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One of the best things about a wedding, aside from the food of course, is the whole process of planning it. There’s no doubt that planning your own wedding can be stressful. The whole planning process requires too much effort and dedication, that’s why couples often opt to start planning their wedding a couple of months before the big day. But the beauty of a wedding comes from the thought that it’s your own. You get to decide what happens and how things should be.

A wedding typically pertains to a certain theme. Some go for the vintage approach while others prefer a more rustic wedding. With the theme in mind, every part of the wedding is then carefully planned out. From the wedding gifts, wedding stationery, church flowers, and the like, each aspect is reflected from one’s personal preferences.

Personalized Wedding Card

Wedding Congratulations Card

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Why Personalize?

No two weddings are the same. They could be similar in terms of theme and design, but never exactly alike.

There are numerous bridal companies that offer various services in personalizing your wedding. You hire wedding planners to be in-charge of the wedding agenda and the designing process. But of course, final decisions will be made under your terms.

Instead, they make an effort to help you decide on every detail, from the best wedding program to the perfect wedding invitation album. Hiring your own team can be quite costly but it will definitely help you cope with the stress that comes with wedding planning.

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Easy Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

This is your day. YOUR big day. No one else gets the final say but you and your partner. Here are some ways to personalize your wedding:

1. Make it your own.

This is your wedding. This is your chance to bring your childhood fantasies to life. You get to decide what you want and how you want every detail to be.

2. Inspire yourself with personal memories.

There’s nothing more personal than the memories shared by a couple. It could be how you first met at a baseball game, there’s nothing stopping you from adding anything that relates to a baseball game to your design. It’s also a sweet way to represent yourselves as a couple.

3. Decide on a look.

An overall theme will help you decide how you could design even the smallest details of your wedding. You can decide on the ideal color scheme or patterns of your choice. From your wedding invitations to your wedding cards, it’s surprising how you could actually think of everything. It might not seem too practical to spend so much time finding the perfect table napkins but once it all comes together, you will realize how significant every detail can be.

4. Create a logo.

A wedding logo isn’t exactly something we thought existed. But just like every other logo design, a wedding logo serves as a representation of the celebration. You can create it on your own or have an artist incorporate the design for you. Wedding logos can either be the couple’s initials or personal symbols. It is often printed on name cards and wedding invitations.

5. Make decisions as a couple.

Although a groom plays a part in the planning process, a groom typically entrusts everything to his bride to save himself from all the hassle. But, this doesn’t mean you should leave him in the dark. It’s best to consult your partner before making any huge decision.

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Personalized Design Ideas

There a lot of small items that you can have designed to your own liking. Customized wedding menus, wedding banners, and wedding tags are just some of the items that can be made. These are the items that will either be on full display during your wedding or distributed to guests beforehand. If art isn’t your cup of tea, you could always have things designed for you by an artist. There are several party and event companies that offer these services. Here are just some popular themes that you can use to design your special day:

  • Vintage Glamour
  • Classic Romance
  • Beach Wedding
  • Garden Wedding
  • Italian Romance
  • Storybook/Fairytale Wedding

With the help of an artist, or the artist in you, you’ll have the chance to let your creativity shine free by incorporating your own twists and tricks to your wedding designs. Don’t be afraid to go over-the-top, you’re obliged to design a wedding of your liking.

Feel free to experiment with color schemes and find inspiration in other wedding celebrations and events as well. It would help widen your ideas.

Finally, don’t forget the true essence of a wedding. You don’t need to spend your life savings on things made from the finest materials, there’s always the option of designing homemade items and making them your own.

Personalized Wedding Poster

Wedding Welcome

Personalized Wedding Tag

Personalized Wedding Banner

Wedding Reception

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Personalized Wedding Table Card

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Personalized Wedding Program

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Reasons Why You Should Personalize Your Wedding

It’s every person’s dream to have that fairy tale wedding, at least it is for the average woman. But with all the hectic planning and the decision-making, remember to be extra patient and understanding with bridezilla.

Personalizing your own wedding can be a lot of work, not to mention the time pressure and stress given whenever things don’t go as planned. It’s especially difficult to achieve everything while being on a strict budget.

But this is overlooked by some couples. After all, a wedding is a grand celebration of the union of two souls who are about to enter a brand new chapter of their lives.

Put aside all the problems that come along with planning a wedding, you’ll realize that it’s all worth it. A personalized wedding where every design reflects who you are as a couple, is a wedding worth cherishing.

You’d be surprised how even the simplest details of white roses on a wedding invitation can represent the tenderness of a celebration.

On average, you only get married once. So, it’s common for a couple to pull all the strings to plan the wedding of their dreams. The ingredients to make your big day special is the perfect wedding with the perfect person by your side.

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