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In every company, transparency is needed between the entity and the employees, customers, suppliers, community, and many others. Transparency is measured on the honesty and openness of a company to present any information related to the business to the concerned parties. This information usually comes in a report form, one that is in a form of brochure or booklet.

One of the common reports that a company should prepare and that many people are interested in is the annual reports which will be discussed in the later part of this article. For now, you must know that an annual report is an integral part of a company’s paper files because it contains all the information relating to the progress, transactions, dealings, etc. of the company.

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Corporate Brochure Report Template

However, many companies take it as a burden since creating and designing those reports takes time and a lot of effort, not mentioning the budget. To help you out and to lessen the burden in the design and layout, we provide you examples and templates of report brochures, usually annual and corporate reports, in the next section. You may also check out other brochure designs in these links:

2017 Annual Report Brochure Template

Annual Reports

Basically, annual reports are documents which usually consist of financial statements that are published yearly. It also includes presenting the forecast and projections. This is mainly for presentation to company stockholders and other interested parties and partly as a company’s marketing tool.

1. Complete Set of Financial Statements

  • Statement of financial position (Balance sheet) – It reports an entity’s assets, liabilities, and the difference in their totals as of the report date.
  • Statement of profit and loss and other comprehensive income (Income statement) – The statement of profit and loss summarizes the revenues, costs, and expenses incurred during the reporting period. Other comprehensive income presents the income and expense that are not recognized in the statement of profit or loss. The entity is allowed to present either the single combined statement of profit and loss and other comprehensive income or two separate statements.
  • Statement of changes in equity – It shows the change in owners’ equity over an accounting period.
  • Statement of cash flows – It presents the movement of cash in an entity’s three sources in the inflow and outflow of cash: operating, investing, and financing activities. It also shows how these changes affect the balance sheet and income statement accounts.
  • Notes to financial statements – To disclose other important matters and explanations regarding the entity’s balance sheet, notes to financial statements are required. These also contains additional information pertaining to a company’s operations and financial position.

Annual Report Brochure Design

Annual Report Print Template

Business Brochure/Annual Report

2. Interested Parties

When talking about interested parties, it does not literally mean that they are those who are interested about the transactions of your business. Instead, they are those people who may be affected by any situation or decision relating to the transaction of the company.

  • Employees – For employees, the annual reports serve a lot of purposes. Through those reports, the management creates an opportunity to praise the hard work of the employees, their commitment and dedication towards work, their high quality of work, as well as how well they treat their co-employees. It can also be a source of inspiration and assurance of continued employment for the employees to know that the company is progressing well through company successes such as new projects, new contract, developments, expansion of business, and other things that might have an impact to them. Additionally, it helps increase employee understanding of the different parts of the company, going beyond the facility where he or she often works, an understanding and knowledge of the company’s other operating location, and many others. Moreover, because employees are often shareholders, they can use the reports to help decide on whether or not they continue their investment to the company. You may also see advertising brochure examples.
  • Customers – Another group of people who are considered an interested party to the company are the customers. Of course, the report is a big help to the customers if they want to know the status of the company that they are purchasing from because they want to work with quality suppliers of goods and services. The annual report also serves as a promotion of the company brand to its customers by highlighting its mission, vision, goals, and values. Aside from that, it shows the company’s strength in terms of finances and its edge over the competing companies. They must have the assurance that the supplier they are trusting is really worth the trust, is capable, and is committed to close big deals as well as ready for long-term partnerships. You may also like real estate brochure designs & examples.
  • Suppliers – The role that the annual report is playing in terms to communicating with suppliers is that it can send message to suppliers in a subtle way the companies expectations of outside vendors. The company can state that it is looking for suppliers who are dependable enough so that the transactions of the company towards its customers will not be compromised because of the failure or discrepancy of the suppliers. Not only that, the report also serves as a reward for a job well done and to further bond their relationship. Moreover, it also provides the supplier the information of the level of service desired by the company from them. You may also check out examples of business brochure design.
  • Community – Whether you are dealing with those people who are interested in your products or services or those people who are not interested to pay attention to the things you are offering as those are not their needs, you still are responsible to the community. In what way? You must draw a good reputation in the community in which you are operating and must do tasks relating to giving service to the community. These community services include volunteer efforts, community renovation projects, charitable contributions, programs to help protect the environment, the ocean and the forest for example, and many others. Including this in your report would give a big impact to the community’s impression of your company. Your report is a very appropriate to start building your company image to the public. You might be interested in medical brochure examples.

Editable Annual Report Brochure

Annual Report and Brochure Template

The Blue Annual Report

3. As a Marketing Tool

Another important role of an annual report is being a marketing tool. Many companies devote a large amount of money for these general reports because these are effective to disseminate forecasts regarding company fortunes. The report also serves as a forum through which a company can relate, influence, and discuss any issues regarding the company, its policies, and the way it deals with business transactions.

The letter to shareholders, a document included in the the reports, often focuses on topics like past results of a transaction, the strategies implemented, the company’s stand in the market, the market condition, significant events of the company, new members, management, or directors, and other business related to the company. Usually, the letters are shorter, with 3,000 words or less, but some prefer it to be more than 10 pages. You may also like event brochure designs & examples.

Lastly, it contains theme or concept embraced by the company that can be used to promote the company itself. For example, the theme would be all about milestones. The company will create a report featuring their milestones including their anniversaries and successes. The longer the company is obtaining victories and is operating in the industry, the more people will rely on the company because they have already presented great quality and reliability. You may also check out examples of bi-fold brochure design.

Simple Business Report Template

24-Page Annual Report Brochure

4. The Key Sections

  • Company description – Usually, the company will include in their report the description of their business segments including the products and services that they are offering in those segments. This section provides the readers the basic understanding on the nature of the company, the products and services that it offers, and other things that a company does. You may also see examples of service brochures.
  • The letter – As stated above, there is this called the letter, or the letter to shareholder, which provides information on the company’s fortunes during the previous year as well as the forecasts for the future. Take note that many people will read this portion. Hence, you must maintain an upbeat tone while creating this and always create an interest to the people, no matter how troubled or challenged the company may be. You may also like sales promotion brochures.
  • Management’s discussion and analysis – In this section, provided is an overview of the company’s performance over the previous three years, with a presentation of the comparison of the most recent year with prior years. It also presents the sales, profit and loss, operating income, as well as net income. Additionally, the company may also present the capital expenditures, cash flow, changes in equity, and other special events that happened during the reporting period. The topics may a little bit heavy to read for other people especially those who are not inclined to business terms. Thus, this section must be presented as comprehensbible and as accessible as possible to the general public, forsaking business and accounting jargons. You may also check out travel brochure designs & examples.
  • Financial summary – This includes the summary of the financial data of the company for a number of years including the sales, income, dividends paid to shareholders, and many other balance sheet statements. Take note that the data presented are just a summary and details are not necessary. You might be interested in examples of education brochure design.
  • Management or directors – The report will also allocate a page to list the management team of the company and its boards along with the backgrounds and business experience of each of them.
  • Investors – For the information of the people wanting additional data on the ownership of the company, the report can also include a list of the company’s dividend policy and stock price information, the next annual meeting date, and many other important information regarding share ownership. This is also the basis for some if they will invest in that company. Knowing that some influential people are investing in that company will give them the confidence that the company is performing well. You may also see examples of modern brochure design.

Annual Report InDesign Template

Modern Annual Report Print Template

Annual Report Brochure Indesign Template

Corporate Business Annual Report

Landscape Annual Report

Customizable Corporate Business Annual Report

Wrap Up

Running a business is never easy since you have to consider a lot of areas in business. One of the things that are important for a company is to have annual report brochures which consist mainly of financial statements, forecasts and projections, and other important information for presentation to the company stockholders and other interested parties. It also serves as a company’s marketing tool. You may also like a4 brochure designs and examples.

The complete set of financial statements include the statement of financial position or the balance sheet, the statement of income and expense and other comprehensive income which is also called the financial statement, the changes in equity, statement of cash flows, and notes to financial statements.

For interested parties, they are those people who may be affected by the transactions or decisions made by the company. These people are as follows: employees, customers, suppliers, and community. Each of these groups of people are affected by the company’s decision in different ways. You may also check out insurance brochure designs and examples.

Additionally, companies use these report as a marketing tool. It presents the forecasts of the management regarding the company’s fortunes, it shows the efficiency of the company through its activities, and lastly, it is a guarantee to the customers and prospects that the company can be relied upon through its achievements and milestones presented. You might be interested in multipurpose business brochure designs and examples.

For the reports to be easy to understand, the key sections that you need to browse through are the company description, the letter, management’s discussion and analysis, financial summary, management or directors, as well as the investors.

All in all, a company report brochure is a must-have for every company since it has a lot of functions. Knowing the importance of report brochures, this is a perfect time for you to start creating your brochure. Alternatively, you can check again the examples section in this article for awesome and cool designs of report brochures. You may also see brochure examples in psd.

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