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There are a lot of heartfelt moments that we will always remember within the entirety of our lives. Whether it is because of a gift that has been given to us or an act of kindness that we have received, it is only essential for us to  give back by showing our appreciation. Remember that it is not always in providing the same thing where you can showcase how thankful you are for what you have received. It is in the small acts of being appreciative that you can truly show how you feel about it.

If you like to express your gratitude towards someone, then do not be shy or hesitant to show it. It is an amazing feeling when a person appreciates you, so make sure that you can make other people feel that by giving them a thank you card. We have listed a number of printable thank you cards so you can get a lot of inspiration if you have already decided to make one.

Chalk Thank You Card Bundle


Floral Dream Funeral Thank You Card

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Simple Thank You Card

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Thank You Cards for a Gift Received

If you receive something in a form of a gift, there is always a feeling of joy that you can feel within. May it be expected or not, you can show your gratitude to the person who has given you something by writing a thank you card in return. Listed below are some of the guidelines on how you can incorporate your message in a DIY thank you card for a gift that you have received.

  • Explain why you appreciated the gift. Rather than just saying thank you for an item, you can explain how you felt when you received the gift. You can be in-depth when explaining what you liked about it which may include the characteristics and visuals of the gift. Also, you can specify the things that you can do with the gift or the benefits that you can experience by using the gift on certain activities. This can make it clearer to the gift giver on why you are thankful for the gift that you have received.
  • You can discuss your feelings while opening the gift and finally seeing what it is. The emotions that one can feel when receiving a gift are not only contained during the phase when he or she knew that a gift is for him or her. With this, you can tell the story of how you felt when you are opening the gift. You can showcase your excitement about it which can make the gift giver happier as you are already appreciative of the gift even if you still have not seen it. The thing that you need to showcase in relation to this matter is how the gift made you feel.
  • Describe the gift. When receiving a gift, a simple description of it can be placed in your thank you card. If you will have a description of what you have received, then you can tell the gift giver how it is related to your characteristics, functions, and activities.

Elegant Wedding Thank You Card

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Cherry Blossom Funeral Thank You Card


Thank You Card Snow Forest Scene

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Thank You Cards for Events, Gatherings, and Celebrations

There are various events that may occur within a year. Hence, there are different kinds of thank you cards that you can write from time to time. Developing a thank you card for the people who attended an event or a celebration that is made for you should be based on the nature of the gathering. Some of these events include the following:

  • Graduation celebration
  • Wedding day ceremony and reception
  • Baby showers and bridal Showers
  • Holidays

May it be a bridal shower thank you card or any other thank you cards mentioned above, always be keen when it comes to specifying details in the thank you card that you will make. Some of the things that you need to be mindful of when creating a thank you card for these events are as follows:

  • Specify the participation of the card receiver. It is not only the attendees that you need to thank during an event as you also need to be conscious of how other event stakeholders feel. Especially in big events, you can write a thank you card for your suppliers, the organizers of the event, the owner of the location where the event was held and all the other people who have made the event possible. This can directly tell the people who received the thank you card for the reason why you are thankful for their presence.
  • As much as possible, discuss about the event alone. There may be times where our thank you cards can be too personal or it can be given to someone who we are truly close with. This can let the instance of over-discussion to occur. Do not thank the person for other things which are irrelevant to the event. However, you can connect these items to how it has affected the outcome of the event. Limit your words to a lengthy and indirect thank you card can be too vague and boring.
  • If applicable, give the thank you card after the event. Your thank you card can serve as a souvenir for the event. This way, you can fully maximize the usage of the tool as it can be used to thank the attendees of the event while letting them have something which can remind them of the event’s program and activities.

Elegant Thank You Card

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Peace Funeral Thank You Card Template


Wedding Thank You Card Template

wedding thank you card template

Reception Thank You Card

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Thank You Cards for Help and Hospitality Received

There are some instances that are not too grand like a wedding where you feel like you still want to send a thank you card to someone. These instances can be any of the following:

  • If someone has welcomed you to a group or to their homes
  • If someone showed hospitality especially if you are not familiar with the location where you are currently at
  • If someone offered help in your times of need

Photo thank you cards or even the simplest thank you cards that are intended to be given to someone who has helped you or has done something good to you can provide inspiration to the card receiver to continue his or her good deeds and actions. If you will create a thank you card that will be used for these instances, here are some of the tips that you may incorporate in the development of the tool’s content:

  • Remind the person of the instance when you received help or good treatment from him or her. It is essential for you to remind a person about his or her good dead especially if you will give the thank you letter at a later date. This will allow him or her to know the details of the specific activity that made you thankful. With this, your appreciation will not be awkward or confusing to think of on the part of the card receiver.
  • Identify the reason why you are thankful for the help that you have received. There are different instances where the level of help can be appreciated accordingly. You need to make the card receiver know how thankful you are by stating facts about the effect of his or her good deed. This will help you to explain your feelings even more especially if you are not that close to the person to whom the thank you card is for.
  • Provide appreciation to his or her good heart and kindness. Aside from the details of the instance where you received help, encourage the person to continue what he or she is doing. Appreciate him or her in a way that he or she will feel good about the help being done.

Christmas Ornament Thank You Card

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Wedding Thank You Card

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Printable Thank You Vector for Appreciation Cards


Vector Floral Thank You Card

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Is it Necessary to Send a Thank You Card?

There is no one forcing you to develop a thank you card. Writing a kids thank you card or any other type of thank you cards should be based on your own will. However, there are a lot of advantages and benefits that you may experience if you will create a thank you card may it be a gift, an event, or an extended help. Some of the reasons why we think that there is a need for a thank you card to be written include the following:

  • It can show your characteristics. Though saying a simple thank you is enough to show appreciation, creating a thank you card can say a lot about how you value people and their efforts. Your personality can be seen and reflected in the thank you card that you have created. If you want to make other people around you feel appreciated and extra happy, then it can showcase how you want happiness and a continuous healthy relationship to remain within the circle of your acquaintances.
  • It can make you different from other people who experienced the same thing that you did. In the perspective of the card receiver, he or she can easily separate people who truly appreciate a gift or a help from those who do not or even from those who just take things for granted. A little effort may be necessary to create a thank you card but it can surely help you to leave a positive impact to the people who are willing to lend a helping hand or give you a gift so you can also feel special in varying circumstances and events.
  • It can make you memorable. Even if your thank you card has already been written and given for a long period of time, people can still look back at it and remember your appreciation. Your thank you card is a piece of you that can physically be with the receiver of the tool. With this, you can ensure that you will be remembered on a positive note.
  • It can help you extend your gratitude. Aside from the items specified above, creating a thank you card can enable you to extend your gratitude. Through this tool, it will be more effective for you to show how you feel towards the other person. Again, saying thank you is enough but creating a thank you card can give more value to how you appreciate a person, a gift or an act.

Corporate Thank You Card

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Fall Thank You Card Template

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Wedding Thank You Card PSD Template

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Photography Thank You Card Template

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Developing a Thank You Card Design

There are no strict rules and guidelines that are needed to be implemented every time you create a business thank you card or a personal thank you card. However, there are some design tips that you can use to improve the aesthetic and overall visuals of your thank you card. Some of the thank you card design development tips that can be helpful to you are as follows:

  • Use design materials and items that are related to the event or instance where you are thankful for. You need to achieve coherence in the creation of the thank you card. The designs that you will incorporate into the card can provide a big impact on how the card will be perceived by the expected receiver. As an example, use Christmas icons if you will send a thank you card to an attendee of your Christmas event or celebration.
  • You can use quotations and other thank you notes but ensure that you will have a personal message within the thank you card layout. There are templates of thank you cards that already include a statement of appreciation. You can still use this as a part of your card design but make sure that there will still be enough space where you can write your personal message. This can make your thank you card not generic, unique and original.
  • Refer to samples of thank you cards used in the same purpose so you can get inspiration on how to create one. There is various thank you cards that you can refer to. However, you need to make sure that the purpose of these cards are the same with the purpose of why you would like to create a thank you card. Do not be misled by using a thank you card samples that is not intended for the event or process where you will use it.
  • If you do not know where to start in terms of designing a thank you card, use downloadable templates to make the process faster and easier. There is nothing wrong with using templates as your guide. As long as you will edit the details especially the message in it, then you can still make these templates as personal as possible. What is good with templates is that they can still provide you with the liberty to edit some of its features which can help you show your personality even if you will use the template as the foundation of your thank you card.
  • Be minimal with the design that you will use as you want the message of appreciation to shine rather than giving focus on the appearance of the card. We do not want you to disregard the design of your thank you card. However, we also do not want you to go overboard when it comes to creating the look of your thank you card. Though a well-designed thank you card can be really appealing, the content of the card is what can make the tool truly shine.

Retro Thank You Card


Christmas Yuletide Greetings and Thank You Card

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Funeral Program Thank You Card


Elegant Thank You Cards

elegant thank you cards

Things to Remember When Sending a Thank You Card

It is not only in the content of the thank you card that it can be deemed successful in providing your appreciation to a gift or an act of kindness. The timing that you incorporate to the delivery of the thank you card is also essential and should be considered. If you will write a thank you card for someone, here are some of the things that you need to always keep in mind:

  • Decide on whether you will send a thank you card electronically or physically. Digital thank you cards are very convenient to be used but there is an old world charm that is encapsulated in using a physical thank you card. When deciding whether to send a thank you card through e-mail or handing it physically; think of the factors that you need to consider like the personality of the person to whom the card is for, the means by which you think the thank you card can be more appreciated, and the ease of the process not only for you but also for the card receiver.
  • Send the thank you card within a few days after receiving something. Usually, a thank you card is effective to be sent within three days. Though it is an ideal time duration, you can still send a card even at a later date as saying your gratitude can be done anytime as long as you can present it accordingly.
  • Update the card receiver about the receipt of the thank you card, when necessary. Though getting a response from the card receiver is not always expected, you still need to update him or her whether he or she has already received the thank you card or not. You can do this if you have not received any response for a number of days. There may be some issues in the delivery of the card which you need to be knowledgeable about. This way, you can ensure that your appreciation has been received by the person to whom you have written the thank you card for.

Minimalist Thank You Card

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Funny Thank You Card


Thank You Card PSD Template

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Tips in Writing a Thank You Card

Whether it is a graduation thank you card, a wedding thank you card or even a business-related thank you card that you will make, it is very important for you to develop a thank you card in a thoughtful manner. Some of the tips that can help you write a heartfelt message for your thank you card and present it appropriately are as follows:

  • Make your thank you card simple. A thank you card can be more appreciated if it is filled with thoughts rather than design materials. Though the addition of the latter can add value to how you exerted your efforts in making a card, you should not forget that a thank you card is created not to impress but to show appreciation.
  • Add a warm thought when writing the thank you card. It is essential for you to not stick with the usual “thank you” messages as it can make your card too vague. Show how you truly feel by writing from the heart. More so, be personal when it comes to writing your message as it can showcase that the content of the card is truly coming from you and not from any other sources of quotations and thank you message samples.
  • Be precise when writing the content of the thank you card. Do not add a lot of irrelevant information when making a thank you card. Specifically, inform the card receiver why you are thankful for him or her. Adding a lot of things can make your thank you card look like a letter that does not necessarily focus on the purpose of why you have created the thank you card in the first place.
  • Specify information about the gift that you have received or any other reason why you are thankful for the expected card receiver. It is important for you to remind the person of the item or instance that made you feel thankful especially if it has been given or it has occurred for a certain period of time before you decided to give the thank you card.

Envelope with Thank You Letter

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Vintage Thank You Cards

vintage thank you cards

Colorful Wedding Thank You Card

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Writing a thank you card can help you in a lot of ways possible. As long as you want to show your appreciation, then you can use this tool. If you think that stating your gratefulness personally is awkward or if you want to be a little extra in sending your message of thanks, then create a thank you card to help you just with those.

Ensure that you will refer to samples and templates to make your thank you card more effective and efficient especially in terms of content development and layout formatting. Do not be afraid to create a thank you card with the thought that it may not be appreciated by the person to whom you are giving it. Remember that there is already something good that has been done to you and make a thank you card is only your way to return the favor.

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