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Considered to be the original form of what we see as advertising is today, vintage posters have been widely popular since the 19th century. Most of these posters were aimed at women since women predominately did all the shopping and purchasing of house hold items. Some of the most common vintage posters were of body soaps, detergents, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages such as coffee.

This page contains Examples of Vintage Posters. Popular advertising poster examples of which are vintage movie posters, music posters, game posters, travel posters, and the like. They are available for download by simply clicking on the download button to start.

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vintage poster
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Vintage Movie Posters

Vintage Travel Posters

Old Travel Poster

old travel poster

Retro Travel Poster Example

retro travel poster example

Vintage Advertising Posters

Vintage Food Advertising Poster

vintage food advertising poster1

Free Advertising Poster

free advertising poster

Vintage Concert Posters

Vintage Rock Concert Poster

vintage rock concert poster

Vintage Standard Concert Poster

vintage standard concert poster2

Music Concert Poster

music concert poster

Vintage Disney Posters

Minimalist Disney Poster

minimalist disney poster

Free Disney Poster

free disney poster

History of Printing

Although technological developments are boosting the progress at which posters or even other advertising media are being made, we still owe a lot of these from the early versions of posters which gave inspiration to the current style and trend of posters we have of today. It is without a doubt that vintage posters would not be known at all without the invention of printing. Printing started as early as 200 AD with woodblock printing.

The following are a few notable printing methods that poster design use:

Woodblock Printing
Woodblock printing started in China were they had flowers printed on silk cloth. This was done by an artist carving an image to a block of wood which produced a stamp that could be painted with ink and pressed onto silk producing a print. Considered as one of the rarest forms of printing in use today, woodblocks are often used in letterpress poster printing.

Stencil Printing
Stencil printing is done by applying pigment or ink on a carved image or pattern in a thin sheet of material such as paper, plastic, wood, or metal onto an underlying material. Stencil printing may have been known to be used for a long time in Japan during the Edo period. Stencil printing was commonly used in Europe around the mid 1400’s for coloring old master prints. Stencil printing is still being used today in such techniques like aerography, screen printing, and mimeography.

Screen Printing
Screen printing traces its roots to stencil printing. The only difference therein lies in the method of application of the ink where screen printing uses a screen mesh and a blade or squegee to apply the ink. This method is also popularly known as silk screen printing since silk screens were popularly used back in those days.

Inkjet Printing
Another type of computer printing that creates a digital image by propelling droplets of ink onto paper or other media. This is widely popular since 1950 due to its size and affordability.

Vintage Music Posters

Country Music Poster

country music poster

Vintage Music Festival Poster

vintage music festival poster

Vintage Sports Posters

Vintage Baseball Poster

vintage baseball poster4

Vintage Football Poster

vintage football poster

Vintage Ski Sport Poster

vintage ski poster

Free Vintage Poster Examples

Free Printable Vintage Poster

free printable vintage poster

Free Vector Vintage Poster

free vector vintage poster

Free Funny Vintage Poster

free funny vintage poster

Vintage Beach Posters

Vintage Summer Beach Poster

vintage summer beach poster

Vintage Beach Bar Poster

vintage beach bar poster

Vintage Travel Beach Poster

vintage travel beach poster

Vintage Beach Party Poster

vintage beach party poster

Guidelines in Printing Posters

Posters admittedly need to look vibrant and shiny to generate the attention that it was designed to get. Ensuring that the posters arrive at a good condition from the printing press is one of the priorities probably assigned to all marketing teams.

There are a few guidelines that can be followed to ensure the same effect without having to be so nitpicky with the printing company.

Proof read your material – It is important to get everything right before submitting to the printers. The last thing you want is a grammatical error on 10,000 copies of posters.

Choose the correct paper stock – Water ressistant paper is available if you need to have your poster out in the open. Thick gloss stock paper is another option which would give your poster added strength or durability besides being more pleasant to the eyes.

Go BIG – Event Posters are awesome to look from afar and reaches a far more audience – literally. A smaller poster with the same message would have lesser impact and lesser viewers. Going big is the way to go.

Poster Colors – In designing your poster, make sure to use the CMYK pallete as this color palette is what printers use with full color posters. This way, they won’t have to convert any of your work and therefore won’t change any color hues originally made from your design.

Layout – The layout of your poster is as important as the poster image itself. Knowing where to place your lines in the poster helps retain as much of your design as possible. Safety lines, cutlines, and bleed lines act as guides to know where the edges of your background are and so nothing important gets cut off.

Volume – The last thing to consider but probably most important is the cost. Printing in volume saves on money.

Vintage Medical Posters

Motivational Medical Poster

medical motivational poster

Medical Illustration Poster

medical illustration poster

Vintage Fashion Posters

Fashion Clothing Poster

fashion clothing poster

Simple Fashion Poster

simple fashion poster

Fashion Photography Poster

fashion photography poster

Vintage Chocolate Posters

Vintage Circus Posters

Vector Vintage Circus Poster

vector vintage circus poster

Vintage Typography Posters

3D Typography Poster

3d typography poster

Simple Typography Poster

simple typography poster

What Determines the Value of a Vintage Poster?

Vintage posters are considered to be an art form. A large number of varieties of posters are flooding the market of vintage poster collection. However, not all vintage posters share the same value nor do they have a permanent standard for pricing of such posters.

The value of vintage posters are determined by four major factors:

From the first poster made by Jules Cheret in the 1870s, posters commonly had their values appraised based on the artist who made them. Popular names include the aforementioned, Henri de Toulousse-Lautrec, Alphonse Mucha, A.M. Cassandre, and Leonetto Cappiello among others.

The second factor in appraising a vintage poster is the image itself. Some people like a poster mainly because it is very nice to look at. Popular vintage posters of this kind include food and wine posters, travel posters, golf and skiing posters, and movie posters.

Third is rarity of a poster. Example of a Poster designs themselves are very susceptible to the effects of nature and time. Posters, for their main purpose, are displayed in the most conspicuous of places where they are at the mercy of elements. Most posters do not manage to survive. Those that do become objects of collection and thus become rare.

Lastly, the condition or state of a vintage poster adds or diminishes the value of the vintage poster. Like antiques, vintage posters are graded and depending on their grade, their value either goes up or down. A vintage poster in mint condition although relatively new may garner a higher value than that of a really older poster but has hardly seen better days.

Vintage poster examples are shown in the site to provide further information regarding vintage posters. All examples found are available for download by clicking on any individual download link buttons beneath each sample.

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