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The photography industry is filled with competitive professionals who can take breathtaking photos in various unforeseen circumstances and in given (or instructed) instances. There are any number of photography styles and themes, which makes it hard for a new photographer to make a mark in a specific photography niche.

Truth be told, it is a professional battlefield, where a photographer’s skills, equipment, and branding strategies make him/her stand out from the competition. One of the tools used by photographers to market themselves and their deliverables is a photographer postcard.

A photographer postcard or a business card provides a glimpse of a photographer’s previous works as well as the services that he/she can provide to prospective customers. It is essential for a photographer postcard to be created properly and accordingly as it serves as one of the branding materials of a photographer. When creating a photographer postcard, one should be aware of his/her realistic abilities so that customers can ensure that the information present in the document is credible.

One good thing about photographer postcards is that they come in varying sizes, shapes, and formats which gives a photographer the creative freedom on how to present himself/herself. We have curated postcard designs that can serve as your inspiration or reference when creating your own photographer postcard.

Studio Photography Postcard

What Is a Photographer Postcard?

With the continuous patronization for digital media, photographers are becoming more in demand nowadays. Creating a photographer postcard that can perfectly reflect a photographer’s business can efficiently provide a perception on whether a photographer can be hired for a particular photography project or undertaking. As a photographer, you need to be aware that a photographer postcard can be defined as follows:

A photographer postcard acts as a business card that can help photographers be connected to current and prospective clients. A basic photographer postcard includes the following information:

  1. The name of the photographer
  2. The professional certifications that the photographer has acquired through years of experience in the industry, if applicable
  3. The awards and citations given to the photographer by professional bodies in the photography industry
  4. The contact information of the photographer, including business mobile number, office contact number, actively monitored e-mail address, business/office or mailing address
  5. The online portfolio link of the photographer or the website that can showcase the previous works of the photographer
  6. Other business information that the photographer may personally find necessary to be included in the photographer postcard

A photographer postcard is a compact portfolio that a photographer can show to entities with inquiries regarding his/her photography services. Aside from the information listed above, the template used by photographers when creating a photographer postcard can also provide spaces where the showcase of the following can be possible:

  1. The photography works of the photographer. You do not need to place all the photos that you have taken in your photographer postcard as that is the purpose of creating an online portfolio. However, you can select a few of your best works and put them in the photographer postcard. These images can serve as samples that your prospective customers can look at so they can have an idea on how you take photographs.
  2. The technical skills of the photographer. When creating a photographer postcard, you can also provide the technical skills that you have been certified with during seminars. This can give a perception that you are truly aware of what you are doing as a professional. With this, clients can easily trust you and your deliverable.
  3. The kind of photography output that a photographer can provide to clients. A photographer postcard should have a precise information listing of the kind of photography that a photographer is immersed in. This is very important for customer expectations to be properly set. As an example, a couple looking for a photographer for their prenuptial shoot cannot just hire a nature photographer whose expertise are in landscape and/or wildlife. This is the reason why the inclusion of the particular type of photography works that can be provided by the photographer to customers is relevant to be placed in the photographer postcard.

Professional Mini Portfolio Postcard

Wedding Photography Postcard

Uses of a Photographer Postcard

Creating a photographer postcard is a wise decision as it can provide a lot of advantages to a photographer. Here are some of the instances and events where a photographer postcard can be used:

  • A photographer postcard can serve as one of the showpieces during photography events and expositions where a photographer will participate.
  • A photographer postcard is a tool that can be used by a photographer to offer continuous communication to prospective customers whom he/she have met in unexpected circumstances or time duration.
  • A photographer postcard can serve as a desk display in the office of the photographer or the company where he/she works for. This can let the photographer easily open a conversation or a presentation to customers who have visited their business location.
  • A photographer postcard can be used as the initial or welcome page/banner in the website of the photographer. This can help in ensuring that the branding of the photographer can flow through different medias and platforms.
  • A photographer postcard can be given to possible partners and collaborators that the photographer has met in seminars and other photography activities.

Photographer Business Postcard

Photography Studio Gift Voucher and Postcard

Who Can Benefit from Photographer Postcards?

Since a photographer postcard can be used in different circumstances, there are also a lot of entities who can benefit from the usage of this tool. Some of these entities include the following:

  • The photographer
  • Interested clients/customers
  • Models who would like to build their portfolios
  • Casting agencies who need photography services
  • Marketing-related businesses
  • Publishing houses and print media companies
  • Trade fair organizers and attendees
  • Professionals in the field of photography
  • Academe whose educational expertise is aligned with photography

Nature Photography Postcards

Minimal Photography Postcard

Different Kinds of Photographer Postcards

A photographer postcard can be used in different natures of operations and functions. Some kinds of photographer postcards are listed below.

  • Business Photographer Postcards are used by professional photographers who have offices or stores where the clients can go to. This means that the photographer postcard serves as a corporate document that can promote the photography business either owned by the photographer or where the photographer works for.
  • Personal Photographer Postcards are created by private individuals. It is commonly done by practicing individuals as a part of a school project or an academic requirement. Especially to those students who are immersed in multi-media and communication arts courses, a personal photographer postcard can help a lot in terms of documenting their evolution within the field of photography.
  • Project-Based Photographer Postcards, as the name implies, is used by photographers who may take photography as an additional source of income. Part-time photographers may have day jobs which makes it difficult for them to branch out and gather actual connections. Through the help of a project-based photographer postcard that can be passed from one person to another, it will be easier for these kinds of photographers to be connected to a wider audience.

Romantic Photography Postcard

Tips in Making a Photographer Postcard

If you want to develop your own photographer postcard, it is best if you will first look at existing samples of the specified tool. Looking at downloadable templates and samples can help you identify the design and content format that you would like to apply and achieve on your postcard. Aside from this, some of the guidelines and tips that you may also incorporate in the creation of your own photographer postcard are as follows:

  • Present not only your photography works but also yourself. As a professional, you need to make sure that both your business and personal branding can be evident in the photographer postcard. Being able to showcase who you are as a photographer is an important factor to grab the attention and trust of your prospective customers.
  • Format the photographer postcard based on your personal aesthetic. As mentioned above, there are different ways on how you can create your own photographer postcard. If you want to stand out from your competitors and be remember by your clients, you should practice originality when making your photographer postcard. The uniqueness of your photographer postcard can help develop retention among your customers. It is highly suggested for you to follow a theme when making this document so all the details that you will put in it can look cohesive and put-together.
  • Complete the content of the photographer postcard especially with regards to your contact information. Your photographer postcard can only be deemed fully-usable if all the initial information needed to be known by your clients are placed in the document. Make sure that you can easily be reached by your customers by listing down all your contact information in an organized and understandable manner.
  • Make the tool simple yet appealing and informative. Your photographer postcard is a business tool after all. With this, you have to make sure that the design and format that you will use in developing it is applicable for business transactions and professional processes.

Street Art Photography Postcard

With the use of a photographer postcard, a photographer can easily market himself/herself to possible customers. The creation of this tool can help a lot in terms of ensuring that a photographer is branded according to what he/she can deliver in terms of skills, performance, and services. If you want to create your own photographer postcard, make sure that you are already knowledgeable of the information listed above. These items will allow you to effectively create a photographer postcard that truly works.

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