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Moving to a new home in a new town can be a great chance for an awesome adventure for you or your family. It can mark a whole new chapter in your life. A new place would also mean a change of scenery, of environment, which, sometimes, is exactly what we need. And relocating to a new place will help us achieve exactly that. You may also see examples of name card design.

However, moving can be quite scary too. Aside from the thought of being a part of a different community filled with strange new people, leaving those you have come to befriend is not the happiest idea.

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What about the friendly old couple across the street who love inviting you over for dinner? Or that single mom a few houses down from you with whom you share the latest gossip with? Or the town baker who makes the best cheesecake in the whole world? How could you possibly part with all that? You may also like greeting card designs & examples.

Yes, the idea of leaving the neighborhood, or the apartment building, that you have been used to may ruin the party a little. Plus, the prospect of adjusting again may be exhausting to simply think about. And let’s not get to the expenses! Moving will cost you, that you can be sure of.

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Moving is never an easy job (except if you have a gazillion servants). There will be a lot of packing, and wrapping, and boxes everywhere! You still have rooms to clean and utility companies to contact. Plus, you need to prepare your new house for your arrival. There are a lot of foreseeable hauling and carrying that you have to do yourself (except if you have a gazillion servants). You may also check out thank you card samples.

With all these things to worry about, we may overlook all the good things about moving to a new place. Here is a short list to remind you of a few of them:

1. Moving to a new place gives you the chance for general cleaning.

Let’s face it. If you’ve lived in your house long enough, you’ve probably kept a lot of stuff that are completely useless already. Or things you’ve completely forgotten you own! Come on, we all have a spare room turned stockroom. It is about time that you get rid of all this clutter. Your new home can also be your new chance to optimize your living space since you won’t be taking all your old house’s junk with you. You may also see birthday card designs & examples.

Take an inventory of all that you own and throw away the things you have not used in a year or so, or don’t intend to use ever again and leave them along with your old life in that old house.

2. Moving gives you the chance to experience a new place.

This is probably the best thing about moving: you get to live somewhere new, somewhere foreign! Whether you’ve only moved to a neighboring city or if you have traveled halfway across the country, it doesn’t matter.

The excitement of getting to walk each day in a whole new place is a feeling you’ve probably forgotten after years of living in the same house. There is no better way to get to know a neighborhood except by living in it, looking at it through the eyes of someone who calls it his home, and waking up day by day discovering new and more of its eccentricities. You may also like examples of business card design.

Plus, you can always be sure that a new place holds fresh opportunities for you. Think of all the good things that can happen to you in a new environment!

3. Moving gives you the chance to start anew. 

It offers you the opportunity to leave your old life behind; its sad experiences, its traumas, its pain. Sometimes, a place becomes too toxic for us to live in it. Sometimes, the place and the people are no longer good for our emotional and mental health.

Moving will provide you with an escape, a chance to just get away from it all and allow yourself to give birth to a new life. But you need to expect that, in your new home, you will also have to face a new set of challenges. Every attempt at a new begging always have fresh difficulties in store. Still, the only direction is forward and you’ll get through everything this new life has prepared for you. You may also check out holiday card designs & examples.

4. Moving can give you the chance to look at things a little differently.

Since you’re a thousand miles away from your comfort zone, this may help you get a new perspective on things. It can also give you the chance to reassess your life, your choices, and everything else you’ve left behind. Keep a note of everything about your old life that you want to change. This is your chance. You might be interested in bridal shower thank-you cards.

5. Moving gives you the chance to meet new friends.

Along with a new place is a new set of people, and although the mere though of interacting with strangers is already nerve-racking, it’s also very much fulfilling. And, who knows, you’ll find some really great people in your new home. Be brave enough to explore new friendships and new relationships.

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However, even if we are already planning on creating new relationships in our new environment, we still should not forget the friendships we have created in our old home. You are only leaving the place, after all, not the people. You may also see printable thank you card examples.

Informing your neighbors and closest friends that you’ve moved will keep them from knocking on your door only to discover that you don’t live there anymore. It’s an act of respect toward the people you have shared a good deal of your life with.

It will also keep feelings from being hurt. Moving is an important decision, one that is actually difficult to make. After all, it’s not easy to leave everything behind to start new somewhere else. By telling your friends about it, you are actually giving them the chance to keep up with the latest in your life. This can speak a lot about your degree of closeness and how much they are really worth to you. You may also like handmade card designs and examples.

Now, what is the proper way of telling people that you are moving? Well, you can always invite the people in the neighborhood for a farewell party in your house. This way, you can not only tell them about your move, you can also spend time with them before you leave. Two birds with one stone, right? But what about for friends who are not from your neighborhood? Should you rely on good old social media to spread the news? You may also check out vacation greeting card examples.

Absolutely not!

First of all, the Internet is filled with maniacs and psychopaths. What if someone’s watching you, observing from the shadow? You don’t want them to know you’re moving, right? Only the people who really matter to you should know about the big day! So how do you make your announcement exclusive yet effective in informing your entire target audience?

Moving Announcement Cards

These babies are your heaven-sent answer! You can send these to everyone you want to know about you moving (without the fear of mentally deranged stalkers). These cards are also a fun way to announce your move. Whoever said that announcements need to be dull and uneventful? Get creative with your attractive cards! Get personal. There’s nothing like a customized card to mark a special event, and moving day definitely deserves one. Changing your address has never been this stylish.

Since moving announcement cards are still considered rookies in the game, there are still no established rules concerning how to make them. Which means that you can be crazy with it and design it however you want. It gets better and better, doesn’t it? You may also see corporate greeting card examples.

How to Make Moving Announcement Cards

The most amazing thing about these cards is that they are so easy to make. You have the option of purchasing a template online and that’s it! Easy, right? (We even have amazing sample announcement cards in this article that you can choose from.) But for first-timers, here are a few steps you can follow to help you on your way:

1. Of course, the first step is to include all necessary information.

Your card would still not amount to anything if it has no important content. So slap some details in there. You can include your family’s name (like the examples below). You can also choose to include your new address and contact details to really make sure you keep in touch with everyone. You may also like wedding card designs and examples.

2. Design something simple.

You don’t want your card to look as cluttered as your previous home, do you? (Don’t forget to optimize space in your new house!) So make do with something simple. It’s always the way to go.

3. But of course, incorporate your own sense of style.

You want people to say “Oh, my gosh, this is so Janice!” just by taking a look at your card. It’s yours after all. Make the most out of the opportunity to customize something. Make it look really yours.

4. Choose good quality paper.

Notice how long you’ve spent in choosing the perfect card stock for your wedding invitations? That’s the kind of effort you want to exert for this one. People often underestimate the power of paper, but in cases like making a card, they can make the biggest difference. You may also check out credit card designs and examples.

5. Don’t forget to send your cards ahead of time.

If you’ve already finalized the decision to move, then prepare your moving announcement cards! We’ve already talk about all the hassle that moving can bring to you, and you don’t want to get too caught up in all that. Plus, sending these cards too late may not give you, or your friends, time to organize a farewell party. And what’s moving without those, right? You might be interested in star wars greeting card examples.

Cute Simple Design Moving Announcement Example

Simple Moving Announcement Card


Moving is a big deal, whether you are doing it alone or with a family. It marks the end of a chapter and the beginning of the first few verses of the next one. Make sure you end that chapter well and start that new one even better!

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