took note some of the things you can do after college from the article above. We also listed down some graduation greeting card examples you can use and give out to your graduating friends or relatives.

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