27+ Thank-You Card Examples in PSD | AI | EPS Vector

Expressing one’s appreciation to another person or group is not only limited to phone calls, text messages, or email.  Even when the world is widely influenced by the Internet and other electronic devices that have the capacity to send our sentiments, giving cards is still favored.

Some may consider it as old-school, but still people get to appreciate cards more often, may it be in business or in a personal manner. Thank-you cards are available in print and are often displayed commercially. They can be made yourself too, handwritten, which is more sentimental. A thank-you note and a thank-you card may have a little similarity but they serve the same purpose—to express gratitude.

Business Thank-You Card Examples

Corporate Business Thank-You Card

corporate business thank you card

Real Estate Business Thank-You Card

real estate business thank you card

Baby Thank-You Cards

Baby Shower Thank-You Card

baby shower thank you card

Baby Photo Thank-You Card

baby photo thank you card

Birthday Thank-You Cards

Birthday Party Thank-You Card

birthday party thank you card

First Birthday Thank-You Card

first birthday thank you card

Funeral Thank-You Card Examples

Funeral Sympathy Thank-You Card

funeral sympathy thank you card

Vintage Funeral Thank-You Card

vintage funeral thank you card

Photo Thank-You Cards

Printable Graduation Photo Thank-You Card

graduation photo thank you card

Wedding Photo Thank-You Card

wedding photo thank you card

Birthday Photo Thank-You Card

birthday photo thank you card

The Content of a Thank-You Card

There is only one main goal of writing and making thank-you cards—simply to express how grateful you are and how much appreciated your addressee is. You know that warm feeling when you get to  receive things that have sentiments and special favors by someone, it feels just so right and so special. Being able to tell them how much it means to you, is also a great deal for those people who care for you.

An effective and efficient thank-you card is the kind of card that shows sincerity and provides clear message that sticks to its purpose, saying thank you. The following are the things you will include in the content of your thank you  card.

  • The date when you are writing the thank-you card. This must be place at the upper right corner.
  • Next thing is the greeting—in formal letters, that’s considered a salutation. You may start by saying “Dear” plus the name of the person, which is formal. If you wish to be more significant and wants to convey that the person is really special for you, you can say “Dearest” or “My Dearest”. If you wish to be casual and comfortable as possible you can start with “Hi” or “Hey” plus the name of addressee. Starting immediately with the addressee’s name is fine, but it does not really convey a friendly tone.
  • The body of the letter, the section is considered the meat of the thank-you card. This is where you will go ahead and tell why you are writing the letter. The first line of the letter must convey sincerity and must express emotions. The body must be specific too, you can mention the things or favors you have received, being specific even with the little things is very sweet.
  • The conclusion part in a thank-you card is not really necessary too long or wordy. It would be fine if you just state a one-sentence ending, or two to three words. Postscript is applicable too, it’s up to you.

Thank-you cards may be a bit of an old-school romantic idea, but really, this is a very sweet and thoughtful way of expressing sentiments compared to that of a thank-you note and an acknowledgment letter that is quite formal and corporate.

Sports Thank-You Cards

Basketball Thank-You Card

basketball thank you card

Baseball Coach Thank-You Card

baseball coach thank you card

Sports Birthday Thank-You Card

sports birthday thank you card

Wedding Thank-You Cards

Wedding Reception Thank-You Card

wedding reception thank you card

Classic Wedding Thank-You Card

classic wedding thank you card

Why Are Thank-You Cards Important?

As the world continues to evolve and improve, lots of things are  also changing and progressing. Conversations have become electronic chats, casual hi’s and hellos have become short text messages, and actual talking has manifested in a form of video chats and video calls. Some greeting cards are sent through electronic mail, which has taken off in a big way. Greeting cards like thank-you cards or birthday cards or a wedding card handed personally or door-to-door via snail mail or even airmail are considered more significant than those sent via the Internet.

Thank-you cards are very important because of the following reasons.

  • It shows that you are grateful and you have appreciated the effort rendered to you. When someone gives a gift to you, he or she is actually bailing out something from their resource such money, effort and time, yet they choose to spare spare some for you. And with that it is important to show them how much you have appreciated them.
  • A thank-you card is also a medium of keeping the relationship harmonious. It makes the bond of both persons tighter. Not only that, it keeps the communication open and  free flowing, providing better relationships.
  • Thank-you cards are sweet and thoughtful, especially when they are handwritten and most especially when it is more personalized. Being able to design a thank-you card personally is much more meaningful for the addressee.
  • Thank-you cards leave a positive impression and makes the addressee feel good about himself or herself. It flatters them as well.

Remember, thank-you cards are not only given because you received a gift or someone has done a favor for you. Thank-you cards could also given just because—just because you want to thank a person for a being their in your life or just because that person is amazing.

Graduation Thank-You Cards

Graduation Photo Thank-You Card

graduation photo thank you card1

Personalized Graduation Thank-You Card

personalized graduation thank you card

Graduation Party Thank-You Card

graduation party thank you card

Travel Thank-You Cards

Travel Wedding Thank-You Card

travel wedding thank you card

Vintage Travel Thank-You Card

vintage travel thank you card

Corporate Thank-You Card Examples

Corporate Event Thank-You Card

corporate event thank you card

Personalized Corporate Thank-You Card

personalized corporate thank you card

Vintage Thank-You Cards

Vintage Photo Thank-You Card

vintage photo thank you card

Vintage Chalkboard Thank-You Card

vintage chalkboard thank you card1

Vector Vintage Thank-You Card

vector vintage thank you card

Thank-You Card Ideas

You are planning to make a thank-you card but you have limited time, no problem. Aside from the ideas you can get from the examples above, here are various themes that can spark ideas for making thank-you cards, depending on the occasion or context.

  • Business thank-you card. For business, we have the corporate, sales, and real-estate thank-you cards that are simple yet formal and could easily be distinguished because it bears the logo and company name. With its minimal choice of colors, that would surely convey formality and decency.
  • Baby thank-you card. This thank-you card idea has the option of the simple one that bears the classic type of design and the other one is the photo baby thank-you card that is a little bit distinct because of the photo included.
  • Birthday party thank-you card. This is usually given by the celebrant as token of appreciation for all the presents receive during his or her birthday. Our “royalty” sample design is surely very adorable for those baby girl/ toddler celebrants. With pink as a dominant color, it surely suits the princess-like concept of the thank-you card.
  • Birthday gift thank-you card. This type of card is given specifically because someone has received a memorable and sentimental material or object. Above, you can find an example of a first birthday thank-you card.
  • Funeral sympathy thank-you card. This type of card is something not very common yet still very fine to give out. When you are simply thankful for a particular family or a certain organization who gets to help you or those who extended their deepest condolences on times of your mourning. This thank-you card also provides a vintage theme design in the card.
  • Wedding and graduation thank-you card. Our samples of these includes a choice of including the photo of the graduate which is more personalized and also we have the simple and the basic ones that never runs out of style.
  • Vintage vector thank-you cards. This is totally unique and attractive for it has a distinct design which is not cliche and not boring to look at.

Thank-you cards are surely very interesting to make and very heartwarming to receive. So if you are interested in doing such, just don’t forget to go ahead and browse our samples or you may also like to check out our other card examples like business cardsgreeting cards, and birthday cards.

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