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Have you ever planned on building a company from scratch? A lot of companies and businesses often start from scratch. A variety of people see it as a sensible thing, while others may perceive it as a difficult task. The only thing that may be difficult to grasp is the reason for starting a company. We have all heard statements that make a company stand out from others. Making a good statement of purpose helps the company to be seen and stand out from the crowd. As you go along, here are examples you can download to make your company purpose statement.

3+ Company Purpose Statement Examples

1. Sample Company Purpose Statement

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2. Company Personal Purpose Statement

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3. Company Insurance Purpose Statement

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4. Company Construction Purpose Statement

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What Is a Company Purpose Statement?

A company purpose statement also called a statement of purpose is a short written summary of your company. The purpose statement talks in short but descriptive details about what your company will be. Like a mission statement, a company purpose statement shows the product and the services of your company and the positive impact it has on your future clients. In addition, once a company purpose statement is constructed and ready, the next action you are taking is a series of goals that help make the purpose statement a reality.

How to Create a Company Purpose Statement

Creating a company purpose statement is a part of the whole planning. Your statement shows the unique trait of the company and summarizes the services and products you offer.

Step 1: Start with a Draft of Your Purpose

Writing a draft helps. It helps you see the ideas that flow out and check which one of the ideas you can use for your purpose statement. It gives you a wider berth of how you can approach this without having to think of making mistakes.

Step 2: Show What Your Company Is About

As you make your draft for your purpose statement, focus on what you want your future clients to know about the company. Cover the areas you believe your future clients will want to know about. This means the products, services, values, goals, and objectives. All of this is what many clients often seek out first to get a glimpse of the company.

Step 3: Get Some Feedback on Your Ideas

Allow some feedback and areas to grow. Feedback helps you to find the right purpose statement you can use that will sound unique, and true to your company and that helps draw in future clients. As soon as you have the right idea, it is time to finalize everything.

Step 4: Finalize Your Statement and Proofread

The final step is to finalize the statement you made. The purpose statement should cover what your company is about. The vision, mission, and goals too. Make a thorough proofread just to be sure you did not miss out on anything important. It also helps in making sure that your spelling is perfect.


What is a statement?

A statement is a written essay that can be short or long. The statement is used as a means to express something or to talk about a topic. Statements can be used in businesses, companies, organizations, and even when you apply to a university.

Why do you need a purpose statement for your company?

To explain, show, and define what your company is about, you will need to make a catchy and unique statement that proves what your company is about. This helps your future clients know what services and products you offer to them.

What are other types of statements?

There are a lot of kinds of statements with their purpose and uses. The ones that are listed below are the most common types of statements you can also check out.

  • Problem statement
  • Freelance statement
  • Nursing statement
  • Graduation statement
  • Internship statement

In any company, you see a short description of what they sell or the products they have. The more unique it is, the more they stand out. Taglines act like purpose statements. They show the crowd who and what they are as a company. To get ahead of competitors, purpose statements have to be unique. From the example templates found above and the steps to making your own, there is no stopping you from making that company purpose statement.

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