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Event planning can be extremely stressful, not to mention time-consuming, for any host. To ensure that your event runs as smoothly as expected, you need to make sure that every aspect of the party is planned out accordingly. For this reason, using something as simple as a table card can be beneficial in a lot of ways. It may be used for a variety of purposes, depending on your intention for creating it. You may also see thank-you card examples.

Vintage Floral Table Card Example

vintage floral table card example

Beach 08 Table Card Example

beach 08 table card example

Wedding Greenery Table Card Name Example

wedding greenery table card name example

White Simple Table Seating Card Example

white simple table seating card example

What Are Table Cards?

Table cards are a popular informative (and decorative) medium designed to enhance the ambiance of a special event. They come in all different sizes, and function differently for a specific purpose.

1. Place Cards

A place card is a type of card used to indicate one’s assigned seat in a table. The numbers or names written on the place card usually reflect what has been indicated on the seating chart. Many event hosts create seating charts for whenever they invite more than a dozen guests to their party. These place cards come in two common forms: the folded tent cards and those that lie flat on the table. This way, guests could easily identify who’s sitting where.

Most of these cards are designed elegantly to complement the theme of the event as well. And to save on money, you could always opt for a DIY version of these cards to decorate your table. A place card can go in any location, like on top of a napkin, by the upper left corner of the place setting, or even against the stem of a wine glass.

2. Escort Cards

Escort cards are a lot similar to place cards, except that they’re commonly found at the entrance of the reception area and have the names of each guest and the tables they are assigned in printed on it. This takes away all your worries from leading guests to their assigned places. Like place cards, they can also be displayed in a number of ways. What matters most is your ability to get creative with various design techniques. You may also see examples of creative greeting cards.

3. Menu Cards

Menu cards are most common during special occasions that are formally celebrating. Many of these table cards are used as wedding menus to inform guests about each serving. They usually provide useful information to those concerned about their diet, especially when medical experts have advised them to stay away from dishes containing particular ingredients. These menu cards may be typed or done in calligraphy to add a slight touch of sophistication to your table setting.

Wooden Floral Wedding Table Card Example

wooden floral wedding table card example

Royal Wedding Table Card Template Example

royal wedding table card template example

Light Grey Table Card Example

light grey table card example

The Dos and Don’ts in Fine Dining

Fine dining can be a massive obstacle for many individuals. Imagine having to dress up to eat at a fancy restaurant, only to sit there looking confused as to which spoon could be used for soup. And to be honest about it, who has the time to fuss over every single detail in front of you? You may also see examples of business card design.

The truth is, there are numerous situations that demand proper table etiquette to be practiced. From the linens to the chinaware, table cards to crystals, there are many things that need to be taken into account whenever fine dining is observed.

However, as human as we are, there are a few things about fine dining that we aren’t quite familiar with. To give you an insight as to what the do’s and don’ts of fine dining, refer to the following:

1. Do Pay Attention to the Proper Use of Cutlery.

These days, tables are set rather informally, with only a plate, a fork, and a spoon used for eating.

Many people struggle intensely when it comes to using the right cutlery during fine dining. Choosing the right fork from the five options to your left hand side is almost like a multiple choice exam that’s extremely difficult to answer. It’s like a confusing game of eenie meenie miney mo, and one wrong move could potentially put you at the center of embarrassment and scrutiny. Just remember that the cutlery furthest away from the plate is intended for the first course. You may also like holiday card designs & examples.

If you’re having any doubts regarding what comes afterwards, it’s best to wait until the host starts eating and then follow what they’re doing.

2. Don’t Use a Fork to Scoop Food.

There’s a reason why forks are created the way they are. When eating, you need to point the fork down towards your plate. You could use a knife whenever you’re having a hard time, especially when squashing food or breaking it down into bite-sized pieces. Avoid scooping your food with a fork, because if you do, you might as well use a spoon. You may also check out printable thank you card examples.

3. Do Drink Soup from the Edge of a Spoon.

Forget about all you ever knew about drinking soup. When scooping soup from a bowl, you need to start from the center of the bowl and move the spoon away from you. Slowly bring the spoon to your mouth and drink from its edge. Avoid putting the whole spoon inside your mouth and never — and we mean NEVER — slurp.

4. Don’t Pick Up Anything from the Floor.

Apart from one of your personal belongings, avoid picking up napkins or cutlery that fall to the floor. As much as you want to be polite and spare the servers from doing any extra work, this is a definite no-no in fine dining. If you drop one of these items by accident, then the best you could do is leave it behind. The server will bring you a replacement right away, so don’t worry about not having a fork to pick your food with. You might be interested in handmade card designs and examples.

06 Wedding Table Number Card Example

06 wedding table number card example

Vintage 1-2 Table Card Example

vintage 1 2 table card example

Bright Flowers Table Number Card Example

bright flowers table number card example

Floral Baby Shower Table Card Example

floral baby shower table card example

Fruit Salad Flower Table Card Example

fruit salad flower table card example

Green Leaves Table Menu Card Example

green leaves table menu card example

5. Do Excuse Yourself When Leaving the Table.

Perhaps you need to answer an important call, or go to the restroom to freshen up for a while.

Whatever your reason may be, be sure to ask permission from the hostess to excuse you. This is a common practice done even during family dinners, as it portrays respect towards other guests at the table. After being excused, remember to leave your napkin on your seat for the server to know that you do plan on returning. Otherwise, the server could end up keeping your plates even before you were able to finish your tasty meal.

6. Don’t Tuck the Napkin into Your Shirt.

You’ve probably seen a lot of comedy TV shows and movies featuring the main character stuffing half of their napkin into their shirt. Though this was once an acceptable behavior during the ancient times, it is now considered vulgar to modern society. If you think about it, having a napkin dangle from the front of your dress or shirt doesn’t seem very appealing to look at. You may also see business thank-you cards.

Instead, you could unfold the napkin and let it rest on your lap or near your knees. Refrain from wiping your mouth with the napkin, as most experts would suggest dabbing instead.

7. Do Remain Seated during a Toast.

If somebody is offering a toast in your honor or for somebody else, you could just remain seated throughout the short speech. But if you’re making the toast, standing would be necessary for other guests to pay attention. Stand tall and be confident when delivering your speech, this will help other guests understand your message a lot clearer. You can raise the glass in their direction, but avoid letting your glass touch with theirs. You may also like star wars greeting card examples.

Tribal Exotic Table Card Example

tribal exotic table card example

Wreath Gift Table Card Template Example

wreath gift table card template example

Classic Floral Table Card Example

classic floral table card example

8. Don’t Tap the Glass to Propose a Toast.

A common misconception about proposing a toast is that tapping your glass to draw attention is an appropriate practice. But contrary to popular belief, tapping the side of your glass with a knife or a fork could potentially damage the glassware. So to prevent any accidents during the event, clearing your throat or using a microphone (if available) would be your best option. You may also see credit card designs and examples.

Though it might be difficult to silence a room full of people without making some sort of noise, you’re only bet would be to stand up for some time and wait until your audience simmers down.

9. Do Check the Dress Code.

The worst thing you could do is to wear a short red dress during a black and white, long gown ball. Thus, be sure to check what the dress code is in advance. If you’re not sure what the instructions really meant in the event invitation, choose something that’s a bit more to the formal side. It’s much easier to tone down a formal attire by removing a vest, loosening a collar, or removing a certain piece from your outfit. You may also like wedding card designs and examples.

On the other hand, it’s nearly impossible to turn something casual into formal, so you might as well come in your best dress.

10. Don’t Pull Out Your Phone.

Refrain from putting your bag or purse on the table. Not only is it impolite, but it could also be taking up space for other things to be placed on your table. As for your mobile devices, it’s better to keep them off or on silent mode to prevent disturbing anyone during the event. You may also check out music business card examples.

Unless it’s urgent, control your urge to grab your phone from your bag. A social event means interacting with other people and not staring at your phone all night. If you aren’t much of a talker, then try listening to other people and engage yourself in the conversation. You might be interested in membership card designs and examples.

Whether you’re hosting a wedding, a dinner party, or an anniversary gathering, it’s always important to make use of various decorative ornaments that may also relay information to guests in a simple, yet creative manner. Table cards are just one of these key event pieces that aid in bringing everything else together. So what are you waiting for? Get creative with these table card designs and examples today!

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