Baby Announcement Postcard

Last Updated: April 26, 2024

Baby Announcement Postcard

The successful delivery of a healthy newborn is a massive affair, especially for the parents and families involved. And it’s completely understandable that the moment the baby’s first cry is heard, you would just want to go out and  tell the world about it!

Which is how baby announcements have become a trend. Instead of relying on oral message or posting on social media to spread the good news, these are a way more stylish method of letting people know that a new angel has been added to the growing family! You may also see travel postcard designs.

Adorable Baby Postcard Example

Adorable Baby Invitation Example

1909 Stork Baby Postcard Example

1909 Stork Baby Postcard Example

Baby Announcement Postcard Background Example

Baby Announcement Background Example.

Baby announcements also serve as an simple invitation to attend the welcoming celebration organized for the baby (if ever there is one). In this gathering, the infant is formally introduced to his little world and the people in it. However, since the family will be too busy in adjusting to the new baby and keeping up with the craze that comes along with it, baby announcements don’t necessarily have to happen right away.

Although traditional baby announcement etiquette tells us that these events should happen not more than six months after the birth, there are really no deadlines when it comes to baby announcements. Your baby waited for nine long months to see the world. He obviously took his time. You can, too. You may also see how to write a postcard worth remembering.

Stylish Baby Announcement Postcard Example

Stylish Baby Announcement Example

Bump Watch Postcard Example

Bump Watch Postcard Example

Baby Boy Announcement Card Example

Baby Boy Announcement Card Example

Details To Include In Your Announcement Card

Creating and personalizing a baby’s announcement card can be a fun and stimulating activity both for the parents and their family. The easy thing about making these is that you can design it in any way you want to! No pressure, no rules, and absolutely no standards.

Since, obviously, the baby still doesn’t have a design preference or even a general idea of what’s going on, it is your job to do all the planning for him and make the event as special as possible. Although he may not remember that day, you definitely will. And this is, after all, not just an event for the baby. It is for his parents, too. You may also see small business postcard examples.

So before we discuss the best part which is designing the card, let us first check out the important information that should be included in the invite:

1. Exact date of birth.

This detail is important to at least give the guests an idea of the baby’s age. And, if they are ever planning on bringing gifts, they can estimate the baby’s needs through it.

2. Gender.

Let’s face it. Babies look the same. So even if you post ten pictures of your baby’s face in different angles, your guests may still not know if your little bundle of joy is a girl or a boy especially if you use gender neutral colors for the invitation. So it’s best to give them a heads up. This tidbit may also help them in choosing gifts for your child. You may also see corporate postcard designs.

3. Weight and height.

A surprising number of people are actually curious about the baby’s size. (Maybe they want to gauge the intensity of pain the mother felt during childbirth by basing on how big the baby is.) So instead of having to answer this question from people who just really want to know all throughout the event, just throw this detail in there to save yourself the burden of having to answer the same question over and over. You may also like event postcard designs.

4. Name of parents and siblings.

For guests who are not very well acquainted with you (and who might just be a plus one), just take the time in introducing yourself and the rest of the family through the invitation.This can also be a way for you to express your pride. Put your name up there to show them you created that child!

5. Who delivered the baby.

This detail is not exactly necessary but most parents include it for the sake of acknowledging the hands who first held their child. After all, the doctor or midwife was the one who helped the mother get that big ball out of her body so, as a way of saying thank you for the role they played, include their name in your card. You may also check out examples of church postcards.

6. The baby’s name.

This is the most important piece of information you can include in your simple card. This is also the detail that ALL of your guests are dying to know! A person’s name will be a part of his identity for the rest of his life so don’t keep your guests wondering. Also, these cards are sent to introduce your baby and how else will your guests know who your baby is when you don’t include the name?

Hello Little Baby Postcard Example

Hello Little Baby Postcard Example

Who Should You Invite?

Most parents prefer an intimate celebration with only close friends and families. After all, only those who are truly close to you will celebrate this triumph along with you. But if you want a big gathering to really make sure everyone knows about your baby, and budget is not an issue, get crazy with your guest list.

There isn’t exactly a list of people you should and shouldn’t invite to baby announcements anyway. But if you find it particularly difficult to finalize your guest list, just consider the people who you think will get hurt if they don’t get invited to this event marking an amazing milestone in your life. You may also see great tips for postcard marketing.

Electronic or Paper?

Your guests will not make such a big deal about the form your invitation will come. They will be too excited about the baby! But if you’re really struggling to decide which one, why don’t you have a little of both? Electronic announcements are cheaper and more convenient. With all the things on your plate, an electronic invite can be your best buddy in spreading the news without exhausting you too much. You may also like restaurant postcard samples.

However, paper invitations are more personal and more heartfelt. They can also make great souvenirs. And your baby’s grandparents or godparents may want to brag about the new addition to their life by showing the invitation card to their circle of friends or whoever wants to listen.

But then again, there are no rules about how you should organize your baby announcements and there are no specifications on what form your invitations should  be. It’s all up to you.

You can send paper invitations to your friends, along with a cigar tied with ribbon to be traditional, who you know will appreciate it more if they receive your invite by mail or to those who do not have emails like your grandparents. You can also choose to send paper invitations only to your close friends and relatives while electronic invites can perfectly do the job for the rest of your guests. You may also check out holiday postcard examples.

Coming Soon Pregnancy Postcard Example

Coming Soon Pregnancy Postcard Example

Pink Baby Girl Announcement Card Example

Baby Girl Announcement Card Example

Very Cute Baby Announcement Postcard Example

Very Cute Baby Announcement Postcard Example

Tips in Designing Your Paper Announcement Card

1. Pick a color.

Your invitation card doesn’t exactly need a theme so the main thing you can go for when designing one is picking a signature color. Most parents go for blue for a boy and pink for a girl. But if you want to stray from that unofficial norm, feel free to experiment. You can always go for vintage, or floral, or pastel, or gold, or even mint! There are many colors to choose from. (Honestly, stop it with the pink and blue.) As long as your color will perfectly match the happiness you feel about your child’s birth, go for it.

2. Add a background.

This is the main thing that people can go for when they think the invitation card is too dull. Adding little stripes or patterns can spice up your card’s look.

3. Include a picture.

This is the part that guests and parents go crazy for. THE BABY’S FIRST PHOTO SHOOT! THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE you can do to make your invitation card look more adorable than attaching a photo of your child on the front. (And to tell you the truth, this is the only thing that guests want to see in your card.) Also, and this is very important, you may think that just because you have an impressive Instagram feed and a working camera you can take care of a newborn child’s photo shoot no problem. You may also see photographers postcard examples.

No. You can’t. The baby’s moods (there is nothing more bipolar than an infant), the weather (for an outdoor photo shoot), the positions and angles necessary to make your baby look most adorable; you can’t handle all that. So as unnecessary, as luxurious, and as expensive as it may sound to you, give your baby justice and hire a photographer who specializes in baby shots. These moments are precious, especially to the parents. You may also like examples of wedding postcards.

You’d be amazed at how fast your child grows so while he’s small and vulnerable and all yours, hire a professional to document his first months in this world! You won’t regret it.


Babies are an enormous deal, needless to say. It’s another life brought to the world by another life! Just thinking of how we have the ability to do that already sounds so magical. And for excited parents, this is a celebration that deserves nothing less than a grand party. However, in reality, not all of us can afford having these. Aside from being impractical, baby announcements are also quite unnecessary. You may also check out examples of vintage postcards.

Relying on the good old word of mouth or the power of social media can already do the work. Although having a baby is a big deal, you don’t have to organize a party to prove it. Share the moment with those you love and that is quite enough.

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