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Weddings are one of the biggest day of anyone’s life. It is the day when a person finally embraces the idea of starting a life with someone. And that does not only take a lot of love, it also takes a lot of guts since marriage, as with all relationships, is a risk. You may also see business postcard examples.

If you’re lucky, you will only get married once. (Because let’s be real. How many marriages end up in divorce nowadays? There is always that possibility, even for those who claim their love can move mountains.)

So if you’re planning on only getting married once, of course you would want to make this celebration as noteworthy as possible. This moment will be with you forever. And you don’t want that memory to be tainted by, say, an imperfection on the cake, or the unsavory food, or, God forbid, some mishap with your dress! You may also like how to write a postcard worth remembering.

Be My Bridesmaid Postcard Example

Gold Glitter Be My Bridesmaid Postcard Example

No, we all want our wedding day to be perfect. For all the flowers to bloom for us and the sun to shine its brightest day. Which is why weddings can take so many months to prepare. There seems to be countless details to complete. And one of the most important parts of a wedding are the guests. After all, this is not only between you, your groom, and the priest. This is a moment to be shared with the most important people in your life.

This brings us to bridesmaids!

Bridesmaids are the members of the bride’s party in her wedding. They are also most commonly from the relatives or close friends of the bride. Generally, bridesmaids are single women of marriageable age who assist the bride in all wedding preparations. Which is why, choosing your wedding’s set of bridesmaids is an important decision. You may also check out event postcard designs.

Important Bridesmaid Duties

1. Help in wedding preparations.

Since this is your big day, no one should expect you to do all the job yourself. Yes, there is a wedding planner and probably an event organizer as well, but nothing beats a close friend’s advise in making the most important wedding choices, such as the picking the dress or the color theme. The bridesmaid should also make herself useful in the littlest things such as packing the invitations, since her main role, in the first place, is to make the bride’s life easier.

2. Help in pre wedding events.

Your bridesmaids are also tasked in helping you with pre wedding events since you simply cannot organize everything herself. And why should you? These pre wedding parties are for you anyway, so someone else should be given the responsibility of doing as much of the work as possible. You might be interested in examples of church postcards.

Here are three examples of pre wedding events:

  • Bridesmaids Luncheon. This is a formal event that happens a couple of weeks before the wedding. By hosting this, you can express her gratitude to her bridesmaids for their presence. However, since the few weeks before the wedding are usually the busiest, you may not have the time to organize these luncheons. If this is the case, you can always treat your bridesmaids to dinner or cocktails, or simply a day in your house, instead. You may also see great tips for postcard marketing.
  • The Bachelorette Party. Or the hen’s party are, as you already know, parties held for a woman before she gets married. Common myths may impose upon you the idea that, on these nights, girls try to give their engaged friend the best night of her life by getting drunk and hiring male strippers. In reality, these parties are a little more calmer than that. Usually, the girls engage in activities they all enjoy. Most commonly, this is one of the tasks of the bridesmaids: to organize the bachelorette party of the bride. You may also like restaurant postcard samples.
  • Rehearsal Dinner. Rehearsal dinners are what happens after rehearsals. Everyone is probably starving after the boring wedding run through. But aside from feeding guests, rehearsal dinners are also organized so that everyone can get well-acquainted with each other. Although rehearsal dinners are commonly organized by the groom’s family, it is still the duty of the bridesmaids to be present for the bride. You may also check out holiday postcard examples.

3. Be an emotional support

Needless to say that the few weeks before the wedding is one of the most emotional set of days of a woman’s life. You will need someone to calm you down and help you pull herself together when the stress of planning your wedding wearies you down. There will also be the unavoidable wedding jitters.

You will doubt if all of what’s happening is a good choice. You’ll probably even doubt if you have chosen the right man! (Yes, it can happen. And no, you are not a bad person for it.) The bridesmaid’s job is to quell all these questions and all these fears. It is an unwritten responsibility of the bridesmaids to make sure that you push through with the wedding no matter what. You may also see psd postcard examples.

4. Be a helping hand

Despite all months of preparations, something is bound to get wrong. It has been proven and tested. And no one expects you, in your wedding gown and three feet hairdo, to run errands at the last minute. This responsibility is handed down to the bridesmaids. They are also expected to help usher and guide the guests and even co-host. And, most importantly, assist the bride in her restroom duties. You may also like superb postcard design samples.

Chalkboard Be My Bridesmaid Postcard Example

Greenery Bridesmaids Proposal Postcard Example

Planning The Bridesmaids Card

Once you’ve considered all of this, think of all your close friends and relatives and choose those whom you think will do a great job in all these things. After that, we are on to planning and designing your bridesmaids card.

You may be thinking what you need bridesmaids cards for when you can always ring your friends and ask them to be your bridesmaids. If that works for you then go ahead. But if you want to do this wedding right, YOU NEED THESE THINGS. You may also check out small business postcard examples.

These cards will help you set the mood of your wedding. It can help give your chosen girls an idea of what they should expect. Giving out bridesmaids card are also more personal. You can even design one differently than the other depending on which girl will receive it.

You need bridesmaids in your wedding. They will make all the burden that you will surely have to carry much, much lighter. They will also make the stressful months of planning more fun! Nothing like your bestest friends to make any dull errand more enjoyable, right? You might be interested in photographer’s postcard examples.

So if bridesmaids are so important, shouldn’t you treat them as such? Make your girls feel special by taking the time to personalize bridesmaid cards for them. Here are some tips to help you:

1. Pick a Theme.

But don’t get too caught up in it. Just a general look to help you design your card. Perhaps some floral patterns? Or maybe a lot of gold? You can design your card however you want to!

2. Incorporate Humor or Sarcasm.

This is not some formal invitation, this is just a simple card you’re going to send to your close friends so no need to be all professional. If you think your friend can appreciate humor and sarcasm, blend some in along with your card. A dirty joke will even spice things up! This is the best way for your recipients to know that you have really put some thought into these things. That’s all that matters anyway.

3. Make It Personal.

As mentioned above, you can personalize your bridesmaids cards depending on the recipient. And there are only a handful of bridesmaids so personalizing each one will not take up too much of your time. Try to be fun and outgoing with your bridesmaids cards, but don’t forget the magic of class and simplicity. Meld these two powerful elements together and you’ll achieve the perfect card for your (almost) perfect wedding. You may also see funny postcard designs and examples.

Purple Be My Bridesmaid Postcard Example

Blank Floral Bridesmaid Postcard Example


In special celebrations like a wedding, people usually go all out. Which means that they usually spend more than they should. But no food or gown or venue can ever make this event, this day, more special for you and your groom than the people who are with you on that day. Choosing your bridesmaids is not only a bridal responsibility. It is more personal than that. It is like proposing to a friend that you share the bonds of sisterhood forever. You may also like examples of vintage postcards.

Since weddings are, to say it lightly, a big deal, being invited to share it with the bride herself is a gigantic honor. And it would be unsurprising if you and your bridesmaids, from then on, share a deeper bond, especially after sharing with them this milestone. So choose your bridesmaids with the same care that you did when choosing a groom. Both are, after all, expected to be with you all your life. You may also check out examples of vintage postcards.

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