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We must accept and face reality—we are living in the digital era where technology is what we are depending not only to survive but also to make things easier and faster. Without technology, a lot of things are so hard to manipulate, especially those transactions that require careful and intensive work that only technologies could process. Although many people would say that technology has 0% intelligence, with the help of programming, technologies can surely help in processing data and information. A lot of technologies are required nowadays to one can achieve and complete fast and efficient work. Whether it may be in school, at home, at work, and almost everywhere, technology is what we all need to quickly and efficiently perform tasks. There might be disadvantages in using technologies but that is only the case when you abuse them instead of making use of them. You may also see examples of modern brochure design

Below are the different examples of technology brochure designs that you might need if you are offering products and services related to technology. Check them out now!

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Technology—a Bane or a Boon

Technology may be beneficial or harmful all depending on how you use or abuse them. There are always two sides of a coin especially when it comes to a debate on whether technology helps a lot or just a source of destruction. Some say technologies are a friend to everyone, while others would say they are just a foe to the society. So, what really is the role of technology in our daily lives? Are there significant changes when you are or are not using technologies? The answer will depend on the level of dependency one has put on the use of technologies. You may also like real estate brochure designs & examples

Hence, to take a quick glimpse on whether technology is a bane or a boon, below are the advantages and disadvantages of using technologies and their effects on the people’s live, young or old, tall or short, and everyone who are using technology. You may also check out creative brochure examples for designers

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1. Advantages

  1. Efficiency in a lot of industries. Advances in technology help people become more efficient in whatever they are doing in their respective industries. In education, students can acquire global knowledge without the need to leave their classrooms. They can even search for explanations on the internet using computers, a very popular and useful technology these days, if there are certain topics in school that the believe they have not understood much. They can also study the topics in advance even if they don’t have books for there are a lot of information that you can search on the internet. They may also oppose to the obsolete information given by their teachers if they got a more updated one from the internet. They may also refer to the internet for their assignments, especially when they got assignments that are not yet taught in school. With technologies, students can learn in a fast pace. Another example is in farming. The processes the once required dozens and dozens of human workers can now be automated with the use of advanced technology, resulting to a greater cost efficiency for farmers. Lastly, in medical industries, which is an important aspect in a country, research and development has become faster and because machines and computers are of great aid to these processes. You may also see examples of education brochure design
  2. Cost-efficient. Because of the advances in technology, many companies employ them in processes especially those that are repetitive ones and in carrying out tasks. They can even produce similar or even better results as compared to human output. As a result, business entities can save costs for manpower, allowing them to invest those savings to other areas in their business that need to be enhanced, thus having an overall growth to the market and on the economy in general. This will boost the market as well as the living of the people and the economy of the whole country. You may also like examples of company brochure
  3. Quick information access. Through technologies, there is a quick access to the information that one might need. Many information are being published online, like this article, that can be used for entertainment or research. Smart phones and other handheld devices can help a lot can perform tasks similar to PCs and laptops. You can even store files internally or externally or in the drive on the internet. You can also easily retrieve those information as you wish and at times when you are already needing those files for certain purposes. You may also check out examples of business brochure design
  4. Fast and better communication. Electronic mails, video conferencing, voice messaging, instant messaging applications, and social networking applications can be performed through the use of technologies such as computers and mobile phones. It is undeniable that without computers, our access to communication might be difficult and things needed to be responded immediately cannot be attend to. Imagine you are still living in a world of classic handwritten mails. You think you can quickly respond to immediate meetings and conferences? You think it is easier to communicate with your friends for a stroll or a walk? Absolutely no. Thanks to technologies that make our communication lines easier and better. You may also see event brochure designs & examples
  5. Travel improvements. Using modern transportation technologies, it is now very easy to travel over long distances. There are vehicles with GPS attached to them, allowing them to locate places immediately and to take the fastest route possible. It is also easy to track vehicles using those GPS and know how many minutes till you arrive in your desired destination. Also, if you are a traveller and you are travelling for the first time in a foreign place, you can easily know our location through the map applications that can be downloaded in your phones. There are many other travel improvements that can be seen through the advancement of technology. You may also like advertising brochure examples

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Technology Brochure Catalog Template

2. Disadvantages

  1. Source of mass destruction. Technologies can be a weapon of mass destruction as they can be used to manufacture modern war weapons. But when these weapons of destruction reach the hands of hoodlums and criminals, they might use these modern technologies for selfish reasons and cause a great destruction to other people. Also, through technology, it is easier to track places to detonate a bomb or to plot something to destroy the place. War and conflicts may also arise and countries with advanced technology will use them to defend their country from all the threats or, worse, to destroy other countries that that became a threat to them. You may also see examples of bi-fold brochure design
  2. Social isolation. It is also observed that many people are becoming more and more isolated and detached from the real world because of technologies. For example, children prefer to stay inside their housed to play video games rather than playing with their neighbors on the streets. Another example is when teens prefer to communicate on social media sites rather than personally talking with their friends. They might have conversations on online messaging and chat, but in real life, they are just ignoring each other’s presence. They might also do not want to go out and hang with friends in real life but instead stay on one corner of their rooms scrolling and laughing over the posts in their newsfeed. But this will lead to loneliness or, worse, depression. We can also observe in restaurants and cafes that instead of the people talking with each other, they become very busy scrolling through their phones, either playing mobile games or browsing through the internet or social media sites, an indication of poor personal communication and an isolation to the real world.
  3. Technology-dependent. Sometimes, we may become too dependent on the performance of technologies and rely too much on them for our daily existence. In everything that we do, we might feel the need of technologies, and this is a sign to technology dependency. However, when a machine breaks down, we become useless and we cannot perform tasks because we become too dependent on the use of machines. There might be a solution, but we do not have the capacity anymore to think as humans because we fully rely on the machines. You may also like examples of hotel brochure design
  4. Less manpower value. It has been stated above that technology can help companies perform task in a fast pace and efficient way. For example, farmers need not hire more people because technologies can be a replacement for them. Many other processes can be automated, meaning less manpower is needed and less people are needed to perform the task machines can do the work for them. Although this might help businesses to save cost for salaries and wages, this also entails that there is a reduced manpower value. In effect, more people become jobless and will be a part of the unemployed population. Business industries might contribute to the growth on their country’s economy, but this also entails an increase in the population without work. You may also check out training brochure designs
  5. Reduced creativity and reasoning. Technologies can also reduced creativity and mental and intellectual reasoning as can be observed with the excessive use of calculators, for example. Because people are becoming too much dependent on the use of calculators, they can no longer perform simple mathematical operations anymore. Also, when having to design for projects or anything, people rely on the designs produced on and can be searched on the internet. People will not anymore try to test their creative skills in the aspect of decoration and design. As a result, their creaitvity will not be practiced and enhanced and their mental reasoning cannot be exercised. This might be true for some instances, but there are some designs and schemes that only technologies can quickly perform especially when it comes to creating projects in bulk that needs to be done in a short span of time. You may also see medical brochure examples

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Technology Brochure Catalog Template

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Quick Close

As we come to a close, given the advantages (efficiency in a lot of industries, cost-efficient, quick information access, faster and better communication, and travel improvements) and disadvantages (source of mass destruction, social isolation, technology-dependent, less manpower value, and reduced creativity and reasoning) presented above, the last verdict is on our hands on how we use technologies. It always depends on the user on how he or she is utilizing the use of technologies. People cannot blame the advent and constant upgrade of technology for technologies cannot do harm when they are operated the right way. And although it might be a source of destruction, we must always remember that we are the ones manipulating the technologies and we are the ones in control over them and not the other way around. We must be reminded that the effect of technology in our lives depends on whether we use them properly or abuse their functions. You may also like tri-fold brochure designs & examples

Hence, if you are offering products and services related to technology, you must be aware of the related effect on people’s live. Just go on to what you believe, for whatever you believe will happen. Still not sure on what to design in your brochures for your business entity? Scroll back now to the examples and designs of technology brochures above. You may also check out brochure examples in psd

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