Wedding Thank-You Postcard

Last Updated: April 28, 2024

Wedding Thank-You Postcard

After the lights have gone off and the guests have left, everyone starts talking about how beautiful the wedding was. As hosts of the event, you can’t help but feel this overwhelming sense of gratitude towards the individuals who made your day extra special. But sometimes, saying the words “Thank you” isn’t enough to demonstrate how we truly feel. You may also see corporate postcard designs.

In the past, people used to write letters and send cards to people they love. These days, everything can be done with a click of a button, which is why taking the conventional approach doesn’t seem like a bad idea to try out. Using a wedding postcard to show your appreciation towards guests who were present to share your special day with you is a great way to make them smile. It might seem like a simple act to administer, but considering how rare postcards have become, people are sure to recognize its value.

Greyscale Wedding Thank-You Postcard Example

Greyscale Wedding Thank-You Postcard Example

Sunlight Wedding Thank-You Postcard Example

Sunlight Wedding Thank-You Postcard Example

Scenery Wedding Thank-You Postcard Example

Scenery Wedding Thank-You Postcard Example

Saying Thank You to Guests Through Postcards

How many weddings have you attended so far? A lot, maybe. Perhaps you’ve been to over a dozen ceremonies since you were a child who believed that every love story ended with a fairy tale wedding.

Now, how many of these couples actually took the time to express their sincerest gratitude in the form of an old-fashioned postcard?

Living in an age of digital revolution, physical cards and vintage postcards might sound a bit prehistoric compared to what we’re used to these days. But using postcards to share our deepest sentiments with others is a tradition that has been practiced by a great number of people for many decades. Back when technology wasn’t as prominent as it is today, many individuals used postcards to communicate with loved ones who lived miles away.

Apart from the travel postcards that we’ve been accustomed to, many people began sending postcards as a way of saying thanks to friends and family who have witnessed a milestone in their life. These thank-you postcards are suitable for any given occasion, be it a birthday party or a wedding celebration. As an event host, gifting your guests with something as memorable as a postcard is the perfect way to make people feel appreciated every once in a while. It serves as a lasting reminder that a simple act can go a long way in a person’s life.

New Chalkboard Thank-You Postcard Example

New Chalkboard Thank-You Postcard Example

Cute Couple Thank-You Postcard Example

Cute Couple Thank-You Postcard Example

Lace Wedding Thank-You Postcard Example

Lace Wedding Thank-You Postcard Example

Just Married Thank-You Postcard Example

Just Married Thank-You Postcard Example

7 Reasons to Send a Postcard

Too many people waste precious time waiting for others to make the first move. But if you really want to connect with other people, then you need to make an effort to initiate the conversation instead of waiting around for that email or phone call to come.

But instead of hitting up your best friends over at some social networking site like Facebook or Instagram, how about bringing it back to the basics with a traditional postcard? Sending all kinds of superb postcards that are relevant to your current situation is not only a creative means of communication, but it’s also an unexpected yet pleasant act that people will surely appreciate.

If you’re still not willing to give up the modern trends for some century-old practice, here are some things that might just convince you to start using postcards again:

1. To Stand Out

Sure, sending emails, chats, and text messages seem like the most convenient methods of communication, but is it really that exciting? What happens when the message gets deleted? Would you still be able to pass it around to friends and family in the next couple of years?

The truth is, sending postcards have become relatively rare these days that people who have received one have gradually learned to appreciate its value. It’s not the postcard itself that makes the difference rather, it’s the thought that somebody would care enough to send over a postcard when they least expect it. You may also see event postcard designs.

2. It’s Easy to Do

Despite how efficient sending a faceless email can be, imagine how creative you can get with a personalized postcard?

You can simply purchase a postcard from a nearby store, craft one by hand, or create your own version using a computer and a postcard template. The great thing about postcards is that it allows you to get creative with your own copy by customizing it according to a specific purpose. For instance, your holiday postcard could have an image of Santa Clause on its cover, or you could put up a family portrait to spread the holiday cheer with friends and relatives. With the right resources, creating your own postcard design won’t be a problem.

3. It Lasts Longer

Unless you have the time (and space) to store your files on a cloud system online, you would need to transfer a lot of your files from one device or drive to another, just to secure a copy that could potentially last a lifetime.

Fortunately with a physical postcard, if stored properly, it can last for hundreds of years. And the fact that it is tangible would mean that it could easily be stored for safekeeping, and you wouldn’t have to worry about the occurrence of accidental deletions or file corruptions.

4. Security Risks Are Low

How many times have you received a professional email from a random person, only to realize that they’ve sent a malicious malware over to your device from the moment you opened it? Some of your friends or family members might even be victimized by such act, and if you’re not careful, you could end up opening the same type of malicious software that they’ve unknowingly sent as well.

With a postcard, you wouldn’t have to worry about personal data being exposed for hackers and online thieves to thrive on. Third-party entities won’t be able to get their hands on these cards either, so whatever is written stays between you and your recipient.

5. The Extra Effort Is Greatly Appreciated

It only takes a few minutes (or maybe even seconds) to write and send an email. It doesn’t require much effort to carry out, especially when anyone can do it absentmindedly.

With a postcard, however, think about all the resources that go into creating a single card. You pick a design, choose an image, write your message, and address it to a specific person. Because of these extra steps, general postcards are considered to be a lot more personal in nature. It shows how much you care about a person due to the amount of time and effort that has been dedicated to bringing this postcard to life.

6. It Relieves Stress

Spending about 45 minutes of your life doing arts and crafts can keep your mind off the problems and issues that exist in the world. It’s now time to let your mind drift away from anything that can cause you stress by allowing your creative side to takeover. You don’t have to worry about making the ‘perfect’-looking card, as what matters most is your ability to portray a heartfelt message in the form of a simple cute postcard design.

7. They’re Inexpensive

If the one thing that’s stopping you from sending a postcard is the cost required to make it happen, then you might be looking at things from an entirely different perspective.

You don’t need to go to the store to buy the most expensive card they have, nor do you need to get your hands on a countless supply of art materials and embellishments to decorate your attractive card. If it’s made with sincerity and love, you could easily whip up a good postcard with your eyes closed.

Vintage Airmail Thank-You Postcard Example

Vintage Airmail Thank-You Postcard Example

Cute Canopy Thank-You Postcard Example

Cute Canopy Thank-You Postcard Example

Rustic Tree Thank-You Postcard Example

Rustic Tree Thank-You Postcard Example

Tips for Designing a Memorable Postcard

If you’re itching to design a postcard that’s worth remembering but have no idea where to start, then here are a few design techniques to guide you through the process:

1. Make it clear and concise.

Avoid adding any unnecessary components to your card. This will only make your postcard appear cluttered, driving a viewer’s attention away from its primary message. If you’re up for it, you could even add a short yet but headline that’s compelling enough to stick in a person’s mind. You may also see restaurant postcard samples.

2. Choose appropriate images.

It’s always a good idea to use pictures or illustrations that are relevant to the postcard’s purpose. Like photo thank-you cards, using images may easily garner attention from its viewers. One look at the image and a viewer can immediately associate it with the postcard’s overall theme and function.

3. Use a CMYK format.

For a better color pay-off, it’s highly advisable to begin the project in CMYK rather than just converting the file later on. This will help you select more accurate colors for the postcard to stay vibrant after it has been printed. This can potentially save you a good amount of time, especially if your proposed design contains a wide and dynamic color range. You may also like great tips for postcard marketing.

4. Ensure quality printing.

Even if the design looks remarkable on your computer, there’s no saying it would generate the same effect when printed. Knowing this, a good printer must be taken seriously. Try looking for a good printing service that has gained raved reviews from its customers. Once you’ve found one, you can start inquiring from there. You may also check out inspirational postcard designs and examples.

5. Consider good card texture options.

Always (and we mean ALWAYS) choose high quality, heavy stock for your postcards. Never sacrifice the quality of your card for something that offers a cheaper option. If you’re printing photographic postcards, a gloss finish would be a great choice. As for a typographic design, then a matte finish works best. You might be interested in photographers postcard examples.

A wedding thank-you postcard is the cherry on-top of a magical celebration. This serves as the perfect way to let people know that you appreciate them, while also leaving them with a token to remember the day that changed you and your partner’s life forever.

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