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Last Updated: March 7, 2024

Professional Logo

From where you are at the moment, take a good look around you and note down all the brand logos you can find. You could probably count up about a dozen logos without much effort. Everywhere we go, even in our own bathrooms, logo design is embedded in everything we encounter on a daily basis. They influence us in different ways and serve as a bridge between us and our favorite brands.

But really, what is a logo? Are they important in business? Is it ideal to have a logo for the purpose of professionalism? The basic concepts surrounding a logo is something that designers and their clients must fully understand.

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Basic Attributes of an Impactful Logo Design

There are different ways to design a logo, as it all depends on creativity and preference. But to help you evaluate your logo design, here are the fundamental attributes a successful logo must possess:

1. Simple

As a designer, you’ll know how important simplicity is in the world of design. Some of the most iconic logo designs are often the most simple — consisting of geometric shapes and complementary colors. It bears basic features that are easy to remember, yet stunning enough for one to take notice of. Remember, you don’t have to overcomplicate things to be different, as people will always appreciate a good, modern logo design.

2. Original

Imitation might seem like the best form of flattery, but that’s not the case when it comes to a logo design. You see, being different does have its perks. This will make it easier for customers to distinguish your company from competitors, as well as recognize the brand from a distance. While there’s no harm in seeking inspiration from other successful designs, it’s important for a designer to push to develop a creative logo.

3. Memorable

Pepsi, Windows, Nike — at the mere mention of these brands, did their logos ever come to mind? Chances are, you can probably sketch out these company logos easily with your memory as your only guide. An effective logo design is one that can leave a permanent impression in a person’s mind. Not only can you associate the name with its logo, but you could also recall the products or services they offer. This is a clear sign that a business has successfully established itself in the market with a good logo design as well as a strong brand to support it.

4. Timeless

Following the latest trends is a common practice some logo designers do that can often turn out to be a huge mistake. While it may acquire popularity, for the time being, it’s bound to become mainstream and outdated after a while. As a designer, you have to think about the long run, specifically how your logo will be perceived as by current and potential customers in the years to come. Remember, once a customer becomes loyal to your brand, they develop an emotional connection to your logo design as well. A timeless logo will allow you to build consistency for your prospective customers to appreciate.

5. Versatile

From large billboard ads to small business cards, there are several ways a logo could be used for marketing. Regardless of how it is applied, it’s important for a logo design to remain scalable and well-detailed all throughout. Apart from adapting to the size of the medium being used, it must be flexible enough to appear visibly in both color and grayscale to emphasize the whole idea.

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Purpose of Logos in Business

To describe it in a general sense, a logo is meant to identify a person, product, service, or business of which it is made to represent. It’s hard not to think of a business without its logo coming to mind. With that being said, let’s discuss the role of a good logo design in business.

  • Gain positive first impressions – In the corporate world, sometimes first impressions can leave a lasting one. If a logo fails to appeal to its target market, then this can cause a negative perception towards the brand. This is why it’s essential for a designer to pay close attention to every aspect of the design and for a client to make sure to hire a professional to do the job, so as to not end up wasting any resources.
  • Influence customer decision – It’s hard to believe that people could easily make judgments about a brand just by looking at its logo, but it’s a fact that reveals how cautious consumers are with their purchases. Not only does this describe the essence of a company, but it also forms expectations that a business must live up to. Looking at things from a customer’s perspective, it shows the credibility of a company in serving its market.
  • Establish brand recognition – For one thing, colors, shapes, and symbols are a lot easier to remember than actual words. Hence, making a logo instantly recognizable at any circumstance. This prompts a consumer to purchase or avail of a particular product or service from a brand they are familiar with.
  • Communicates brand values – Business logos are meant to represent a company as a whole. This includes the values they possess, along with the message they want to convey. This says a lot about what a business could offer its customers, whether it’s convenience with quality service or timely and cost-effective delivery. While a logo can look corporate and professional, it should be able to relate to its audience as well.
  • Advertising Tool – Using your logo as a promotional material is a great way to attract attention. It is the “face” of a business that serves as a reminder of the experiences and interaction individual shares with a brand. This comes in the form of TV commercials, marketing flyers, advertising brochures, and the like.

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How to Design a Logo

Designing a professional logo design might look easy, but there’s more to this craft than just putting colors and shapes together. It demands a complex mixture of talent and skills to achieve a good logo design, one that entrepreneurs should look for in the graphic artist they hire. But since it’s a joint effort that requires full cooperation from both parties, here are some things you need to consider when designing a logo:

  • Think differently. As one of the essential elements of a good logo design, uniqueness is what differentiates you from the competition. Don’t fall into the same trap of following the latest fads in graphic design, as this can cause a major setback in the near future. While there’s no guarantee that what you create would be completely original in form, it’s still a primary goal you should aim for.
  • Understand the brand. Before you begin sketching your logo, it would be best to start doing your homework first. It’s necessary to learn everything you need to know about a brand in order to incorporate this into your logo design. Remember, you must visualize a design that goes beyond the aesthetics. This would mean developing a logo design that speaks volumes about a brand’s ideology, such as the unique attributes that the company bears.
  • Add personality. As humans, we see each other equally yet we’re all fairly different in our own special way. Applying the same concept to designing a logo, what makes a logo unique is how it reflects the brand it represents. Companies could be in the same industry and serve the same market but each of them holds distinctive characteristics that consumers can immediately recognize. This could be anything from the symbol you create to the typeface you choose.
  • Make it simple, but with a twist. Keep in mind that simplicity doesn’t always constitute to being plain and dull. But then again, simple designs can sometimes be too predictable and a lot easier to imitate. To avoid this from happening, you need to create a design that’s simple yet engaging. It doesn’t have to be the level of interesting that leaves viewers pondering for hours, but just enough to effectively communicate a message about a particular brand.
  • Use the right resources and tools. If you’re thinking about crafting your logo on MS Paint, then you might want to re-evaluate all the decisions you’ve made in the past. The software you use plays a critical role in the whole design process. It must consist of the right tools and effects, in order to come up with the perfect results. It would also be best to use a software that produces vector designs, such as Adobe Illustrator, to attain high-quality and flexible outputs.

By understanding the significance of an effective logo design, you can create a stronger brand identity and commit to customer satisfaction. Although the process of designing a logo, whether it’s a flat logo or a 3D logo, is not as easy as it seems, it’s still a vital part of starting and running a business.

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