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Remember the magic words “thank you”? Even with everything that’s happening in the world right now, these so-called magic words still work magic. There have been so many moments wherein a sincere “thank you” would have made a big difference. That is why sending thank you cards are timeless. When verbal words are difficult to conjure, writing and sending out a thank you card is useful because it can make it easier for you to show and express your sincere gratitude for a gift or assistance that someone has provided you.



Guidelines: Writing the Thank You Note on Your Thank You Card

If you are the kind of person who would only look up on the internet for the perfect quotes or the perfect words to write on your thank you card and also the same kind of person who wants to show that he or she is sincere, then maybe it’s time for you should stop being the kind of person stated in the former because if you want to be sincere, you should not rely on other people’s words to show your sincerity. You may also see examples of creative greeting cards

If you want to be genuinely sincere, you should conjure up your own words for your thank you card because keep in mind that thank you notes written on thank you cards should be different and personalized. It makes a great difference if you would create your own words fro your own thank you notes. You may also like to read thank you greeting cards

If you have a difficulty in own thank you note for thank you card, just refer to these guidelines:


  • If you are going to send thank you notes with multiple reasons, such as after having a successful birthday party, ensure that you are going to write and send the correct and appropriate messages and especially the names of the person who have attended your birthday party. One technique that you should do in order to write the correct thank you note to the correct person is to write the names of each of the person you are sending a thank you card to in each of the thank you card. Write each of their names in pencil so that there will be no difficulty when erasing it or you could just tuck your blank thank you card back into the box or paper bag the gift came in. You may also check out floral greeting card examples.
  • If you have received gifts via mail, you can create a digital thank you card. There are various websites and computer software that enable you to create your own personalized digital thank you cards that you can easily send back to the sender of the gift via email especially if he or she has not provided a complete address of her home. However, if he or she has provided such, it will still be best if you hand in a tangible thank you card. You may also see best greeting card designs & examples.
  • It is suggested that observe K.I.S.S. or keeping things short and simple when it comes to writing a thank you note on your thank you card; however, there is definitely no wrong if you would prefer writing a long thank you note. Just make sure that it perfectly fits within the dimensions of your thank you card so that it would not look bad when you would try to cram words in a small space. You may also see DIY greeting card designs & examples.
  • It is encouraged that you should be specific about what you are thanking the person for because it would look bad if you would just simply and carelessly say “Thank you for the gift”. This will only give the impression that you could not even remember what the person has given you. If you would only send out a thank you card, make sure you have written a decent thank you note where you could at least acknowledge the gift r service that has been given to you. You may also like examples of animated greeting cards.
  • Do not get the idea that you should only send a thank you card just because you liked the gift that has been given to you. Send a thank you card even if you do not care for the gift that has been given to you. Keep in mind that you do not have to mention that there is no way that you could use the gift. You may also check out vintage greeting card designs & examples.
  • It is also best if you would mention how you are going to make use of the gift that you were given with.  The receiver of your thank you card would be glad to know that the gift he or she had sent will be definitely of great use. You may also see examples of funny greeting cards.


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The Basic Template for a Good Thank You Note for Your Thank You Card

We have to admit though that not every single one of us has been given the ability and the gift to know what to write or say. If you are one of these unlucky people, you can make use of this basic template that can guide you on how you can write personalized thank you notes for your thank you card without breaking a sweat:

1. Greetings.

What’s a note without a greeting? Make sure that you would not forget writing the correct form and spelling of the name of the person you are sending a thank you card to. Imagine if you are given a thank you note wherein your name is wrongly spelled; would you feel happy? Definitely not. Even if you are just writing and sending a thank you card to a close friend or a family friend, you should make sure that you have written the correct greeting.

2. Start expressing your gratitude.

Now keep in mind that you are not writing a formal letter so you can just get started, right after the greeting, in expressing your gratitude by simply stating the words “Thank you”. You may also see rustic greeting card designs & examples

Expressing “thank you” could be written in several ways, such as:

  • “Thank you so much for the… “
  • “You totally made my day when you sent me a gift… “
  • “I’m so grateful for the…”

3. Add specific details.

It would be inappropriate if you would just send a thank you card and all you have written inside is just a “thank you” without other details. You can include the details of you can use the gift or how you were able to use it. You can also tell the details of how excited you were when the delivery man had delivered the gift to you. You may also like examples of holiday greeting cards

Just add exciting details in your thank you note and it will automatically mean to them that you have genuinely appreciated the thought. Even if you were given a cold, hard cash, you can also tell them about how you are going to make use of it. You may also check out business greeting card designs and examples

Here’s an example:

Hey Mom! Thank you so much for the dress you sent me on my birthday. It was just perfect for our major class report and here’s a picture of me looking so professional for the report! I was given a lot of compliments and it definitely boosted my confidence during the report. I can’t wait to use this again for my other class report so I would be able to do others as confident as I did yesterday.

4. Look ahead.

By looking ahead, it means that you should mention the next time you might see the person again or you could just mention that you are always thinking of them. It shows that you are a thoughtful and sincere person who is not just after the gift and thanking about but you are also thoughtful enough for the person who has given you the gift. You may also see birthday greeting card examples

In continuation of the example above, here’s an example of how you could “look ahead”:

May is about to end and I’m just completing school projects and preparing final reports for all of my classes. I look forward to coming home this summer. I’m always thinking of you and home, Mom; I wish June would come sooner so I can finally come home.

5. Restate your gratitude.

Restating your gratitude simply means you repeat saying “thank you” again. You may also add additional details so you would end your thank you note with a “thank you” that is stated in a more personalized way. You may also see star wars greeting card examples

In continuation of the example above, here’s an example of how you could “restate your gratitude”:

Again, thank you for the dress you sent me. I’ll let you know when I’m coming back home to make sure you will be there at the airport as soon as I’ll arrive. I feel so blessed to have a fabulous mother like you. I can’t wait to go home soon!

6. End with your regards.

End with your regards to the last part of your thank you note. While “sincerely” is the safest way to end your thank you note, you might as well use other terms to have variation especially if you have closer relationships and want to have a warmer option. You may also like photo greeting card designs & examples

Here are some other ways to end with you regards:

  • With love,
  • Many thanks,
  • Yours truly,


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Tips for Developing a Design for Your Thank You Card

Aside from making use of a ready-made thank you card, it would still feel great if you are the one who will develop a personalized design for your thank you card. You do not have to worry because there is definitely no strict rules and guidelines that you need to follow when you would create a thank you card. You may also check out watercolor greeting card design.

However, here are some design tips that can help you in creating a personalized design for your thank you card:

Use design elements that are related to the event/ instance you are thankful for

The design elements, such as the images, used for the design of your thank you card is important because it has a big impact on how your card will be perceived by the receiver of your thank you are. For instance, you sent a thank you card with images related to Christmas but you are thanking someone for attending your birthday party– wouldn’t that be weird and isn’t it irrelevant? You may also check out wedding greeting card designs & examples.

Make use of quotations  without covering your personalized thank you note

Even if it is encouraged that you should conjure up your own words for the thank you note on your thank you letter, it is all right for you to send a letter with quotations. There are various quotes you can find online that are related to the reason why you are sending a thank you card to a person. You can make use of this quote as part of your card’s design but ensure that there is enough space for you to write your personalized message. The ready-made cards you can buy often has a part where there is a quote and there is also a part where it is blank. The blank part is where you can write your personalized message so that the thank you card you have sent does not sound too generic. You may also see examples of anniversary greeting cards

Find inspiration from other thank you card designs online

Do you lack the inspiration to create your own thank you card design? Getting inspiration is easy: just look up various thank you card design that can definitely spark up your mind that has been depleted of inspiration. Make sure that the thank you cards you are getting an inspiration from have the same purpose as the thank you card you are going to send. You may also check out graduation greeting cards

Keep your design simple and minimal but effective

Keep your thank you card design simple but effective enough to make your message of thanks get across to the people you are thankful for. Keep things minimal such as not overwhelming the thank you card with so many design elements but lacking in written content. Most of the time, receivers would be more grateful on the written content of a thank you card rather than the design. Make sure your thank you card and thank you note has meat and not just some fancy card that does most of the showing but tells nothing. Do no go overboard with the design and let your written content do the rest of the magic. You may also like naruto greeting card designs & examples

Make use of thank you card templates

If you still find it difficult to design your own thank you card, you can make use of the downloadable templates that we have uploaded here for you in this article. Some of it may already have design elements that may or may not be related to the purpose of the thank you card that you are going for but these downloadable thank you card templates are definitely available for editing– which means that you can still add a little touch of your own style and it can still be somehow considered as a personalized token. You may also see retirement greeting card examples


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When You Should Give Out a Thank You Card

When someone would give you a gift, it is already a given that you should be sending a thank you card. However, you might have missed out the other instance wherein you should have sent a thank you card. You may also like vacation greeting card examples.

With that, here are some of the common instances or scenarios that can guide you on when you should be sending a thank you card:

Give out a thank you card after you were treated to a dinner party you were invited to attend

Hosting dinner parties can be tough on the part of the hosts and it would feel nice on their part if you would be sending out a thank you card to them. This is the way on how to make them feel like every effort they have made to make the event successful has been fruitful because you are one of the people who has enjoyed the dinner party to the point that you sent a thank you note. It is also a part of the etiquette rules especially if the dinner party venue is your friend or co-worker’s home. You may also see examples of Christmas greeting cards

Give out a thank you card when someone does you a favor

Did a friend look out for your pet when you were out of town? Did a co-worker help you from the start of your employment up until to the major project that gave you a promotion? It is important that you should send a thank you card after someone has done you a favor especially that it took some minutes or even days or months of their personal time. It is like an automatic response and a responsibility that you should be thanking them. You may also like bridal shower greeting card designs & examples.

Although it does not mean that this could become a burden on your part, thanking them could be one of the most important things to do. Even if it is not feasible for you to thank them in person, you can always make use of the advancements of technology, such as creating and sending them a personalized digital thank you card, in order to express your gratitude to them. You may also see mammal greeting card designs and examples.

Give out a thank you card following a job interview

Only a few would do this but it is encouraged that you should send a thank you card right after a job interview. Even if there is no assurance that you would be accepted for the job that you applied for, you should consider sending a thank you card to your interview and express your gratitude regarding on the opportunity you were given with. You may also check out cat greeting card examples

This shows and demonstrates that you possess professionalism and grace by making sure that you have shown your potential employer that you are being genuine in showing interest to be a part of his or her company’s workforce. Additionally, it also shows your interpersonal communication skill which is one of the major skills that an employer is looking for in an employee. Just think of sending a thank you card after a job interview as hitting two birds with one stone: first bird means that you were able to express your genuine gratitude and the second birds mean that you would have an advantage over your competitors because who does not want to be thanked to? You may also like examples of musical greeting card designs

Give out a thank you card after a promotion or raise

Finally, after years and years of hard work in trying to achieve a raise or promotion, you finally achieved it. It is only rightful that you should send a thoughtful but professional thank you card to the person who has made it possible for you to achieve what you have always wanted. Keep in mind that it’s the same person who has seen all of your efforts and who has seen your worth. You should also include mentioning why the advancement that has been given to you means so much as well as how you are going to plan on giving back to the company after having given so much faith in you. Giving a thank you card for a promotion or a raise also means that you are not ungrateful and also translates that you just deserve what you got. You may also see corporate greeting card examples.


Expressing your gratitude through thank you cards is timeless. We hope you have made use of the templates above to express your gratitude to someone.



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