Star Wars Greeting Card

Last Updated: April 28, 2024

Star Wars Greeting Card

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away”, Star Wars began. Funny enough, the franchise released its first movie, Star Wars (before it was called Star Wars: A New Hope when the prequels were released in the 2000s) a long time ago (1977) and long before VFX and CGI were highly used. Despite CGI not aging well, the first three Star Wars are probably three of the greatest movies ever made and with the help of visionary George Lucas, the franchise paved the way for science fiction movies to be highly successful as it is now today.

Even during the 1970’s, the popularity of Star Wars has resulted in various merchandising deals with clothes, toys, and even food companies. Even Star Wars greeting cards were hugely popular back then. If you want to relieve a nostalgic experience and send out the best greeting card to your loved one, check out our amazing Star Wars greeting card designs and examples below. Your BB-8 loving card recipient will surely adore them!

Yoda Birthday Card Example

Yoda Birthday Card Example

Valentine’s Star Wars Greeting Card Example

Busking Stomie Greeting Card Example

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Yodabest! Star Wars Greeting Card Example

Simple Star Wars Greeting Card Example

Star Wars Awakens Greeting Card

Star Wars and its Impact on Society and Culture

The popularity of Star Wars is incomparable ever since the first movie was released in 1977. The franchise just released its eighth official movie last year (The Last Jedi) and it still attracted a large following from both die-hard and casual fans from around the world. The newest trilogy, which started with The Force Awakens (2015) introduced a new generation of fans to the franchise. The fans of the original trilogy (Luke, Leia, Han, Chewbacca, C3PO, R2-D2, Darth Vader, Yoda), the fans of the prequel trilogy (Anakin, young Obi-Wan, Palpatine, Mace Windu, Darth Maul), and the fans of the current trilogy (Rey, Finn, Poe, Kylo Ren, BB-8) prove that the franchise is still going strong and shows no signs of stopping. You may also see Creative Greeting Cards.

Aside from the films, various video games, animated television series, graphic novels/comics, toys, clothes, and other Star Wars-themed merchandise have also been released (and sold at a high rate). The popularity of Star Wars has resulted in the franchise cementing its mark on society, culture, and history. Here are a few situations/instances where Star Wars heavily placed its mark: You may also see Animated Greeting Cards

Impact on Filmmaking

Star Wars influenced the filmmaking industry with the use of practical effects while utilizing a space war-themed plot, one of the first ever franchises to do so. The original trilogy did not only produce amazing space battles but also showcased a beautiful space opera filled with drama and betrayal among its main characters. Although CGI was already used during the 70’s, it was Star Wars who made it popular. Since then, science fiction movies have relied on CGI (and now, VFX) to create wonderful set pieces and transport audiences to another dimension. You may also see Funny Greeting Cards.

Star Wars also started the trend of blockbuster movies being released in the summer, thus the phrase “summer blockbuster films” becoming popular with production companies releasing their big films during the summer period. Despite the new Star Wars trilogy moving the schedule of their films to the holiday season, they still had a hand in movie companies releasing their big guns in a two-month span; certainly, a great time if you’re a movie fan. You may also see Anime Greeting Cards.

Star Wars-related parodies have also been released (and by the hundreds) due to the franchise’s overall impact on filmmaking. Here are some Star Wars parodies you may have heard of:

  1. Hardware Wars (1978) – a 13-minute parody of the first Star Wars film
  2. Spaceballs (1987) – A full-length film directed by Mel Brooks in which the visual effects were handled by none other than Lucas-owned Industrial Light and Magic
  3. The Saga Begins by Weird Al Yankovic (1999) – a parody song which narrates the plot of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
  4. Fanboys (2009) – An indie film which follows the adventures of die-hard Star Wars fans

Impact on Science

The following are some events which featured Star Wars-related themes:

  1. During the 90’s, an exhibition was held by the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum called “Star Wars: The Magic of Myth” which featured the original production models, props, and costumes of the first Star Wars trilogy.
  2. In 2006, SpaceX (a private aerospace company founded by Elon Musk) launched Falcon 1, a space rocket, with reference to the Millenium Falcon. This led to more versions of the space rocket being launched, known as the Falcon family.
  3. NASA launched a space shuttle Discovery in 2007 carrying the real lightsaber used by Luke Skywalker in the films, which stayed in space for about two weeks. The shuttle returned to earth thereafter.

The events listed above are only a few instances where Star Wars is heavily featured. NASA, various aerospace companies and scientists are hard at work in studying and testing the possibilities of concepts made popular by the franchise (i.e. lightspeed travel, use of lightsabers, discovery of new galaxies and beings, building a possible death star, etc.) to eventually become reality. You may also see Blank Greeting Cards.

Star Wars also contributed in scientists naming different forms of new and extinct species. Some of the Star Wars-inspired organisms are as follows:

  1. Xenokery amidalae – Named after Queen Amidala due to the resemblance of its occipital appendage to the hairstyle of the said Queen, it is an extinct hoofed mammal which was recovered from Central Spain.
  2. Peckoltia greedoi – Named after the character Greedo due to its remarkable resemblance, it is an armored catfish discovered in the Gurupi River drainage in Brazil.
  3. Ricinus vaderi – Named after Darth Vader because of the similarity between the head of the species and Darth Vader’s helmet, this is a species of chewing lice found in Azerbaijan which is the largest genus of chewing lice found parasitizing Passeriformes.
  4. Wockia chewbacca – Named after Chewbacca partly because of its hairy characteristic, this is a species of a moth which are usually small in size and have a relatively dull gray color.
  5. Polemistus chewbacca – A species of wasps also named after Chewbacca.
  6. Polemistus vaderi – Also named after Darth Vader, this is a species of wasps similar to Polemistus chewbacca.
  7. Agathidium vaderi – Refers to 60+ species of beetles named after Darth Vader.
  8. Darthvaderum – A genus of oribatid mite also named after Darth Vader.
  9. Albunione yoda – Named after Yoda due to its long drooping ears, this is a marine isopod located near Taiwan which resides in the gills of its hosts.
  10. Yoda pupurata – Also named after Yoda, this is a species of acorn worm located in the North Atlantic ocean.
  11. Aptostichus sarlacc – Named after the sarlacc, pit-dwelling creature on Tatooine, this is a species of the trapdoor spider found predominantly in southern California.

Printable Star Wars Greeting Card Example

Star Wars Christmas Greeting Card Example

Star Wars Christmas Greeting Card Example

Star Wars Sticker Theme Greeting Card Example

Star Wars and its Impact on Society and Culture (continuation)

Impact on Politics

If you thought politicians are oblivious of Star Wars, think again. Here are some instances where the franchise made a huge impact on politics:

  1. US President Ronald Reagan proposed the Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI) which was quickly labeled as Star Wars because it centered on using on lasers and missiles.
  2. On May 4, 1995, former UK parliament member Harry Michael Cohen jokingly said, “May the 4th be with you”. Coincidentally, that phrase contributed to May 4 being the annual Star Wars holiday.
  3. 44th US President Barack Obama spoke on the sequestration debate on March 1, 2013, saying that some people expect him to do a “Jedi mind meld”.
  4. A man named Darth Vader was nominated by the Internet Party of Ukraine in the 2014 Ukrainian presidential elections but was refused because his real identity could not be verified.
  5. Star Wars characters Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Padmé Amidala, and Yoda ran for seats in the 2014 Ukrainian parliamentary election. All of them lost the elections.
  6. A monument of Darth Vader replaced the statue of Vladimir Lenin as part of the decommunization process in Ukraine.

Impact on Religion

The multi-billion franchise also turned fans into believers where they literally worshiped everything and anything related to Star Wars. Listed below are some instances where Star Wars became a religion for millions of fans around the globe:

  1. Jediism was established in the US in 2001, with followers using the Jedi Code as their main source of religious text.
  2. In one census, millions listed their religion as Jedi, with the most responses coming from Australia and New Zealand.
  3. In Turkey, fans ordered the construction of a Jedi temple.

Impact on Pop Culture

As previously mentioned, Star Wars has created an impact on culture and society which has far succeeded any other franchise in history. Listed below are some instances where Star Wars placed its mark on the entertainment industry as well:

  1. Star Roars was published by MAD! magazine in January 1978 which featured the magazine’s mascot wearing a Darth Vader helmet.
  2. A Broadway musical, The Force and I—the Mad Star Wars Musical premiered on December 1978.
  3. Museums in Japan, Singapore, Scotland, and England exhibited the Art of Star Wars, showcasing the process of making the first Star Wars trilogy.
  4. Organizations around the US, England and Hong Kong are offering lightsaber combat lessons.
  5. The cast of Star Wars: The Force Awakens sang the Star Wars theme song on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

May The Force Be With You!

Star Wars is unquestionably a behemoth that cannot be easily toppled. Its influence has not only reached fans, but to filmmaking, science, politics, religion, and pop culture as well. With the release of the new trilogy, it continues to grow and will further inspire the next generation of padawans. It is no denying that fans will still remember Darth Vader, Obi-Wan and Rey in 20-50 years’ time.


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