Define Two Weeks Notice?

Providing a two weeks notice is the standard and most accepted practice when resigning from a job. The two weeks notice will keep the boss or the employer informed and notified of an employee leaving notice the job. It also states the reason why the employee decides to leave the job.

When to Give a Two Weeks Notice?

If the employee decides to quit the job, it is appropriate to give the employer the standard two weeks notice. The two weeks notice states that the employer will have to render two weeks prior to its resignation.

However, the two weeks notice is only necessary if the employee did not sign any contract stating how much time they have to render after they have filed a resignation notice.

How to Write in a Two Weeks Notice?

Here are steps in writing a two weeks notice.

  • Get to the point directly. Make it clear on the first line that you are quitting your job.
  • Emphasize that you are giving the company and the boss the two weeks.
  • This is optional but you should not state your reason as to why you are leaving your job. Save that in the resignation notice letter.
  • Show appreciation to your employer.
  • Follow the correct format of a letter.
  • It is best if you have to deliver you two weeks notice personally to your boss.

The Importance of Two Weeks Notice

  • It informs the employer that you are leaving your job. It prevents them to wonder why you have notice to quit your job all of a sudden.
  • It gives the employer enough time to prepare for the transition and plan for what happens next. They will have enough time to find a replacement for your position.
  • Gives you also enough time to finish your job. Two week is enough to continue your unfinished job.
  • It abides the traditional way of quitting a job.
  • It makes you look professional. Using the two weeks notice letter will show your professionalism in quitting a job.

Tips for Giving a Two-Weeks Notice

Here are some of the few tips for giving a two-weeks notice.

  • Plan on what you are going to say. You do not really have to memorize your resignation speech outline, just a few simple reasons as to why you are leaving your job.
    • Explain your reasons briefly.
    • Express some gratitude.
    • Tell when your final notice to work will be.
    • Offer assistance in your transition
  • Tell your boss first. Before you spread the news to your co-workers, your boss should be the first one to know that you have decided to leave your job. After that, tell your closest co-workers, then everyone else.
  • Help in the transition. Your boss may have to back-fill your position and trying to find a replacement for your role. Help your boss with that, and do everything you could do to ease the transition.
  • Limit your reasons. You have a lot of reason about leaving your job but save that for the exit interview and to your resignation email.
  • Show appreciation. Never forget to express your deepest gratitude towards the opportunity and the experience that your current job has given to you, and to your boss.
  • Keep in touch. Give your boss and your co-workers your contact details, emails, and LinkedIn profile so that they could still reach you and have a drink with you.

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