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People are tailored to desire to have some people around them to care for them, to just have someone to confide their stories to whenever they need an ear, to enhance one’s self, or even to work together to achieve similar goals. Apart from their families, they are in need of a group or a community where they can feel the warmth of welcome and belongingness. And this is the start of formal establishment o groups which are comprised of people with a collective goal.

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Groups may take the form of an organization, league, society, company, club, firm, team, guild, fraternity, sorority, federation, alliance, and many others. And to monitor the members of such groups, identification cards are distributed to the members, specifically called membership cards. The primary purpose of membership cards is to provide identification for the members for them to be recognized as a part of the group. As time goes by, membership cards also serve as a discount card or promotional card for the members. You may also see rack card designs & examples.

Hence, if you are holding an organization, especially if you are in charge of the members, make sure that each of your members will be given a membership card for him or her to be identified as a member and for him or her to enjoy the benefits that are only granted for the members.

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Gym Fitness Membership Card Template

What Is a Membership Card

We often hear the term “membership card” especially when we are under a certain group or organization. Most of the people’s first impression about a membership card is that it provides them the benefit that are bestowed by the group to its members. This is our common understanding about a membership card. But technically speaking, what is a membership card? You may also see thank-you card examples.

Technically, a membership card is a small card that is given to a member of a certain group, society, or any organization as a proof of his or her membership.

So basically, a membership card is simply a card used for the identification of the members. But as the world of marketing evolves, and for the people to be attracted to sign up to a certain organization, included in the membership card are the benefits that only the members can avail such as promos and discounts.

Therefore, membership card is important for both parties, the issuer of the card or the organization and the holder of the card; the issuer of the card can benefit the sign up fee from the members and through membership card, the members can be easily identified. On the other hand, the cardholder’s benefit is that he or she can avail of the perks of the organization that are only given for the members. So it is better to start creating a membership card now before it is too late. You may also like greeting card designs & examples.

Membership Card or Credit Card Mock Up

Simple and Elegant Gym Membership Card

Information to be Included in a Membership Card

In a membership card, there are certain important information that must be included. These information must be present so your card will be valid, you can be easily traced, your account will be safe, and there will be no confusion regarding your membership. These information include, but are not limited to, as follows:

1. Information About the Organization

The first important thing that must be included in your membership card is the information about the organization. As a member, you have the right to be informed everything about your organization including the financial status. For the part of the organization, it must be transparent enough to divulge all the necessary information for their members. The member also has the right to look at corporate papers as well as financial reports. The member is also entitled to know the status of the organization and the plans of the group for the future.

However, putting all of these in a membership card is sure a clutter. Given the very limited space in membership card, it is expected that it is summarized in the most simple form for the people to easily interpret them given only the card that they are holding.

The information of the organization that must be included are the organization name and logo, the address where the physical building of the organization is located if applicable, the official logo of the organization, as well as other contact details that are necessary for the member to know.

2. Information About the Member

Another information that is important to be included in a membership card is, of course, the information of the member. Because it is for the identification of the member, a complete information of the member must be included. Depending on the nature of the organization, the information about the member to be placed in the membership card differs. But as a minimum, it must contain the name of the member. This is very obvious for the member to be identified as part of the organization. You may also see birthday card designs & examples.

Another information about the member that must also be placed in the membership card is the number or the barcode. Every member has a membership number and barcode different and distinct from the others. Again, this is for identification purposes of the member.

Lastly, it must bear the signature of the member, verifying his or her membership of the organization. Some people would not sign their membership card especially if they are only holding them most of the time and not making significant transactions. But accordingly, it must be signed as some organization would require a signature of the member before they can complete a transaction. You may also like differences between a calling card and a business card.

3. Information About the Membership

The last vital information that must be included in a membership card is the information regarding the membership as well as the benefits. Just like the information of the organization, the information need not be in a form of long paragraphs and sentences for it will really never fit in the card. You may also check out what to write in a thank-you card.

You must place only the key information regarding the information of the membership such as the terms of use for the membership card, the effective and expiration date, and other benefits that may be availed of by the members such as special rates and discounts.

VIP Club Membership Card

Female Fitness Membership Card

Common ID Card Materials Used

In making a membership card, you have to know first that there are different types of card materials. Each of these materials has different compositions and qualities. You must know each of their qualities for you to determine and decide which type of card material is suitable for your membership card. You might be interested in fall greeting card designs & examples.

1. Adhesive-Back Cards

Also called sticky-back cards, adhesive-back cards is the answer for those clamshell proximity cards that are incompatible to be printed in some ID card printers. The information is first printed on the adhesive back cards before applying it to the access card’s surface. Adhesive back cards come in two types paper and mylar. It also comes in different sizes: CR-79 and CR-80 sizes which measures 3.303 × 2.051 inches and 3.375 x 2.125 inches, respectively. You may also see examples of creative greeting cards.

2. BioPVC Cards

If you want to choose a material that is environment-friendly, you can choose bioPVC cares that are completely made of completely biodegradable material. When comparing it with the other card types, it still provides the same quality of the photo, flexibility of the card, as well as durability but with a less impact and contribution to the pollution of our environment. You may also like examples of business card design.

3. PVC/Poly Composite Cards

Another type of card that is commonly used for card makers, is the PVC/poly composite cards. They are recommended for cards that will be laminated because their materials can withstand the heat, pressure, and warping that are brought about during the process of lamination.

4. Recycled PVC Cards

Another environment-friendly card is the recycled PVC cards. This is a green alternative to the traditional PVC cards as they are made using recycled plastic. This is even comparable to the traditional PVC cards in terms of quality of the print, flexibility of the card, as well as its durability. You may also check out photo greeting card designs & examples.

5. Rewritable ID Cards

These are cards that require an ID card printer with a rewritable printing mode as they are made of thermal-sensitive material that may be printed, erased, and reprinted up to approximately 500 times. The drawback of these cards is that they can only be printed in monochrome blue or black. You might be interested in examples of name card design.

6. Standard ID Cards

Standard ID cards are the most commonly used material for cards. They are made from durable and flexible PVC plastic and comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

Elegant Membership Card or Credit Card Mockup

SpongeBob SquarePants Credit Cards or Membership Card

Membership or Bank or Credit Card Mock-up

Vintage ’20s Boy Scouts of America Membership Card and Certificate


We now now that membership cards are not just for identification purposed but also for availing discounts and promotions that are are only offered to members. The most important information needed to be included in a membership card are as follows: information about the organization such as name and logo, address, and contact details; information about the member such as name, number, signature, and barcode; and information about the membership such as terms of use, effective and expiration date, special rates, and discounts. You may also see business greeting card designs and examples.

When creating a membership card, you must know that there are different types of card materials to be used for your card. These are as follows: adhesive-back cards, bioPVC cards, PVC/poly composite cards, recycled PVC cards, rewritable ID cards, and standard ID cards. Each of these card materials has different compositions and qualities so you must know and understand their characteristics for you to decide what is the best material for your card. You may also like handmade card designs and examples.

Lastly, never forget to check out the examples of cool and amazing membership card designs as presented in the previous section.

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