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bridal shower greeting card

Bridal shower, although not a very important event as compared to the wedding, plays an interesting and exciting part of the life of the bride-to-be. This is an event in an anticipation of her wedding where invited guests, friends, and families send gifts and wishes. It is customary for the maid of honor or bridesmaid to be the ones throwing the bridal shower. The bridal shower attendants are not limited to them but also include close friends and families of the bride and groom. People who got invited to the bridal shower should, traditionally, be invited to the wedding proper. The gifts that these people bring are usually according to a certain theme. There are also instances in which the choice of the gift solely depends on the giver. You may also see love greeting cards.

Aside from the material gifts, greeting cards are also customary during this event. If you are looking for a perfect bridal shower greeting card, you’ve absolutely come to the right place! Below are some awesome examples of bridal shower greeting card designs. You may also see Christmas greeting cards.

Bridal Shower Thank You Card Template

bridal shower thank you card template
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Floral Bridal Shower Thank You Card Template

floral bridal shower thank you card template
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Examples of Bridal Shower Greeting Cards

Funny Bachelorette Party Card

funny bachelorette party card

Bridal Shower Tea Party Invitation

bridal shower tea party invitation

From Miss to Mrs Bridal Shower Greeting Card

from miss to mrs bridal shower greeting card

High Tea Bridal Shower Party Invitation Template

high tea bridal shower party invitation template

Vintage Unused Bridal Shower Greeting Card

vintage unused bridal shower greeting card

Cute Bridal Shower Greeting Card

cute bridal shower greeting card

Funny Congratulations Bridal Shower Card

funny congratulations bridal shower card

Editable Bridal Shower Card

editable bridal shower card

Embossed Mason Jar Bridal Shower Greeting Card

embossed mason jar bridal shower greeting card

Wedding Shower Card

wedding shower card

Ultimate Bridal Shower Checklist

As a bridesmaid or maid of honor or a sister of the bride-to-be, you are responsible for preparing the most memorable bridal shower. The bridal shower takes place on months near to the wedding day. Weeks, or probably months, before the bridal shower, you must prepare well the things and activities you need to do on that day. It is not a requirement that you must surprise the bride-to-be, but a surprise bridal shower is one of the factors that make the bridal shower exciting and a very memorable one. You may also see diy greeting cards.

In preparing a bridal shower, you must have a checklist on the things that you need to do or to prepare weeks before, days before, and during the event so you won’t forget the important things that you need to prepare. Here are the vital things and preparations that you need to consider and must bear in mind in throwing a bridal shower. You may also see thank you greeting cards.

1. Gather Your Troops

Firstly, if you have not yet organized a bridal shower, let me tell you, it is not going to be a smooth sail. The preparation may take several days and will eat up most of your free time. So, the first thing you do is to form an alliance with the bride-to-be’s close friends and relatives to start discussing your bridal shower plan. Or, who knows, somebody else out there is already planning to throw one and you might just want to merge your ideas. Bridal shower, after all, is not exclusively to be thrown once, but rather as many times as there are preparations from close friends and family members. You may also see birthday greeting cards.

2. Choose a Date

Once you gathered your troops, the next thing to do is to choose a date that coincides the bride-to-be’s vacant time as well as most of the coordinators’ free time. You cannot be certain that all of your invited guests could come on that day, but just schedule it on a day where you think most of them could probably come. You may also see congratulation greeting cards.

3. Form a Guest List

Although you are friendly enough that you want everybody to join your bridal shower, limit only to those people who are close to the bride or the family of the groom perhaps. Also, take note, that it is a tradition that you must not invite guests to the bridal shower who are not invited to the wedding. Hence, be organized, and make a list on the names of your guests. You may also contact them personally so the guest would feel that she is special enough and that the invite is a sincere one. You may also see printable greeting cards.

4. Choose a Theme

Having a theme is not mandatory; choose a theme if you want, but you can also choose not to have a theme. But for most bridal showers, there are themes chosen by the organizers such as backyard bliss, summer bonanza, and champagne brunch, but the most common of all is the tea party. Choose a theme that is suitable for your budget and those that can be easily prepared given the time you have for the preparation. Always consider time and budget in your preparation. You may also see retirement greeting cards.

5. Decide on the Location

As has been said, considering the time and budget, if you have still had these resources, you may choose a place where most guests will be accommodated and feel comfortable. But, having a grand place is also not a requirement in a bridal shower. You can even have them in your home, the bride-to-be’s home, in a place near you, or in a place accessible to most people. Remember that the most important thing is not the venue itself but the event you are holding. You may also see floral greeting cards.

6. Buy or Design Your Invitations

You have two options for your invitations: you can either make your own or buy them from the shops. In deciding whether to make or make, weigh the possible things that are needed for each option. If you are going to make your own invitation by the hand, it will take some time for it to be finished. But as long as you still have enough time left, go with this option. Designing your invitations would also make it more customized and personal and you can really see the effort put into the invitation. On the other hand, if you want to buy a pre-designed and pre-printed invitation, you must also take into account the budget you need to spend in buying the card. However, if you got a budget especially allocated for this, consider choosing this invitation since it is less hassle and does not require and demand a big portion of your time. You may also see anniversary greeting cards.

7. Send the Invitations

Now that you have listed the names of the guest and have created and bought your invitations, it is now time to send them to proper recipients. Make sure that the names are error-free and are properly printed and the invitations are sent to the intended recipients. It is not mentioned above, but there is an alternative to sending the invitations. Instead of the classic paper sent, you can utilize the internet in sending the invitation, hence, an electronic invitation. But still, the most common nowadays is still the traditional paper, tangible invitations. You may also see vintage greeting cards.

8. Decide on the Decoration

Unleash your creativity through the decoration of the venue of your bridal shower. As stated above, bridal showers are not required to be grand; instead, a simple and fun one would suffice. Thus, if you are planning to decorate the venue, you may opt for the grand one, those that are prepared by persons who have done this several times for a long time now, or you may decorate it with your own bare hands, with the help of other trusted people. You may also see funny greeting cards.

9. Decide on the Menu

Depending on your theme, your menu must coincide with the theme. For example, in a tea party, you may prepare tea sandwiches and a bottomless tea of different varieties. You may also include sweet pea soup for light lunch. If you are planning to have the bridal shower at night, you may choose dinner dishes. It always depends on the time of the day and the theme of the bridal shower. For bridal showers with no theme, you may pick a food of your choice or those food that you think most people would usually prefer. You may also see fall greeting cards.

10. Include an Activity

There are a lot of activities that you can organize in a bridal shower. An example is the bridal shower bingo where instead of having the word “bingo” on top of the card, it is replaced with the word “bride.” Another example is the pass the love story game where each guest gets their chance of exaggerating how the couples met. There are a lot more bridal shower activities that you can think of. Just make sure that many can participate and the bride-to-be will be on the spotlight and not anybody else. It is an event for her, after all. You may also see watercolor greeting cards.

11. Prepare Your Own Gift

After preparing the list of guests, venue, food, decors, as well as the activities, it is time to prepare your own gift to the bride-to-be. Choose a gift that is significant and can be practically used by the bride-to-be over those that are just for display and for the eyes only. You may also base your gift to the theme you have created, if you opt to have a theme. You may also instruct or make recommendations or assign to the guests what they should bring as a gift. This is to ensure that no two guests will bring the same gifts and to make the gifts complement with each other. For example, you may assign one guest to bring body wash, the other with a sanitizer, another one with perfume, etc. Notice that the gifts are under the same theme or category, for personal hygiene. Squeeze your creative juices and think of other interesting gift ideas.You may also see photo greeting cards.

Additionally, you can send greeting cards to the bride-to-be as well. Are you having an eye in one of our examples? If you have not yet checked the examples given above, might as well check them now or later, after you have finished on your reading. You may also see holiday greeting cards.

12. Create a Gift-Opening Space

It is anticipated that in every bridal shower, it is a shower of gifts and wishes. Because wishes are intangible, gifts are the ones that we can immediately and plainly see. When there are more than enough gifts, you need to have space where the bride-to-be can freely openly them. Include in your preparation scissors and trash bags to maintain an order of the area. It need not be a separate area for as long as the bride-to-be is in a breathable space, it is the right place to open the gifts. You may also see blank greeting cards.

In Sum

Bridal shower, although a not-so-necessary event, is a special event in a bride-to-be’s life. Hence, if you are the one bestowed or have the power to do the preparation, you must plan it well ahead of time for a smooth flow of the event, making it a very memorable one for the bride-to-be. Among the things that are included in your checklist are as follows: gathering your troops, choosing a date, forming a guest list, choosing a theme, deciding for the location, buying or designing the invitations, deciding on the decoration, deciding on the menu, thinking of an activity during the shower, preparing your own gift, and, during the bridal shower, creating an area where a gift will be opened. You may also see Disney greeting cards.

Preparing a bridal shower is never too easy, but a challenging one. One of the highlights is the giving of gifts and wishes by the close friends and families of the bride-to-be. And of course, greeting cards are among those that commonly sent to her. Hopefully, the designs above helped you in your bridal shower greeting card designs. You may also see rustic greeting cards.

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