Can a Company Fire You after a Notice

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Can a Company Fire You after a Notice

It is common for many employees to provide a two-week notice to their boss if they have decided to quit their job. It is the standard way and it prevents any disruptions or burdens on the company, the departments, and staff meant to deal with transitions and replacements.

However, many employees still doubt if they can be fired even if they have given the notice. The short answer is yes. The reason is that most employees are still employed At-Will (discussed later) and they don’t even know that. And even if you filed a lot of free notice, you are still going to be fired.

Is It Possible to Be Fired After Giving a Notice?

Even if you give a notice to your employer that you are quitting your job (it might be a two weeks notice or a notice to quit), your employer can still fire you even if you already give any kind of notice.

This is thanks to two reasons.

  • One, your employment might be under an At-Will contract this means that the company can fire you anytime for any reasons or no reasons at all.
  • Two, while you are in the transition phase, your employer might tell you to leave right away, maybe for personality conflict or other reasons.

Company Policy Regarding Termination and Resignation

In some other instances, there are companies who will appreciate you for giving them a notice in regards to your resignation notice because of the concerns about the company’s reputation.

In regards to that, the employers must also be very careful about how they will handle the resignation of their employee because they know that the departing employee has the capability of sharing exclusive and private information with their competitors.

In addition, the resignation notice of the employee may have a huge impact on the whole company, that is why the departure of the employee must under the employer’s control.

Four Reasons Why You Should Never Quit without Notice

Here the Four reasons why you should never quit without notice.

  • There are important people that matter. Your boss is not the only one who will take your resignation very seriously. Your colleagues, your clients, your direct report, and your boss’s peers will also take it very seriously and they might get mad because you left them hanging without even a warning notice.
  • You will run into these people again. There’s a huge chance that you will meet again the same person who get stuck trying to figure out how to finish the project you left unfinished, and trust me things will never be the same again for both of you.
  • You might want to work with the same company again. It is really inevitable that you want to come back to the company where you resigned, maybe because you found your groove and thought that you are now more capable of doing the job. But you can’t because the company might have a bad record for you.
  • There are benefits in giving a notice. if you quit without notice letter, you may not be entitled anymore in receiving any vacation payout or planned bonus that you would otherwise receive if you have just given the notice.

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