Bridal Luncheon Invitation

People often think that weddings only include the ceremony itself. On the contrary, there are quite a few more pre-wedding parties that should be a part of every wedding celebration. One of these parties is the bridal luncheon.

The bridal luncheon is distinguished as a daytime celebration, whether during brunch, afternoon tea, or dinner, that is attended by the bride’s bridal party: the bridesmaids and the flower girls. It is an entire afternoon of feminine amity with a strict “no boys allowed” rule. You may also see bridal shower invitation examples.

Most people think that bridal luncheons are unnecessary (and very much not part of the wedding budget) but an afternoon with your girls, sipping cooled champagne and eating soft, sweet, chocolate truffles is a must-have by every bride.

Bridal Luncheon Invite Example

Bridal Luncheon Invite Example

Bridal Luncheon Invitation Design

Bridal Luncheon Invitation Design

Spring Themed Bridal Luncheon Example

Spring Themed Bridal Luncheon Example

Why You Absolutely Need to Have a Bridal Luncheon

First of all, bridal luncheons can be a way for you and your girls to bond. Let’s face it. You probably had no stress-free, wedding-unrelated day with your closest female friends because, unfortunately for your friendship, the last few months have been all about you and your wedding. This is your chance to get back up on that sisterhood horse and make it up to them. You may also see bridal shower greeting card designs & examples.

Bridal luncheons are simply an excuse for you and your girls to spend an afternoon doing what you gals originally do before you’ve been completely devoured by the wedding craze. Talk about your personal lives and catch up on the gossip you’ve been too preoccupied to listen to. Learn about your girls’ latest escapades, and bad choices, and new boyfriends. You may also like bridal shower thank-you cards.

Use this bridal shower as an excuse to get away from it all and just be girls again!

Second, and just as important as the first, you have a lot of thanking to do. Your bridal party have probably done a lot for you over the course of your wedding planning. After all, they have been “assembled” to help you. How many nights have you called them up to your house because you just can’t decide which shade of pink should be on your simple invitation? (Seriously, baby pink and Spanish pink look exactly the same!)

How many times have they adjusted their general schedule for another one of your bridal needs? How many pre-wedding hormones did they have to gracefully deal with?

Greenery and Floral Luncheon Invite Example

Greenery And Floral Luncheon Invite Example

Bridal Brunch Invite Example

Bridal Brunch Invite Example

Point is, these people have wasted money and time on you, and although they probably know you’re grateful, you still need to do something for them. (Come on, girl. It’s not that hard.) And treating them to at least a few hours of insane feminine time is exactly the way to do it!

Lastly, bridal luncheons can also be a good place for the members of the bridal party to bond with each other. Since your bridal party is probably made up of close friends, close family members, and workmates, they probably haven’t found a good chance to meet yet. This is their opportunity. You can be the bridge that connects all these diverse, beautiful women. You may also see bride checklist templates.

Also, these people are going to be seeing each other a couple more times for all your wedding preparations and other pre-wedding parties, so it seems only right that they at least know each other’s names, right? This can also kill any sort of awkwardness between them and keep anyone from being left out. A relaxed, fun setting for your bridal shower is exactly what these girls need to be comfortable with each other. You may also like examples of graduation invitation design.

Greenery Bridal Luncheon Invitation Example

Greenery Bridal Luncheon Invitation Example

When and Where Should You Host Bridal Luncheons?

Bridal luncheons should take place a couple of days before your wedding. This way, you already have extra time to spend on a lazy afternoon since your wedding preparations are (hopefully) already done. But the exact date of your event is all up to you. Take into consideration all your guests. Do they have to travel from another town to attend your party? Do your friends have work on that day? Make sure that the day you have picked is doable to everyone. You may also see business invitation designs & examples.

Although the name of the event, bridal luncheons, may bring to mind a formal lunch, you may actually utilize a different part of the day for it. Would you prefer an afternoon tea instead? Or a brunch? An early dinner is perfectly acceptable as well. Choose which time of the day works best for you and the activities you have planned for your guests. You may also check out event invitation examples.

Floral Edged Bridal Luncheon Invite

Floral Edged Bridal Luncheon Invite

Who Should Host Bridal Luncheons?

There isn’t exactly a strict rule on who should do what anyway, since bridal luncheons are more tradition than requirement. Ideally, the bride organizes and plans everything since, as mentioned, it’s her way of giving back to her girls. But, if you’re one lucky bride, your more considerate friends, or future family-in-law, who probably know how busy you are, can choose to organize a bridal luncheon in honor of you, the bride. You may might be interested in party invitation examples.

Typography Bridal Luncheon Invite

Typography Bridal Luncheon Invite

Who Should Be Invited?

We’ve already talked about how bridal luncheons are celebrated by the bride and her bridal party. Well, to not make these events too exclusive, people outside the bridal party, but who are part of the wedding ceremony, can also be invited. Of course, you can bring your own mother (because she’d be ballistic if you don’t), your sister, and your future mother- and sister-in-law. Your bridal luncheon is also a great avenue for you to start spending time as a family. You may also see holiday invitation examples.

Bridal luncheons are typically more intimate than, say, bridal showers. Which is why you should be meticulous with your guest list. Invite only your closest female friends and family members. However, if you don’t want to offend anyone by not inviting them to your bridal luncheon, you can have a bigger group of people. Hey, the more the merrier, right? You may also like invitation card designs and examples.

Add in your grandmother, aunts, and other female acquaintances in the list for good measure.

Pastel Bridal Luncheon Invite Example

Pastel Bridal Luncheon Invite Example

What Should You Do During Bridal Luncheons?

The activities you choose to engage in during your bridal luncheons are all up to you. Choose an activity you can all enjoy. Anyway, your day’s main goal is to have a stress-free afternoon, enjoying each other’s company. Decide on a recreation that everyone can relate to. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Spa Day

You don’t have to hire a catering service or rent a ballroom for your bridal luncheon. A simple, normal day at your favorite parlor is still a great way to hang out with your girls. This activity is a hundred percent guaranteed to be relaxing and fun for all of you. Plus, you need to get your nails done for your big day right? Who said you can’t bring your entire bridal party for that? You may also see breakfast invitation designs and examples.

2. Movie Night

It would be like one of those slumber parties you loved going to in high school! You can prepare at least three movies and ten different snacks. Lay out comfy mattresses, blankets, and gigantic pillows and tell your guests to wear their most comfy clothes. You can have a night of snuggling, your favorite movies, your favorite people, without having the need to dress up! You may also like birthday invitation designs & examples.

3. A Picnic

If you absolutely love a day under the sun, then here you go. You can prepare finger foods and drinks, and enjoy the outdoors with your girls. There’s nothing like an afternoon of talking to get to know everyone after all, and a picnic is a perfect place for that.

4. Dinner

Do you and your girls have a favorite restaurant? Or a new one you guys absolutely want to try? Well, here’s your chance. You can all dress up and have a nice, satisfying all-girls dinner. You can even head out for drinks after! You may also check out examples of invitation envelope.

5. A Pool Party

If you have a pool in your backyard then put that to good use! Enjoy a day with your girls sipping your homemade cosmopolitan and showing off your favorite yellow bikini. Don’t stay under the sun too long though. Sunburn is every bride’s nightmare!

Watercolor Bridal Luncheon Invite Example

Watercolor Bridal Luncheon Invite Example

Bridal Luncheons Invitations

Don’t worry, no one’s going to ask you to spend too much money on bridal luncheon invitations. (We know you’ve spent enough on the wedding.) If you’re having a more casual event (like the list above), note cards, or a personal call, can do the trick for you. However, if you’re planning on a bigger, grander celebration, then take an extra mile to design and purchase invitations to match your event. You may also see examples of wedding invitation design.

Illustrated Bridal Luncheon Invite Example

Illustrated Bridal Luncheon Invite Example


Basically everything that happens before a wedding is for the benefit of the people in the couple’s life. After all, this is not only a big day to them. It is, too, for their closest friends and families. These celebrations are all to bring everyone together and give them all a chance to spend time with the bride and the groom before they start a life together. You may also see baby shower invitation examples.

It is also a chance for the couple’s family and friends to express their love and support, something they may not have the chance, or the courage, to say often. Weddings bring families together. They strengthen relationships and create new ones. Bridal luncheons are just another excuse for this.

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